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Jiangxi Service Outsourcing Industry Development Analysis

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Abstract: With the deepening of economic globalization, the international service outsourcing is becoming an important means of multinational companies reduce costs, improve the industrial chain and improve core competitiveness. At present, Jiangxi service outsourcing industry in terms of customer resources, layout, brand, market and other problems that still exist. Jiangxi to grasp the opportunity, from the promotion of co-ordinate planning and layout, build service outsourcing international brand, play a role in promoting industrial policy aspects, to promote economic development, to complete the upgrading of industrial structure.
Keywords: service outsourcing industry gathering

Service Outsourcing Industry Overview

Outsourcing (outsourcing) in English, is the abbreviation of "outside Resource Using" can be literally translated as "external resource utilization is sought for traditional internal resources (insourcing). Service outsourcing as a type of outsourcing, many domestic and foreign academic understanding of the concept of service outsourcing, no unified and accurate definition. Service outsourcing more common expression refers to the non-core business of information services and business processes through a contract awarded to third party service providers outside the enterprise, while he is focused on the development of the core business. Essence is a resource management model integrated, enterprise value chain management based on the best external professional resources to reduce costs, improve efficiency, give full play to its own core competitiveness purpose.
Service outsourcing divided by business area can be divided into information technology outsourcing (Information Technology Outsourcing, ITO) and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing, BPO) and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing, referred to as KPO). Information technology outsourcing enterprises commissioned outsourcing provider of information technology services to provide some or all information technology services in order to reduce the cost of software development. ITO major lines of business IT systems operational services, IT system application management services and IT technical support management services (including software outsourcing). Business Process Outsourcing refers to one or more of the original internal function is outsourced to external service providers, have the operation and management of the functions assigned by the latter. BPO business scope includes: demand management, internal management, operations management, supply chain management. Knowledge Process Outsourcing is a continuation of the intelligent business process outsourcing, BPO's most high-end one category in general, it refers to the specific business within the company contracted to specialized external service providers. Including research, analysis, market entry. Relative to the traditional terms of the ITO, BPO and KPO services outsourcing future direction of development.
Service outsourcing industry as an important part of the modern high-end services, IT carrying high added value, low resource consumption, less environmental pollution, creating jobs, the characteristics of high international level. At present, service outsourcing, trade in services as well as high-end manufacturing and technology research and development aspects of transfer as the main feature of the new round of world industrial restructuring in the ascendant, has become new important factor in promoting the international industrial transfer. Therefore, we can say that the positive development of service outsourcing for relatively backward service industry and trade in Jiangxi Province, is a bright future and emerging industries, but also a golden opportunity to upgrade the industrial structure.

Jiangxi service outsourcing industry development and the problems

(A) the development status
In recent years, Jiangxi service outsourcing from scratch, scale and expanding the amount has been constantly broadened. Support as the development of export-oriented economy in Jiangxi, Jiangxi service outsourcing has been a good development, is gradually becoming an emerging global outsourcing hub. Jiangxi service outsourcing industry since 2005, initially taking shape. Despite the late start, but the rapid growth of approximately 29% in the past four years, to 2008 has reached 41.2 billion yuan of industrial scale. Judging from the services, software and information services that IT services (ITO) business dominate. Particular point in the software industry outsourcing a large proportion of approximately 87.3%. Has formed to Pioneer, Jinding, think of a number of key software enterprises as the leading industry pattern (see Figure 1).
(B) there is a problem
Jiangxi scale, level and direction of the development of service outsourcing business has certain characteristics, however, Jiangxi Province in the development of service outsourcing there are still some outstanding problems, mainly is:
Lack of customer resources. Compared with the leading peer, Jiangxi service outsourcing company to undertake the project channels, lack of customer resources, especially large international client resources. At present, most of the outsourcing business in Jiangxi is still mainly subcontracting from Japan Jiangxi enterprises have yet to establish a direct, in-depth and strategic customer relationship, most of the service outsourcing enterprises do not yet have the experience and ability of the international marketing seriously hinder its future development .
The scattered layout is difficult to form a cluster effect. Industrial agglomeration can produce significant economic effects, the service outsourcing also very particular about the economies of scale, but Jiangxi development of service outsourcing layout scattered, small scale, lack of leading enterprises and famous brands. Lack of planning the layout guide policy, to undertake a lack of capacity, the combined effect of the development of large-scale service outsourcing projects are subject to greater constraints and impact.
Lack of brand. The Jiangxi government information campaign at home and abroad on various occasions, but failed to effectively eliminate the concerns of the international customer service outsourcing company in Jiangxi Province. Excellent outsourcing enterprises compared with other countries, the service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi Province is the lack of an influential, truly representative of the local service outsourcing industry trade organization. Therefore, it is not possible with the Government to develop the brand strategy and brand-building activities in the international arena for the unique advantages of positioning in Jiangxi Province to carry out. The market is not up to standard. Jiangxi outsourcing market there are still many non-standard phenomena, such as the monitoring of the quality of outsourcing services are not yet in place, services outsourcing contract is not standardized, performance of the contract is not very strict, lack of industry standards and market unfair competition phenomenon is still more .

The development of service outsourcing industry in Jiangxi countermeasures

(A) promote cooperation and help of local service outsourcing enterprises bigger and stronger
Focus on training several leading enterprises, encourage enterprises to establish joint ventures or other forms of cooperation with leading multinational companies, for international customers resources, establish a brand image, and the development of professional skills. Support qualified local service outsourcing leader to explore out of the country, the internal service department mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies or customers. Industry Association, the leading global enterprise or advisory bodies cooperate to provide professional advice and recommendations for mergers and acquisitions.
(B) to co-ordinate the planning layout
Jiangxi should identify key development areas according to their comparative advantages, to take the focus countries and regions, the implementation of dislocation development to create the brand of urban services outsourcing. Recognized by the national service outsourcing major cities, we must concentrate on organizing the preparation of service outsourcing development planning, a clear service outsourcing development goals, focus areas and regions, based on attracting regional headquarters and R & D center, design center, logistics and procurement, management operations center , the development of high-end service outsourcing industry base cities to play the leading role. Service outsourcing base cities should focus on planning and construction of service outsourcing concentrated area, give full play to the aggregation effect and leading role, to create a set of research and development, production and service applications as one of the distinctive characteristics of the industrial system, and gradually the advantage of scale, the results of advantages, technological, model to guide the radiation driven the surrounding areas and even the development of a wider range of industries.
(C) to build service outsourcing international brands
Increase brand awareness, build the Jiangxi service outsourcing brand; enhance their strength, enrich the connotation of the brand, enhance brand value; strengthen self-discipline, maintaining the brand's overall image of Jiangxi. Development of Jiangxi the overall outsourcing brand strategy, develop points of advocacy for global outsourcing customers and service providers, the introduction of specific initiatives to enhance the understanding of Jiangxi service outsourcing advantages, capacities and incentives.
(D) play a role in promoting industrial policy
To promote the rapid growth of service outsourcing industry is still in its infancy, according to the needs of the national industrial development, expanding the coverage of preferential policies in the modern service outsourcing industry to develop classification preferential policies, the characteristics of the industry. Substantial improvements in service outsourcing enterprises investment and financing conditions, working capital loans to encourage banks to software export enterprises to encourage foreign investment and private capital to enter the field of software and information services in various forms; service outsourcing enterprises enjoy in terms of taxation, foreign exchange, customs, industry and commerce equal treatment of software companies, software and information services exports exempted from customs duties, national key software export enterprises are exempt from income tax; outsourcing enterprises online declaration, approved by the customs procedures for settlement and withdrawal of tax exemption; service outsourcing Exports and foreign investment appraisal award system.
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