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The perspective of consumer psychology and marketing management

Author: GuoJunHua From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 06:05:53 Read:
Abstract: Analysis of today's changing economic environment, the detergent industry in China market trend and enterprises are facing pressure. In the case of domestic cleaning product market competition, enterprises should be timely adjustment of marketing strategy to cope with the current economic market. Pointed out that competition in the market is the core of competition for consumer loyalty, and consumer psychology.
Paper Keywords: market; management; consumers; marketing
In today's changing economic environment and domestic cleaning product market competition intensified, the detergent industry in China market trend and enterprises are facing pressure due to the shock of the financial crisis, leading to oil as the main raw materials, cleaning products, raw material prices significantly fluctuations to the enterprise caused more severe challenges. Enterprises should timely adjustment of marketing strategy to cope with the current economic market.
The current economic situation, the consumer end is not really reach the terminal, that is, consumer customers. Promotion this process just so that the interests of the brokers, and brokers do not actually truly promotion marketing efforts would not achieve real manufacturer promotional intent. TV advertising costs and poor results. Another reason is that and individual companies, certain financial strength gap can only be followed in operation, better to choose another way, according to the circumstances and characteristics of the enterprise, the development of marketing measures and programs. Real terminal where it should be said in the hearts of consumers. "The terminal marketing" is one of the most popular in recent years, one of the marketing term, and even marketing industry it was suggested that the terminal is king "point of view. Many companies are considered terminal products or services from the manufacturer to the last link of the hands of consumers, that consumers directly buy locations, such as supermarkets, convenience stores and hotels. Manufacturers who adhere to this view of the terminal positioning the last bastion of the marketing efforts to focus its resources on violent bombing, among the opponents in the terminal also launched a flame.
The so-called terminal is not the true sense of the terminal, if the companies do not find the real terminal may end up losing market. The end of the minds of consumers is what the concept of the is adaptability and after-sales service of the product to consumers, consumer brand awareness and loyalty. The core of the market competition is competition for consumer loyalty. Today's marketing environment has been entered from the business-oriented and channel-oriented consumer-oriented era, consumers already on the market to play absolute right to choose and the right to speak, the final purchase decision of the consumer. Consumers are living, the so-called terminal is dead, that is, sales professionals in a terminal, does not guarantee that consumers must be consumer products and loyal to the product, and even cause offense.
Undesirable phenomenon of cut-throat competition of today's so-called terminal is the marketing concept is still stuck in the 4P marketing idea. 4P product (Product), Price (Prjce), channel (Place) and promotion (Promoti0n). 4C theory that consumers (Cust0mer), cost (cost), convenience (convinience) and communication (Communicati0n). The 4R concept is to keep (Retention), relationship (Relati0nships) recommended (Referra1) and recovery Rec0very. Hold is to meet and exceed the needs of customers to retain them; relationship customers voluntarily and even enthusiastically with a company long-term transactions, it is possible there is a relationship, build relationships means that we must strive to reach customers an attempt to better understand them; relationship is built on the basis of integrity, communication and understanding; recommended to refer to the word of mouth effect is brought about by the customer satisfaction - those who feel satisfied consumers will be passed to others powerful message. When consumers completely satisfied with the product or service, they may spread this information to your colleagues, friends or family members, and recommend them to buy. Recovery dissatisfaction with the customer service of modern marketing business management is an important component of unexpected factors will inevitably lead to the occurrence of errors, so that consumers and employees are disappointed. However, errors can be converted to impress consumers and an opportunity to win the consumer's. Fix the errors can affirm commitment to customer service and satisfaction to the loyal consumers and new consumers. However, 4C and 4R concept does not, do not even understand the harm caused. Real terminal in the minds of consumers, that is, to continue to strengthen communication with consumers, to improve consumer delivered value, improve customer loyalty, and continue to meet and exceed the expectations of consumers, and consumers to establish lasting loyal relationship. This is the 4C and 4R idea of ??real, based on consumer-centric marketing theory, its core is the great importance of consumer spending trends and consumer preferences, production with suitable products to meet their needs, emphasizing not the cheapest products sold to consumers, but sold to consumers that the product worth buying. Companies need to consider is how to create more convenient ways and means of purchase to the consumer, rather than on traditional channels flame. Marketing personnel of the enterprise market in a positive way with consumers two-way communication through communication, so that consumers, the brand's strong cultural and emotional recognition and resonance, the quality of the products and services so as to achieve the exclusive loyalty to achieve loyal consumer groups continue to expand. 4R theory the 4C in theory further, not only embodies to win consumer loyalty, but also reflect this loyalty has long-term customer relationship marketing ideas. Therefore, the theoretical basis of the terminal in the minds of consumers is 4C, 4R and relationship marketing theory. Many brands, especially new brand, a listing in terminal input Costly, what a crazy market coverage, although rising fast, but due to the neglect of the consumer or consumer communication did not last, not in place, did not impress consumers, do promotions, but did not enhance consumer loyalty, promotional stop sales stopped, market share and has not been improved rapidly, even under enormous cost pressure to fail quickly.
How to seize the hearts of consumers, the real terminal competitive advantage? Today is the era of brand marketing, brand is the most vitality and competitiveness weapons. Consumers to buy, not the product itself, but the entire brand, product is viable, only brand is eternal. Only comprehensively building a good brand and deeply rooted in the hearts of consumers can be sustained consumer loyalty. Brand building is a systematic and long-term project, brand building to consumer demand, the addition of brand building each step is to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of consumers. To do this, to do marketing consumer-centric, rather than channel-centric. A keen eye insight into the changes in the marketing environment, attention to and strengthen the concerns of consumers and communication, but not that the channel is no longer important, but the channel is no longer a panacea, the channel is no longer the focus of market competition. Case l: world famous Japanese beauty with Procter & Gamble, most of the annual profits in product development and brand communication, and channels are very small, these two aspects of the Procter & Gamble products in similar products with absolute quality and functional advantages at the same time, with a stable and growing a loyal consumer groups. Channel members at all levels to sell P & G products is not the most profitable, but the size of the department stores do not sell P & G does not work, because consumers have such a high brand loyalty, not to sell the product would be Baoqing complaints from consumers, and even affect the sales of other products, but will also allow consumers to feel that the store did not grade. Po Put emphasis on consumer communication, has a strong loyal consumer groups, so just in front of the channel full of arrogant, rather than other brand channels obedience, flower shop to the original capital of the goods stores, but Shaorenwenjin .
Case 2: the home appliance retail giant Gome without permission Gree Gree air conditioner sold some models slashed prices, Gree discontinuation grounds of to Gome written notice to affect the brand image and customer profitability seen in the News in major media and networks, for a time became a lively topic in the industry. In the same industry a burst of applause Gree Gree for a long time by the retail giant oppress their foul smells. Gree dared so strong words against the United States, largely in the Gree brand strong consumer loyalty. This event is a further deepen the consumer Gree brand good impression.
Case 3: promotional methods such as liquor, wine salesman to sell to restaurants, hotels, shops and on the shelves, because it is a new product from the consumers' heart is not blind drinking. Without the proper guidance, consumers will not understand the product quality and cost-effective. Small gift package is actually a consumer psychology to determine the course of action. Guide consumption, consumers agree that the quality of the products, with attractive small gifts, consumer psychology, there is a sense of satisfaction, consumers will buy. Consumers of psychological tests, so that consumers really accepted, will be at the next gathering of friends and family on actively recommend this product, which reached marketing purposes, a process called guide consumption.
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