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Discussion on the cooperation of enterprises in regional innovation network problems

Author: Zhou Yong Wang Yun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-28 18:18:09 Read:
Keywords: the innovation network   business cooperation; science and Technology Park
Abstract: from the general business cooperation point of view, based on the connotation of enterprise cooperation in innovation network, put forward to promote the cooperation network business strategy, to provide useful reference for the establishment and enterprise innovation network in China's development.

In the guidance of foreign successful cases of regional economic development, since 1985, China has Shenzhen, Beijing and other places have been established in various economic development zone, then our country also appeared many science and Technology Park, Hi-tech Development Zone and industrial parks and other forms of enterprise cluster.These science and Technology Park was set up in the government, enterprises driven regional aggregation, specialization, market linkage way, play the main performance for the large number of enterprises in the region of the aggregation and regional resources superiority.
From the developed countries abroad innovation network structure, aggregation activities of enterprises is a necessary condition for formation of innovation networks, and between enterprises and intermediary institutions, government, University of the interaction, is the network function, keep innovation, important reason and keep competitive advantage of enterprises and regions.
However, the development of innovation network all over the country throughout, although a large number of enterprises in the cluster of geographical space, but because of the innovation network or science and technology park is still in its infancy, and mostly by the government planning to establish, so enterprises, enterprises and research institutions and university cooperation is relatively less, or cooperation the effect is not good, the unstable cooperation, interaction, the synergistic effect of enterprise innovation network is weak.Therefore, this article from the general business cooperation is discussed, based on the connotation of enterprise innovation cooperation in the network, and proposed countermeasures to improve the current network of cooperation within the enterprise.

cooperative innovation of enterprises based on Network

(a) the connotation of regional innovation network
The regional innovation network (Regional Innovation System, RIS) concept in theory and no strict limit, the British Cady University Cook (Cooke) conducted earlier and more comprehensive theoretical and empirical studies of innovation network.He believes that the regional innovation system (innovation network) is mainly composed of division of labor in geography and related production enterprises, research institutes and institutions of higher education and other regional organization system, and this system support and innovation.
Other scholars such as Dloreux from different angles, discusses the concept of innovation network.Cooke is clear that the regional innovation network in regional and network characteristics, and Doloreux is the main factor and the interaction between the agents form a network of relationships equate to diversity, innovation, and focus on the network innovation.Albeit from a different angle, but all definitions are based on two aspects of innovation system and regional science content induction, the former takes the evolution process of technology economy, while the latter concerns the social environment, system innovation.
Sternberg et al say innovation networks with collaborative features, related activities that innovation network in different innovation participants involved in the innovation, the innovation ability of the whole network will be greater than the individual innovation ability and.Freeman points out that the main joint mechanism innovation network architecture is enterprise's innovation cooperation.
At the end of nineteen ninties, the concept of innovation network was introduced into our country, combined with the practice of domestic and regional innovation, many scholars have put forward different interpretations of this concept.As Feng Zhijun in "the theory and policy of" national innovation system is a book that, innovation network is a innovation system composed of a region within the enterprise, University and scientific research institution, intermediary service organizations and local government; network interaction system creation, reserve and transfer of knowledge, skills and new products. This paper; cover opening, Wang Jici pointed out that from the narrow sense of innovation network is selective and other enterprises or institutions formed a stable relationship.In short, the scholars of our country in the definition is starting from the structural analysis point of view, emphasizing the elements in the system, but ignored the interaction, the elements, ignored the innovation process.The concept of innovation network in it should include at least the following basic connotation: has the certain region space scope and open borders; in the production of enterprises, research and development institutions, institutions of higher learning, local government agencies and services as the main unit of innovation networks; through the correlation between different innovation unit, organization structure and space structure. Innovation network; innovation unit through innovation (and space) structure of its organization and its interaction with the environment and implement the innovative function, and influence on regional social, economic, ecological; maintain innovation operation and sustainable development of innovation by its interaction with their environment and the role of network.
(two) the nature and characteristics of the
Enterprise Cooperative Behavior
Earlier in the cooperation of Coase (Coase), he believed that cooperation is the game between market transaction cost and the cost of enterprise management results, which for people to use the transaction cost theory of cooperative behavior among enterprises provided theoretical basis for the.Parkhe believes that cooperation between enterprises refers to the relevant enterprises long-term cooperation arrangement, usually in the form of organization, the enterprise can use organization resources or management structure to achieve its goals, he stressed that the cooperation between enterprises in common.Steven from the dynamic point of view, the cooperation between enterprises as partners interact in a continuous cycle.
Brandernburger and Nalebuff first proposed the concept of cooperative competition (coopetition).One of the most basic contradiction of cooperation between enterprises is the cooperation between the two sides in the cooperation at the same time, often accompanied by competing with each other.Although the cooperation between enterprises of both sides with a common goal, but there is still interest inconsistencies, enterprises in order to get the maximum benefit with the minimum cost, it is possible to take a speculation, deliberately to reduce cooperation efforts or limitation of information to meet their own interests to maximize the.Therefore, the choice of partners, the signing of the contract, to establish appropriate management mode and cautious cooperation to avoid the opportunistic occurrence is very important, but trust is to ensure the effective cooperation between enterprises the most important prerequisite.
The driving factors in explaining the cooperation between enterprises, the scholars from the transaction cost theory (Coase and Williamson), view resource view theory, specialization theory, industrial organization theory and the theory of scale economy and so on many kinds of theories based on to explain why will seek cooperation between enterprises.At present, our scholars mostly revolves around the discussion of foreign transaction cost theory of enterprise cooperation motivation, and scale economy theory, industrial organization theory, specialization theory schools.On this basis, extended enterprise resource and ability theory, strategic choice, agency theory, learning theory and system theory and other theories.
The process to establish relations of cooperation in the enterprise, analysis the process of cooperation between enterprises, the design of effective ways of cooperation, and strengthen the implementation of management and control process of the cooperative relationship is one of the core problems in the process to establish relations of cooperation, Chinese scholars mainly use the game theory and the principal-agent theory to the analysis of the problem.
The domestic Wang Yongping through constructing evolutionary game model to analyze the dynamic process of competition and cooperation, the results showed that, the payment matrix evolution direction of the system and the game between the two sides, and is affected by the initial state of the system.In addition, excessive profits generated by cooperation, both because of the initial cost of the investment cooperation and its discount factor is an important parameter to affect the evolution of supply chain cooperative and competitive relationship.Maximizing only to comply with the benefits of co-operation, build good environment for cooperation and adhere to the long-term point of view, the enterprise can establish and maintain steady partnership, achieve win-win situation.
Liu Songxian from the point of view of the enterprise strategic alliance members of the alliance cooperation game analysis, obtains six constraint conditions to establish cooperation relationship, with particular emphasis on the game must be infinitely repeated game is the possibility of cooperation, cooperation in the establishment of effective information communication and trust relationship is a prerequisite for cooperative stability for a long time.
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