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Dynamic analysis of regional innovation system based on Dissipative Structure

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[Key words]     entropy theory; dissipative structure; regional innovation system
[Abstract] from the thermodynamic entropy, regional innovation system as the research object, combined with the thermodynamics, composite system of ecology and economics theory, the standard with the new scientific concept of entropy and objective disease, research on regional innovation system.To analyze the regional innovation system from the impact, the system capacity and feedback force angle, and put forward the sustainable development of the entropy change mechanism and countermeasures, and provide a new method and theoretical basis for the comprehensive study of regional sustainable development.
analysis of dissipative structure characteristics of regional innovation system in L
The dissipative structure theory is the study of how the system from chaos initial state of disorder to the organizational structure of stable and orderly process and law of evolution, and attempts to describe the near critical points in the change of system transformation conditions and behavior.
A system should be in the dissipative structure, the dynamic and orderly, must meet the following conditions: (1) the system must be open; (2) is far away from the equilibrium state; (3) the nonlinear interaction; (4) the fluctuation phenomenon.L2j the above conditions are closely related, according to these conditions can be summarized as: dissipative structure in non-equilibrium conditions, depending on the ordering system of matter and energy, information input and output condition to maintain internal nonlinear interaction.According to the characteristics of dissipative structure, RIS meets the requirements of dissipative structure.
(1) IllS is open.Any regional development can not completely rely on the local resources, the sales of the products can not be done in this area.Regional development needs from the external input energy and resources, then the product output.At present, each region there are open and the exchange of different degree, between regional and regional has been carried out all-round, multi-level cooperation, complementary cooperation not only in economic terms, but also for the absorption and regional development experience of cultural and personnel exchanges, and the system of reference.
(2) the RIS is far from equilibrium state.Equilibrium is characterized by the various elements of uniform single -, disorder, entropy, chaos degree maximum, obviously, Ills in time, space and function to maintain an orderly, therefore, RIS is far from equilibrium state.
(3) between the RIS internal elements and subsystem is a nonlinear structure, the main body of the behavior of T / IS system including government, enterprises, universities and research institutions, intermediary institutions, has a nonlinear relationship of mutual restriction, mutual promotion between them.
(4) the Ills has also been affected by the outside world and produced numerous "small fluctuations", when the fluctuation extent to achieve certain results, the system will produce a "fluctuation", from the current state to jump to a more ordered state, the formation of new dissipative structure, so as to continuously push forward the development of the system.Therefore, RIS is a dissipative structure, it follows the law of dissipative structure, we can analysis and Research on the Ills order of the dissipative structure.
2 RIS dissipative structure impact force, based on the bearing capacity and the feedback force analysis of
Embrittlement of 2.1 impact force and RIS
The impact of RIS we can understand with the continuous input of innovation resources, pollution and ecological space dynamic demand, the regional environment of innovation resources caused by occupation and force.Our innovative resources on demand shock force, must control in the category of bearing capacity of IllS.For an open RIS, when one system it suffered some hit, will make the original ordered state failure, thus forming a disordered state new, normal function of the original system is lost, we can through the establishment of mathematical model to analyze the brittleness brittleness of RIS.
Through the above analysis of qualitative, can establish a preliminary mathematical model of brittle, system contains the relationship between energy and constraints.3J can use this function to represent the relationship between brittle, system contains the relationship between energy and constraints, i.e.:

In the formula: M (T) for the RIS t time a brittle; weighting coefficient; E (E1, e2,..., en,...) RIS itself contains energy and external impact energy; G (GL, &,..., i.,...) constraints for external connection constraints RIS itself and with the system set.Energy of E and constraint conditions of G ratio, IllS brittleness, and declares the system collapse or normal operation.When the system is subjected to external shocks, the set of elements in the E energy increased, the energy contained in system is increased, which leads to the system's brittleness increases, disorder degree increase system, the system tends to collapse, at this time, in order to prevent the collapse of the system, the system itself or other system constraints on the constraint set, G elements increases, suppression system collapse, make it reach another normal operation state.If the increase in energy constrained capacity constraints over set, the system will crash and burn.
From the above discussion we can get the following conclusion:
(1) when the brittleness of S reaches a maximum when the danger, IllS crisis, brittle than this value, the system will collapse due to external energy impact.That is to say, the system to the external impact or disturbance, lead to stimulate the brittleness of system, then the system itself can not run normally, until the collapse.
(2) when the brittleness of S reaches a minimum value, the RIS in an orderly state despotic; fragile S is less than this value, the RIS will be in a no development state, this state will eventually be eliminated.
(3) a continuous innovation of fragile s RIS, should be appropriately, s is too small, the system is no longer development, fragile S is too large, resulting in the collapse of RIS.That is to say, the entire RIS to have sustainable innovation ability, to fit the size of its brittleness, which cannot stop innovation resources into the brittleness of system maintenance is very small, not excessive, disorderly investment and use, if there is interference, the brittleness of system reaches the limit value, then it will cause the entire the system finally collapsed, unable to normal operation.
The bearing capacity of 2.2 RIS
"Capacity" is relative "impact" is concerned, the regional economic development the demand for resources and the pollution of the environment, load of the ecological environment is more and more big, must introduce the new concept of social economy science and technology "feedback", "capacity" to provide the first productivity based on, further formation "composite bearing capacity", in order to meet the needs of sustainable development of the regional economy, according to the HJ bear valve model of entropy, we can get:
A eSe iS ESL (2)
Where SP is the total entropy input the RIS, es is the RIS with the surrounding environment, logistics, energy flow, and the entropy exchange.
Visible, because the innovation resources and cause from the system output and input should be equal to the minimum difference iS s, from this relationship can be calculated in the TL - C2 period, the minimum negative entropy weight required to maintain the system, which can maximize the innovation resources calculated that the system can provide and can accept the waste, namely RIS environment under the valve.
The feedback force of 2.3 RIS and negative entropy flow
In the RIS development process, when the system itself by the impact, as the force and reaction force, the existence of "impact" is "the feedback force".Feedback is an inherent property of dynamic balance system, and can be used as control points, in a certain period and a certain science and technology condition, regional resources and environmental capacity is the threshold limit, of course this threshold is a range rather than a specific value.In this interval, when the system deviates from the stable development of state, positive feedback to return to the original state; but once beyond this zone, negative feedback will accelerate the system collapse.The reality of the "feedback" mainly refers to the social and economic development, the impact force to meet or exceed the regional carrying capacity of resources and environment, in order to ensure the normal and healthy development of the RIS system is essential in human social economic system, through to the entire RIS feedback into the new human, material, energy, science, technology, facilities, funds etc. in order to improve the bearing capacity of composite, the whole system, which is larger than the impact force, to balance and to ensure the stability of the natural ecological environment resources system.In order to guarantee the regional sustainable development, how to efficiently make use of limited resources, each region must face the problem.From the negative entropy perspective, the strategy is to increase the negative entropy and negative entropy rate, and also reduce the RIS entropy increase or reduce the rate of entropy production.
3 RIS sustainable development mechanism and Strategies of entropy
Entropy generation minimization strategy 3.1 sustainable development RIS
Entropy generation minimization economy refers to the economic subsystem and R.IS
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