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Analysis of government behavior in the construction of the innovation system on the development of high-tech industry -- Taking Guangxi as an example

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Abstract: based on analyzing the current situation of the development of high-tech industry in Guangxi, discusses the further development of the problems and challenges facing the future, puts forward the overall strategy of the development of high-tech industry is to build and improve regional innovation systems, to block environment, mechanism, factors such as a series of deep-seated problems.A major role is irreplaceable in the government in the construction of the innovation system, regional innovation system theory established the competitiveness of high-tech industry based on the theoretical model, emphasizes the great significance of government in technology innovation, to clarify the role of government in the system innovation in the position, and taking Guangxi as an example to analyze the behavior of the government in the construction of the innovation system.
Keywords: the government of regional innovation system in Guangxi

In twenty-first Century, is a high-tech epoch, high-tech industry has become the main force to promote national and regional economic structure adjustment and economic growth.In order to adapt to the increasingly Gaodanghua, diversified consumer demand, in order to bring meet the challenge of globalization, informatization and intellectualization of opportunities and challenges, promote technology innovation, to accelerate the development of high-tech industry in China and Guangxi, is the necessary strategic choice.
, Guangxi hi-tech industry development situation
"Fifteen" since, the development speed of Guangxi high-tech industry continues to accelerate, the total output value of annual growth rate of around 26, Guangxi is the fastest growing industry in the national economy.The total output value of Guangxi high-tech industry from 1999 onwards is increasing, the end of 2004 reached 10000000000 yuan, accounting for the proportion of Guangxi above-scale industrial output is 7.47%, a 26.20% increase over the previous year.In sales revenue, profit and tax aspects of high-tech industry in Guangxi these years is also a relatively large increase.At the same time, the Guangxi high-tech enterprises and the number of employees of enterprises annual average change greatly in recent years, to the end of 2004, Guangxi high and new technology enterprise number is 373, a year-on-year increase of 197, average annual number of enterprise employees 44000 people, 13.69% more than the previous year.High-tech enterprises in Guangxi are mainly distributed in the manufacturing industry, synthetic materials and chemical products for pharmaceutical manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing industry, manufacturing industry of electronic and telecommunications equipment, medical apparatus and instrument manufacturing industry five aberdeen.After the development of these years, engaged in the industry of new and high technology enterprise scale unceasingly expands, the average from 41000000 yuan in 2000 to 57000000 yuan in 2004, and gradually formed a number of annual sales income of 100 million yuan of the high-tech enterprises, such as biological pharmacy, Guilin Sanjin, Guilin Jiqi, Beisheng pharmacy, electronic information industry of Beihai the Milky way and other enterprises.
Over the years in Guangxi high-tech industry relative itself has a certain development, but it is still relatively backward in the national scope, with the domestic developed area than there is still a certain gap.From table 1, Guangxi science and technology expenditures, the local financial technology disbursement and R& D expenditure of about Guangdong Province 10%, 10% and 5%, high-tech products import and export competition is only equivalent to nearly 1/1000 of guangdong.In the innovation of related resources and investment amount roughly equivalent, contract of Guangxi technology transaction amount and number of scientific and technological achievements in Yunnan province was only 1/2.Guangxi in the indicators of technological innovation are far behind the eastern provinces of Guangdong Province near, even some of the key indicators are lagging behind in Yunnan province.Overall, the high-tech industry small economic scale, degree of industry overall scale is low; the scientific research seriously insufficient investment, science and technology innovation ability is weak, scientific basis for the sustainable development of supporting high-tech industry is relatively weak; low industrial association, supporting capacity is not strong, affecting the development of the whole industry; integrated environment for the development of high-tech industry has yet to be perfect, policies and regulations of the complete and perfect, government indirect control ability of high-tech achievements, the incubating ability, technology intermediary service functions, the protection of intellectual property rights, the official combination ability have to be strengthened, the industrialization of high-tech achievements in the test need to take effective measures to solve the problem; and the reform of property right system of high-tech enterprises lag, lack of technological innovation the driving force.
For a regional high-tech industry development, regional innovation is the key.We should pay attention to the innovation environment and innovation mechanism, through the environment and mechanism to attract, aggregation, the use of domestic and foreign science and technology resources, promote the development of high-tech industry.Due to the factors of innovation activities involving multiple, interactions between factors is very complex, so the development of high-tech industry should start from the regional innovation system construction angle, thinking from the enhancement of continual innovation ability of regional perspective.Based on this idea, the basic way of establishing countermeasure system of Guangxi high-tech industry development is: to achieve the high and new technology industry development by leaps and bounds and to enhance regional innovation platform for the purpose, through the overall layout, highlighting the focus of scientific and technological resources, focus on development strategic high technology industry; at the same time by cultivating and support the construction of innovative environment and high technology enterprises to solve the macro level and micro level problem; through the improvement of resource supply, improving the innovation system, improve the internal structure of the process of industrialization of high-tech, promoting high-tech industry internationalization and strengthen the innovation system network construction for the development of high-tech industry to create conditions and provide a strong support, multi-pronged, focused, step-by-step implementation, through the dynamic evolution of innovation system to promote the innovation ability.The government to play a key role in the process of constructing innovation system.
two, innovation system structure of
Zhang Dunfu et al (2000) from the system structure, the construction of regional innovation system is composed of the main part of the four interrelated innovation mechanism, innovation resources, intermediary service system, management system.Zhou Yaqing, Zhang Fanghua (2001) argue that, the regional technology innovation system including education subsystem, technology subsystem, capital system, administration subsystem and cultural subsystem, Andersson and Karlsson (2OO2) presents a cluster at the center of the innovation system structure,

(see chart 1) provides a good reference for us to the development of high-tech industry, this model is to cluster as the research center, but the chart we can see that the government department plays a key role in constructing innovation system, national and regional good innovation process necessary arrangement needs government, and technology foundation knowledge of facilities, infrastructure and other tangible and intangible infrastructure because of characteristic of "public goods", from the national government to lead, the formation of public finance support and perfect the system of risk investment is the government the function, as for the construction of regional innovation environment good is more closely linked with the government behavior.
The above analysis based on the structure of innovation system, combined with the diamond structure model of Potter, established the logical model of a high-tech industrial competitiveness.

(see Figure three) in which innovation resources include a regional natural resources, human resources, knowledge resources, capital resources and other factors, including hard resources and soft resources.Related and supporting infrastructure in addition to innovation and scientific research institutions including outside we say the general sense of the traffic, energy, power and Communication Institute, universities, system of intermediary service information center, training center, consulting company, technology development and exchange center, technology, market, and industry infrastructure.How the domestic market demand for the industry to provide product or service demand, the domestic market through its influence on the economy of scale and improving efficiency.At the same time, the expected demand their may hasten the birth of industry of national competitiveness, and the market size and growth mode is to strengthen the competitiveness effect.Regional innovation network, also known as the regional innovation environment, refers to the development of high-tech industries in a certain region the necessary social credit environment, social cultural environment, system environment, learning environment, is the regional body through long-term behavior between formal and informal cooperation and exchange of formation, to enhance innovation capability for the purpose of, the relatively stable contact network.Management system of the government refers to the establishment and management of regional innovation system and mechanism innovation, the government will allocate all relative factors in promoting integration, plays a special role in the technical innovation work, plays the first role in the establishment of the innovation system and growth stage.Only in the management system of effective regulation and control of government, effective running of innovation system in order to improve industrial competitiveness, to achieve the ultimate goal.
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