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Inferiority complex perspective and debugging of migrant workers

Author: LiuYan DuanLiQiong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-29 01:13:48 Read:
Keywords thesis: migrant workers     ; inferiority; measures
Abstract: common migrant workers inferiority complex, which is caused by subjective and objective reasons.Institutional discrimination, the life pressure is external factors; the confidence not, their quality is not high enough, is the inherent reason.Migrant workers to real people into the city, must strengthen their self-cultivation, foster self-confidence, self seeking in the run-in with the city people.
Performance and harm of 1 migrant workers sense of inferiority
Inferiority complex is due to physiological, psychological or social factors in a bad sense of self, is a character defect, usually on the evaluation of personal skills and attributes are low.Austria psychologist A. Adler think, everyone has the congenital physiological or psychological problems, which determines the people's subconscious have an inferiority complex, but with a difference in degree or in different forms of expression....Form of migrant workers inferiority mainly in the following two aspects: one is the self assessment is low, lack of confidence.Most of the migrant workers in the psychological blindly despise their own, so as to reduce or deny individual existence value.Be isolated and helpless reality and cause them to doubt their ability, and the lack of confidence in future life, dare not to participate in the competition, are reluctant to risk, even in the face of infringement is resign oneself to adversity or take in a desperate escape behavior.They can't correctly estimate their own ability, especially in the face of setbacks and difficulties often appears the helpless, often give up halfway, can not adhere to in the end.
In the interaction with the public, they are often in a passive position, especially care about each other on their own evaluation, desperate to get city public acceptance and approval; two is the inert serious, lack of ambition.Driven by the inferiority complex, many migrant workers develop lazy habits.From the living habits, they are often dirty clothes, lazy; from the emotional, often for fear, depression, irritable and remorse, is bustling about, but no.Investigation shows, many migrant workers during the day so busy making a living, have nothing to do at night, amateur life mainly in poker, watching TV, chatting with fellow streets, leisure etc..
Adler thinks, the inferiority is the pursuit of the perfect idea and together.Its reason can be accomplished, enable people to make progress.But it is a "double-edged sword", will make the psychological balance lost people, causing the defect of character....Inferiority complex is easy to result in personality remain stagnant, fatalism and pessimism, learned helplessness, depression and other adverse consequences.
Practice has proved.A serious inferiority complex, have a very negative impact on migrant workers individual growth and career success.(1) inferiority affects the physical health of migrant workers.Physiological health depends largely on mental health.Inferiority of the cerebral cortex was under the long-term suppression, central nervous system is often be petrified, organs and physiological functions are not fully mobilize, can not play the role of their normal J.At the same time, the function of the endocrine system will lose the norm, harmful hormone secretion increased, the immune system loses its spirituality, make the drop resistance, thus the emergence of various diseases, such as headache, fatigue, unresponsive, memory loss, loss of appetite and other physiological phenomena.Accompanied by loneliness, worry, depression, anxiety and other emotional reaction.(2) the inferiority complex restricts migrant workers individual potential.In real life, when migrant workers criticized, accused and discrimination, easy to have the psychological pressure, self "despised", "a dwarf", then formed the pessimism and contented people under the state of mind.Often shows a lack of self-confidence, self contempt.To follow one's own inclination, pessimistic.Even "poguanziposhuai" etc..This state of mind to suppress their own potential, caused psychological obstacle to the development of life.(3) inferiority affects the formation of healthy personality of the migrant workers.Many migrant workers because of lazy, grumpy.Imbalance of interpersonal relationship.It lost to further cooperation with others.In addition, psychologists say, have a strong sense of inferiority of the people are not smooth, quiet, shy to stand aloof from worldly success.
Many migrant workers said they felt, the worst is the city people look down on yourself, it is easy to produce with the city's confrontation, they asked the people sometimes get driven by "reverse psychology", to destroy the city public facility, steal, fight and other extreme way to vent their resentment and dissatisfaction.
The cause of formation of
2 migrant workers sense of inferiority
Psychology studies have confirmed that, in his own understanding often and the external environment of his evaluation and attitude are closely related, if a domain expert or authority to be negative assessment of he, and the last was not encourage, support and generous atmosphere, then it is likely to lead to his own in the the field of doubts about the ability and inferiority complex.Causes of inferiority complex formation of migrant workers may be in many aspects, but usually manifested in the following aspects:
2.1 institutional factors
Although the scale of migrant workers has a history of nearly twenty years, but for most of them, institutional discrimination is still a fundamental problem.Because of the household registration in the country, the city management system in terms of household register, education, social security, employment, medical insurance still be excluded.Identity difference formed by the policy and management system, so that migrant workers can only be in "two citizens" embarrassing situation.They don't like the same treatment in politics, not to enjoy a citizen shall have the right to vote and to be elected; unable to obtain the same city residents welfare in the economy, wages and town people far; in life can only be maintained lower level.While the city residents with its innate townspeople, come very naturally to enjoy a variety of "privilege", occupies a distinct advantage in the social competition, they have a sense of superiority in real life and psychological feelings.Because of this, it leads to the migrant workers sense of inferiority.
2.2 social factors
In recent years, the social public opinion on migrant workers' negative reports, and they are little propaganda for city construction contribution, which undoubtedly exacerbated the traditional city residents on their confrontation and exclusion of psychological tendency, migrant workers show resentment and hostility, sometimes even deliberately avoid them, thus led to the migrant workers inferiority.
2.3 factors
For.Migrant workers age, physical strength and degree of culture is a kind of good in the rural areas, mostly in young adults. Have a certain cultural knowledge, physical condition is good.They are often in before the city has no sense of inferiority, even very confident.
But when they leave the original living environment, came to the city and the cultural quality of relatively high "city people" together, big difference between urban and rural areas so that they have a strong psychological differences arise spontaneously, inferiority complex.In addition, they are migrant workers before the general expectation value is generally higher for city life, great contrast can not accept reality and expectations, is not the way will have the inferiority complex.Of course, some migrant workers have inferiority complex and its innate character of cowardice and defects are inseparable, they used a pessimistic view of things, only to see their own shortcomings and disadvantages, than that of others, and thus whether with people or work outside, always failing to retreat.
3 migrant workers inferiority complex adaptive
3.1 to eliminate institutional discrimination to create favorable conditions for migrant workers living environment
First of all, should take measures to formulate relevant laws and regulations and policies.The effective protection of migrant workers' personal rights, political rights, to cancel the detrimental to the migrant workers of discriminatory policies, the migrant workers into the social security system and the social safety net, to guarantee their employment, labor protection, social security, education for their children and other rights and interests.To strengthen the migrant workers education and skills training, employment mechanism of fair competition, to create a conducive environment for the survival of migrant workers.It is reported, distinguish the nature of public security unit there are Shandong, Liaoning, Fujian and other 11 provinces and cities on 2005 cancelled agricultural registered permanent residence, non-agricultural accounts, unified registration for the "residence", this part of the migrant workers to dispel concerns in a certain extent.
Secondly, we should strengthen the positive publicity, to guide the public to take an equal attitude towards migrant workers, to respect their cultural and psychological needs, to help them to eliminate inferiority, loneliness and inferiority complex.
Internal control 3.2 migrant workers sense of inferiority
Migrant workers want to well into the city, we must start from their own.Be good at discovering and learning from others especially city people's strengths, to make up for their deficiencies, strengthen character building, constantly self-understanding, self-perfection, create self "approach.
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