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Study on risk identification information project of petroleum sales enterprises

Author: FengYi SongHong ZhouChao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 12:45:56 Read:
Keywords: the petroleum sale enterprise informatization project risk identification
Abstract: implement the information-based project petroleum sales enterprises is an important way to improve enterprise management level? And the identification and control of information technology project risk is the key to the success or failure of the project information.On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of petroleum shoots sale of enterprise informatization project? From the view of system? A comprehensive analysis of the risk factors of oil sales enterprise informatization project? Provides the basis for risk identification and control of oil sales enterprise informatization project.
Implement the information-based project is an important way to improve enterprise management level.In the national policy to promote and market demand driven by? Enterprise information construction is like a raging fire? Oil sales enterprise in the management information system, marketing information system? Construction and office automation, information technology project.Enterprise informatization project contains many opportunities but also contains many risk?.Oil sales enterprise informationization construction is a systematic project involving petroleum sales enterprises? Oil blending, internal management control, the flow of funds flow of information sharing and other aspects of the risk? How to identify and control the project risk? Is the informationization construction projects must face the problem? At the same time is the key to the success or failure of the project information.
Characteristics of 1 oil sales enterprise informatization project
Characteristics of 1.1 with informationization construction general company
(1) the long construction period.Enterprise informatization construction cycle is often longer? Information system project? The development cycle for at least six months? Information system and the large, complex? Development cycle is usually two to three years.(2) large capital investment.Enterprise informatization construction projects often put enormous information system development cost?? often hundreds of thousands, millions or even tens of millions of RMB? And after the running of information system also needs a maintenance cost greatly.(3) system and complexity of construction.The construction of the enterprise information implementation process is so complicated? Is a huge system engineering? Is related to the integration of construction and resource information system? Is also related to the business process reengineering and management mode.
1.2 of the national economic construction will have a major impact on
Oil sales enterprise in addition to obtain economic benefits? Also shouldering the national oil and gas resources allocation? Have a major impact on the national economy and political life.So the construction of informatization project petroleum sales enterprises? To strive to achieve the national oil and gas resources reasonable allocation to promote the national economic construction?.
Economic and social effects of informatization project 1.3 petroleum sales enterprises
Petroleum and natural gas as a national strategic energy supplies? Will change the price which have a great influence on the social economy? Informatization project oil sales enterprise construction? May produce management benefit accordingly? Make the prices of oil sales enterprises change? This kind of change will be reflected in the overall price level society, resulting in the overall price? The level of social fluctuation? And affect social stability and development.
1.4 of the oil resources information dependence
In recent years, with the development of economy? On oil consumption demand rapid growth? The domestic refined oil supply and demand contradiction tightening? This dependence is more obvious? And petroleum sales enterprises generally and the oil refining enterprises far apart? If the information system in oil transportation and allocation of the design is not reasonable? Will become the bottleneck of the development of the petroleum sale enterprise the.
2 oil sales enterprise informatization project risk identification
Risk identification information project of petroleum sales enterprises? Can the project work flow chart method and project work breakdown structure to? From the view of system? Throughout the course of the project? Will the enterprise information construction process complex is decomposed into several basic components.For the risk of information technology project of petroleum sales enterprises? We are concerned with the first two stages of the project life cycle? The project startup stage and the project implementation stage.
Oil sales enterprise informatization project 2.1 project start-up phase identification and risk factors
2.1.1 oil sales enterprise informatization project risks
Oil sales enterprise informatization project risk refers to the existence of internal information project of petroleum sales enterprises risk? That is without considering influence sales enterprise internal operation of informatization project? To analyze risks of informatization project itself.
Risk factors of environment and resources
The external environment mainly has political and legal environment, social and economic environment, the oil industry overall situation, competitors? The internal environment mainly has: enterprise management system, enterprise human resources, enterprise brand? These environment will affect the development of enterprise informatization project? May even directly determines the success or failure of informatization project.The enterprise's own resources including capital, technology status?, hardware facilities, gas station sales outlets? Will have a huge impact on the informatization project.
Internal risk management system.
Oil sales enterprise practice after years of market competition? Have established internal management system more reasonable, after many years of operation?? has become a routine work habits and.New project information? Will change the old system? How to absorb the management system, build a new information management system of old? And get good promotion in enterprise interior? Will affect the construction and implementation of information project.
The information system risk
As the oil sales enterprises regional? In order to meet the actual needs of the company's sales? May according to the characteristics and advantages of regional company? To establish a suitable and the development of the informatization project? It is possible conflict between the branch information system and corporation information system; at the same time, the new information technology project there will be associated with the existing business system? How to reduce and avoid the conflicts between the various subsystems to achieve the compatibility between systems? Perfect? Is another major risks in the project of petroleum sales enterprises.
2.1.2 oil sales enterprise informatization project construction risk
Oil sales enterprise informatization project construction risk? Mainly is refers to the enterprise itself to affect the informatization project? Influence factors on the internal oil sales enterprise informatization project construction? Including gas station operation management, security management, customer relationship management, human resource management, management in supply chain oil etc..
The gas station operation management risk
At present most of the oil sales enterprises adopted to the customer as the center work flow? Customer satisfaction evaluation important process is good or bad? After implementing informatization project? Should reflect the Yikeweizun, employee satisfaction, listen to customers, provide good services for the purpose of? To achieve recycling and optimization of customer service process to attract? Customer? Improve customer satisfaction? Ultimately improve sales volume and profit of enterprises.
The security risk management
Safe operation in gas station? Is the normal production and operation of petroleum sales enterprises? Is a prerequisite for enterprise to realize the economic benefit of the establishment of information project of petroleum sales enterprises? Should be closely integrated with the enterprise QHSE management system? Do a safety risk analysis? Prevention and recognition of continuous improvement, focus on the QHSE safety accidents in order to achieve the "people-oriented?, full participation" target.
Customer relationship management risk
The market competition is the competition of the customer? Customer higher satisfaction with the gas station gas station? Competitiveness and market share is higher.Information technology project of petroleum sales enterprises? Always embodies the customer-centric? Standardization, techniques of field service management? Including oil quality management, gas station equipment management, safety management, environmental management, quality management and gas station management? Target customer relationship management at the same time to keep old customer, strive for new customers, attract potential customers.
The risks of human resource management of the Corporation
Gas station staff quality, philosophy and culture, work skills directly determines the gas station's marketing competition ability? Will affect sales of enterprise informatization project participants _ working efficiency? If the enterprises do not have the training mechanism, effective without innovation competitive corporate culture? Informatization project implementation and operation can not achieve the desired effect? Enterprise informatization hypothesis is not true.
The risk of the refined oil supply chain management
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