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Analysis based on the resource-based cities innovation system of technological innovation operation mode

Author: TianHongNa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 07:28:54 Read:
Paper Keywords: resource-based cities regional innovation system operation mode
Abstract: regional innovation capability is increasingly becoming the decisive factor in regional economic gain international competitive advantage and an important symbol of the regional economy to compete. Plug in technological innovation, regional innovation system has three modes of operation, they have their own advantages and disadvantages point. Resource-based cities innovation system to select three modes of operation need to have certain characteristics, regional independent innovation mode there are some constraints, select District City imitative innovation model has three superiority. In the near future should be chosen to mimic the innovation-based, independent innovation, supplemented by regional innovation system operation mode.
The resource-based cities is based on the type of consumer a certain amount of natural resources to the survival and development of a special area. With the advent of the knowledge-based economy, the regional innovation capability is increasingly becoming an important symbol of regional economic determinants and regional economic participate in the competition to gain international competitive advantage, building regional innovation system is greatly improved regional innovation capability and competitiveness of the fundamental way to Sichuan . At present, the resource-based cities need to rely on the regional innovation system and constantly open up new growth point of the urban economy, bring the whole city's rapid economic development and the improvement of the quality of economic growth. In this context, select the appropriate operation mode of the regional innovation system, has great significance for China's resource-based cities innovation system construction.
First, technological innovation-based regional innovation system operation mode
In the technical field of economics, international and domestic scholars technological innovation operation mode to reach a consensus, namely, the existence of independent innovation, to imitate innovation model and cooperation innovation model, we found that on this basis, the micro-level technological innovation and macro-level regional innovation in the innovation behavior Analogy, which proposed the mode of operation of the regional innovation system, regional independent innovation model, regional imitate mode of innovation and regional cooperation innovation model, these three models have their own advantages and disadvantages.
Regional independent innovation model
Regional independent innovation model advantages: first, independent innovation to the identity of the new market pioneer early to establish the supply of raw materials and product sales network, the first occupation of the products needed for the scarce resources , the formation of the preferences of the market for innovative products, so as to establish a favorable position in the competition; second, independent innovation generated by innovations in the beginning of the innovation has a certain nature is not easy to imitate, and the law on the protection of the results of independent innovation will in a certain period of time to prevent the the latecomers competition. Its weakness is the success or failure of independent innovation and market innovations agree that there is great uncertainty, and research and development investment, technology risk and market risk.
Regional imitative innovation mode
Regional imitative innovation model advantages: first, regional imitative innovation take full advantage of the interests of independent innovation in the technical aspects of the overflow. Second, regional imitation innovation to avoid the mistakes of innovative exploration. Third, regional imitation of innovative research and development investments are highly directional, concentrated and targeted, to avoid duplication of research, save and invest. Fourth, regional imitative innovation in production costs to take advantage of the savings in capital for new equipment to use and promote technology innovation. The weaknesses of the model reflected in: First, because the regional imitative innovation often ignored or unable to carry out a major technology, basic research and innovation actors in technology controlled by others, in a passive position in the market competition; in marketing imitative innovation from one into market facing strong competitive pressures of relatively mature market and take the lead in innovation.
Regional cooperation and innovation mode
Model has the advantage of regional cooperation and innovation performance will help to overcome the lack of strength of a single innovation actors defects, integration and innovation resources and innovation capability, joint research, and to promote the realization of major innovation. Its weakness is the offer process between innovation actors is not necessarily smooth, the presence of each of the main innovations property rights is difficult to define, difficult to quantify the contribution of innovation, innovation ratio of income distribution is difficult to determine.

Second, the main characteristics of resource-based cities innovation system operation mode
1 Select possess the characteristics required of regional independent innovation model
A resource-based cities select regional independent innovation model construction innovation system, the city will rely on their ability to promote innovative follow-up link, complete the commercialization of innovative technologies, access to business profits, according to the resources in the region foundation for the development of industry and innovation environment to achieve the target for the creation of the innovation system has its own characteristics and self-development capacity. This type of resource-based cities should have at least autonomous required product research and development ability, originality and advance in the field of technology research and development, technological innovation, management and services, technology applications, as well as production and sales unique; able to create unique innovation institutions operating mechanism. 2. The selection area imitative innovation mode need to have the characteristics
A resource-based cities selected area to imitate innovation model construction innovation system, the city will take the lead in innovative ideas and learn to imitate behavior, learn from the successes and failures of the lead, the introduction of a purchase or decipher the lead core technology innovation system construction suited to their own conditions, and on this basis. This type of resource-based cities generally have the following characteristics: does not have the required product research and development capabilities of independent innovation in the field of technology research and development track to imitate, the situation with their own technology grafted or modified, based on the introduction of technology and management mode The innovative aspects of the advantages to establish a comparative advantage, in imitation of each other at the same time nurturing the capability of independent innovation.
3. The select regional cooperation innovation model need to have the characteristics
If the construction of a resource-based cities select regional cooperation innovation model innovation system, the city and the region at home and abroad to conduct joint innovation, this combination based on the common interests of the partners, the development of innovation sharing of resources or benefits of complementary premise of clear goals of cooperation, the duration of cooperation and co-operation rules, the parties to the cooperation in the whole process of innovation, or some part of the investment, joint participation, sharing of results, risks, expectations in this promote the construction of the innovation system. This type of resource-based cities generally have the following characteristics: has a certain amount of expertise in technological research and development, inter-enterprise, inter-regional technical cooperation between research institutions, enterprises, universities and research institutions, universities inter-regional cooperation between intergovernmental cooperation, service agencies, overall innovation and cooperation.
Third, the resource-based cities innovation system operation mode selection
Resource-based cities regional independent innovation model constraints
Under normal circumstances, the developed area has strong economic strength, a lot of creative talents, strong research and development capabilities, a wide range of knowledge and information sources, should choose the mode of independent innovation, and often powerful alliances with other developed regions as well as developed countries in the world, cooperation and innovation. However, in terms of resource-based cities in China, most of them belong to the less developed regions, the degree of economic development and the degree of market tops in the country lagging behind, although the number of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, but mostly basic industry and energy industry, poor economic returns. In addition, these cities the lack of good scientific and technological innovation environment and atmosphere, an effective incentive mechanism, scientific and technological achievements industrialization of innovative mechanisms, as well as effective and innovative management systems and systems.
(2) the superiority of the imitative innovation mode of resource-based cities selected area
First, regional imitative innovation mode helps resource-based cities by leaps and bounds. Area to imitate the biggest advantage of the innovative model is striking. The technical development of the law, backward country with a decade or so into the world the knowledge, broaden their horizons. In addition, through targeted research and development, to imitate innovation can improve innovation capacity. The Therefore, regional imitative innovation mode can make the response capacity of the resource-based cities, learning ability, technical improvements increased capacity.
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