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Thinking of the construction of Inner Mongolia regional innovation system based on Industrial Cluster

Author: SunZhiWei From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 14:10:54 Read:
[Keywords] industrial cluster regional innovation construction
[Abstract] through analysis of the industrial cluster effect, discussed the connotation of regional innovation system based on industrial clusters, the overall evaluation of the regional innovation system of Inner Mongolia, the organic combination of industrial cluster policy guidance, under the principle of science and technology policy and industry of the region under the principle of innovation system key industrial clusters, support key selection policy interaction under the principle of government behavior norms construction idea of Inner Mongolia regional innovation system.

Inner Mongolia is currently active in the implementation of the construction of regional innovation system construction of 22311 action, in line with the characteristics of regional resources, industry, science and technology innovation system.Through the implementation of independent innovation, promote industrial restructuring and growth mode transformation of the autonomous region, provide a solid scientific and technological support for, society.Therefore, to establish the innovation system construction goal: 2010 to make scientific and technological innovation ability of Inner Mongolia scientific and technological progress level into the national average.In order to achieve this goal, to build an effective regional innovation system is required.

, regional innovation system based on industrial clusters

Straighten out the relationship between industrial clusters and regional innovation system is based on the premise of regional innovation system model of industry cluster.In the domestic and international existing industrial clusters and regional innovation system research, will often be confused industrial clusters and regional innovation system, one of the reasons is not clear spatial relationship between industrial clusters and regional; two is it doesn't matter to look at both from the perspective of innovation system.Speaking from space, industrial cluster refers to the number of local clusters, is contained within the administrative area of the regional industrial clusters, including.From an economic sense, the industrial cluster is the carrier of regional economy, and the construction of regional innovation system aims to enhance the regional competitiveness in order to promote the development of regional economy, which is consistent with the purpose.From the innovation system, we should first clear the relations between regional innovation system, enterprise innovation system, innovation system, industrial cluster.The enterprise innovation system is the basic organization of regional innovation system.The industrial cluster innovation system is the intermediate level between the enterprise innovation system and regional innovation system, is an important part of regional innovation system, is the superposition of industry cluster innovation and cluster innovation environment, the purpose is to promote the accumulation of knowledge spillovers, industrial cluster, sharing, innovative platform for enterprise technology innovation activities, and then promote the accumulation of industry cluster innovation activities and knowledge in order to improve the competitiveness of industrial clusters.Regional innovation system consists of different industrial cluster innovation system and regional innovation infrastructure, regional innovation policy, regional innovation culture and regional innovation environment, industrial cluster innovation system embedded in the regional innovation environment, namely, the industrial cluster innovation system and regional innovation environment, together constitute the regional innovation system.
Regional innovation system based on industrial clusters is composed of enterprise innovation system, industrial cluster innovation system of three level system, which is the basis of enterprise innovation system, industrial cluster innovation system is the core, the coupling of three systems is the key.The most distinctive features of the regional innovation system based on industrial clusters is the regional innovation system to guide construction of industrial clusters, to build and improve the innovation system of key industrial cluster and focus on improving the regional innovation environment for the construction of regional innovation system.Around the regional cluster innovation system construction is the basic difference between the regional industrial cluster innovation system and regional innovation system based on.

The overall evaluation of two, the regional innovation system of Inner Mongolia

(a) the present situation of Inner Mongolia regional innovation system.In recent years, the advocating of the government, including the enterprise technology development institutions, universities, research institutes, science and technology intermediary organization innovation mechanism of rapid development, seize the western development and revitalization of northeast strategic opportunity brought, further strengthen the combination of innovation resources with northeast, northwest and other regions, in Beijing and Tianjin as the core Bohai regional innovation system, regional innovation network structure has been formed in Inner Mongolia; with the development of science and technology policy and regulations and financial investment in science and technology and the rapid growth of regional innovation environment, great changes have taken place in scientific and technological cooperation; widely as the carrier, closely linked to establish the Inner Mongolia regional innovation system and national innovation system.
There are some figures can explain some achievements in recent years in Inner Mongolia of innovation achieved.In recent years, Inner Mongolia sustained and rapid economic growth, expanding the total, faster than the national average of 9.9 percentage points, 2 consecutive years ranked first in the country."Fifteen" period, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region made 3392 scientific and technological achievements, 14 of which won the National Prize for progress in science and technology, at the same time is allowed 7800 patents, patent authorization quantity increased by 150% over the past 8 years, the proportion of independent innovation achievements reached 65.4% of the award-winning achievements.Through the implementation of "fifteen" science and technology projects, in the Inner Mongolia characteristic advantage areas of research and development of a number of new products 170, 80 new technology, to capture a number of restricting national economic and social development in our region of the common key technologies, has achieved a number of independent innovation achievements.New technology in agriculture and animal husbandry, coverage of more than 70%, excellent coverage of more than 95% varieties of crops, livestock breeding, improved the proportion reached more than 75%.High-tech enterprises in the autonomous region reached 302, private technology enterprises more than 840, all kinds of science and technology intermediary service organization has grown to more than 2200.301 large and medium-sized enterprises in Inner Mongolia in 2005, 161 companies have set up R & D institutions, investment in research and development funds from the enterprise, has accounted for the region invested a total of 62.4%, of which private scientific and technological enterprise R & D expenditure exceeded 300000000 yuan.The enterprise won the award of progress of science and technology by the ratio of nearly 53% to rise less than 14% in 2000 to 2004.Has my area advantage of energy, chemical, metallurgy, equipment manufacturing, agricultural and livestock products processing, high-tech industries 6 and give full play to the advantage of backwardness, added value accounted for above-scale increased values more than 85%.Added value rose from "fifteen" in the early 2.13% to 9.4% in 2005, rare earth, new materials, biotechnology, new energy, information, heavy vehicles and agricultural high and new technology has formed the regional features of high-tech industrial clusters.According to the monitoring result of progress of national science and technology statistics in 2004, Inner Mongolia science and technology progress level index reached 30.1%, compared with 5.71 percentage points last year, increase rate ranked first in the country, in the country's ranking from the twenty-eighth jumped to nineteenth place, realize the leap.
(two) lack of Inner Mongolia regional innovation system.Although in recent years, Inner Mongolia in the regional innovation has made some achievements, but because of the regional science and technology foundation is weak, the regional innovation system construction time is not long and other reasons, there is also the main innovation of regional innovation capability is not strong, lack of interaction between innovation subjects, delayed construction of innovative environment.Main show is:
It is the enterprise innovation main body status is not yet established, has not yet been established technology development institutions of state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises more than 40%, the lack of core technology capacity of more than 70% of enterprises, enterprises innovation fund more than 80% of the deficiencies and lack of financing ability, organization innovation mechanism is not perfect, the enterprise innovation funds are insufficient; the innovation main body out of touch, independent innovation and enterprise scientific research institutions, University of the United market ability is poor, due to the lack of interaction mechanism effectively with the main innovation system, makes the two disjointed, innovation resources allocation link rigid.
Two is the innovation environment, the soft environment support behind regional innovation and infrastructure construction, personnel and policy efforts to encourage innovation and flexibility is not enough, protection, market innovation and intellectual property system is not yet perfect speed slow, transform the government functions, service innovation consciousness difference, the existence of "institutional obstacles Subject Vacancy and offside" in the macro-control and market direction.
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