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Of financial information system risk and prevention

Author: XiaChen LiuZhiDa From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-28 09:12:36 Read:
Paper Keywords: Golden touch potential risks of information systems precautions
Abstract: Golden Touch Information Systems Security is a systems engineering is an important part of financial security. This husband explains the importance of the financial security of information systems, a detailed analysis of the causes of the financial information system risk, based on specific preventive measures.
With the deepening of the country's financial electronic construction, electronic, network, intensive has become a trend in the development of the financial industry information technology, computer and information technology has penetrated into all levels of business in the financial sector, as the financial operations carried out on the basis of modern finance is the "currency information. Financial information system security is also increasing in importance to become a top priority in the operation and management of the financial industry. To analyze the causes of the potential risks in the current financial information system and put forward countermeasures.
The causes of the risk of financial information
An unsafe system operating environment. First, the operating system platform vulnerabilities. Financial information system is based on UNIX, Windows, Sun platform design, these operating systems, the security level is poor, there is a security vulnerability, such as system crash vulnerabilities, denial of service attack vulnerability, buffer overflow vulnerability etc., can lead to paralysis of the system. Defects of the two database management systems. The data management system is the basis of the information system must be supporting the safety of the operating system, but it is undoubtedly a congenital deficiency. Network protocol security vulnerability. Most of the computer network system use TCPIIP agreement, traditional FTP, E-mail, and other services are included with the factors that affect the security of financial information, there is a vulnerability, vulnerable to attack, and a direct threat to the financial security of information systems.
2. Information system design imperfections. In recent years, the financial information system constantly developed and input use, innovative financial instruments and financial business, but due to some one-sided focus on technological innovation in development, the pursuit of fast results, safety awareness is not high, lack of risk management concepts, ignoring the efficacy and safety of the system, the system is not uniform safety standards, features a single, weak disaster recovery, fault tolerance, apply effects, did not play its due role, resulting in waste of information resources.
3 security system construction is a lack of integrity. According to the bucket theory, the overall security of the financial information system, depending on the weakest link in the security system, the current security system is only concerned about the deployment of a single or several security products, network security products still in the development of "point" to stay access control, virus scanning, content filtering, while ignoring the overall security system construction.
4 security team-building and employee security awareness education is not in place. The lack of high-quality security management has seriously affected the effective implementation of computer information system security measures. In the current situation, the security managers of financial institutions, mostly by computer engineers and technicians individual, they both electronic projects builders, managers, but also the information security manager, the construction of electronic and information security management in a , duties unknown, unclear responsibilities, can not be effectively the security status quo true, objective evaluations and audits.
5. Inadequate safety precautions, internal controls did not produce. Backward management computer security compromised. According to the statistics of China's banking IT investment, 59% spent on hardware facilities the software investment proportion of people 23%, investment management services on less, only 18% of foreign banking IT investment The proportion in stark contrast. Backward management computer security compromised. Examples of computer crime from the financial point of view, most of the problem lies in the lax inspection deregulation. According to statistics, China's banking system during the computer crime cases, 85% from internal or internal and external collusion crime. Second, to build secure information systems of the golden touch
Establish a correct concept of the Information Security. From the financial management institutions to the the financial institutions, from the the management of the financial to the the grass-roots employees must attach great importance to the financial information security, a sober understanding of to the to strengthen the the security of the financial information the fundamental is the the protection of the the continuity of of the financial business, is the the sustainable development of of the the promotion of financial, the effective of the financial information security management support by coordinated action on the the enterprise's financial condition, cash flow, and other for analysis. First, the structure of assets and liabilities. The analysis rated corporate debt levels and debt structure helps to understand the management of the financial management strategy (such as the maturity of the debt arrangements, corporate solvency). In addition, the company's finance lease liabilities in the pending litigation will also affect the rating results; profitability. As measured through the on the the a sales profit rate of, rate of of return on net worth, with a total assets of rate of return on, and and so on on indicators; the Third, the is the cash flow adequacy of. The cash flow is a measure of the core indicators of the solvency of the Rating Company. Net cash flow, retained cash flow and free cash flow and the maturity of the total debt ratio, which can be reflected by the rating companies operating cash debt level of protection; Fourth, the liquidity of assets. Mainly on the proportion of corporate current assets and long-term assets structure. The same time, the rate of inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover ratio and other indicators reflect the speed of current assets into cash in order to assess the level of firms' solvency.
In order to examine the borrower's solvency, non-financial factors for the borrowers can not be ignored. Non-financial factors mainly refers to the borrower in which the industry, operating characteristics, management, willingness to repay, and other factors.
The model takes into account the enterprise's own internal organizational structure, the different mode of operation to the bank in the actual loan may bring varying degrees of risk. The model made a specific description of the contents of each factor, the risk of attainment in detail, and easy to operate. In the the the's credit rating of the deep-seated, the should also consider the the the related actual factors such as industry risk, business risk, and and so on on on the the the impact of of the enterprise credit.
Third, the conclusion
Above discussion about some of the basic principles of commercial banks differentiated services, of the importance of implementation and marketing framework. It should be said, provides some meaningful reference theory and actionable ideas for commercial banks to carry out specific differentiated service innovation. However, how to determine the actual cost of deposit size for all types of customers, the number of loan amount, loan interest rate, the application of a uniform standard to measure. As we all know, the related to the effective interest rate and Macroscopic Environment, industry environment as well as regional environment and many other factors, the same customer in different regions has been come with different services it is reasonable to. Therefore, the actual pricing issues specific to each bank, bank managers according to their different environments in which to make reasonable arrangements and decision-making. In short, from the development trend of the modern commercial bank, the implementation of differentiated service, innovation is imperative. On the one hand, China's commercial banks healthy run after the interest rate reform.
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