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On the Industrial Clusters and the Government of the old industrial bases in environmental innovation

Author: WeiZhi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-28 06:52:23 Read:
Abstract: The development of industrial clusters is the revitalization of the old industrial base of Liaoning strategic choice, but in the case of a serious lack of market mechanisms, the development of industrial clusters necessarily depends on the government environmental innovation. Government to build the institutional environment suitable for rapid industrial agglomeration and growth, system innovation and the creation of social order, social order to create social wealth.
Keywords: industrial clusters Government Environmental old industrial base of Liaoning

The development of industrial clusters is the revitalization of the old industrial base of Liaoning strategic choice, and the development of industrial clusters key elements of the various resources, dynamic, three-dimensional, comprehensive, integrated, high-quality market-oriented environment is the basis for the development of industrial clusters engineering, government environmental innovation is an important condition to promote and facilitate the development of regional industrial clusters.

Government and environmental innovation is an important condition for regional development of industrial clusters

One important indicator of Liaoning comprehensive revitalization is to build a new industrial base. New industrial base with the traditional old industrial bases in the essential difference is that it is in accordance with the market-oriented approach to rebuild between enterprises, industrial, social and economic ties between the region, a new industrial chain, format and positioning, go intensive, integrated set of efficiency of industrial clusters, and form a regional industrial clusters. The revitalization of the old industrial base of Liaoning for industrial purposes, the actual by traditional industrial agglomeration to regional industry cluster development process is a structure, mechanism, and full range of innovative process technology, in new ways and mechanisms industrial agglomeration process.
Liaoning as the old industrial bases in regional enterprises that is relatively high, but some large enterprises affected by the traditional system is basically a lonely one each poly without set. Industrial agglomeration, large enterprises can not be completely out of the old model of "large", to achieve organizational growth and self-innovation. Industrial agglomeration, small and medium enterprises, the private economy will always be in the "marginalized", it is difficult to grow and develop regional economic development, lack of stamina. Single large project the incremental operation to expand investment, may not be able to accomplish Liaoning incremental activation stock, the full integration of the regional advantages of resources, and take the road of industrial clusters is the inevitable choice for the revitalization of Liaoning.
Industrial clustering process is a kind of market behavior, but in the case of serious deficiencies in the market mechanism, the cluster enterprises in a weak position, the development of industrial clusters will inevitably depend on the Government's reform and progress, the government environmental innovation. Local governments have always played an irreplaceable role in the economic development environment, the rapid development of the southeast coastal areas of industrial clusters practice has proved this point. The decline of the old industrial base of Liaoning after the reform and opening up, the rise of the southeast coastal areas is precisely what the environment stems from the reform and opening up. In addition to the regional policy of the central, more importantly, significant changes in the institutional environment of local government and environmental innovation.
30 years of China's economic transition region between the normative aspects of the market system are very different, the inverse factor endowments on the phenomenon. Changes in the study location advantages, whether it is technology-intensive industries, labor-intensive industries, or human capital endowment of the best and affluent areas tend to coastal southern region, the relative share of the labor factor. From the analysis of regional economic theory, this is because the vast majority of China's technology-intensive industries and labor-intensive industry is to get rid of the resources point to limit the processing industry, which does not exist in the regional market system environmental differences, the pursuit of larger areas where market demand in order to achieve the economies of scale of production in the smaller transportation costs; market institutional differences exist in space, they first sought is beneficial to the environment of manufacturers survival ". Therefore, the phenomenon of "Motherhood" in China, the only explanation is the market environment of the southeast coastal areas suitable for the survival of manufacturers, suitable for a "capital" value-added, entrepreneurial "knowledge home. A major obstacle to the revitalization of the old industrial base of Liaoning, is not the scarcity of capital and technology, the lack of market economic system, and the lack of institutional lies in local government environment "vulnerable".
One of the most fundamental of the industry cluster is characterized by its "spontaneous" and "integrity". From spontaneous formation of the enterprise network (industrial clusters) As Hayek said the expansion of a spontaneous order, and there is a world of critical reality driven by interests, when the income of the enterprises in the cluster cooperation is greater than the cost of cooperation when, the enterprise will be effective division of labor. Integrity, industry cluster is between the enterprises and the market a new type of space between morphology. As an organizational form of industrial clusters is in a certain institutional context (The institutional context) into. Institutional background of the micro-level and macro-level, the former contract, property rights, which have political, social and cultural factors.
Cluster of social capital gradually formed and accumulated cluster prevailing culture of integrity and cooperation between various manufacturers; industrial clusters contract is entered into and execution of transaction costs; addition, as an important supplier of the system of government in the industry the cluster as an important actors, through policy formulation select the appropriate vendor stationed in the cluster, and through specific cluster policies to promote the development of clusters. Government to allow upgrading industrial clusters, not only to improve the general business environment, if necessary, should be changed government policy affect specific business and industry.

Enterprise clusters is the product of the market economy, but the market mechanism is missing, cluster enterprises in the case of a weak position to become the leader responsible for building a market-oriented environment, and provide an institutional environment for the industry cluster. The major feature of China's reform and government-led process to establish and perfect the market economic system, talk about the competition in the market from the macro or meso level first performance competition between local governments, local government has become a special main competition .
The development of industrial clusters in Liaoning, the key lies in the creation of the market environment. For local governments, the biggest support is not that much input, but rather the extent to which government environment for the development of the market mechanism, manufacturers survival ", resource mobility of factors of value-added to create much space. Currently, Liaoning has not formed industrial clusters in the true sense of the key problems is not a business, but a government environment. Such as the degree of market is not high, the market system is imperfect development, the government excessive administrative intervention, private economic development lags behind the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, regional innovation environment is not so good boils down to, in essence, a "strong government" and "disadvantaged businesses" "strong executive" and "weak market". Therefore, the Liaoning government at all levels to effectively promote regional industrial cluster formation, it is necessary to create an open and orderly market environment of fair competition, and the market environment to solve the key lies in government environmental innovation, to create suitable industries are rapidly gathering economic environment and growth and social mechanisms.

Government and environmental innovation to promote the development of industrial clusters

The revitalization of Liaoning institutional innovation and the Environment of the Government of innovation is to promote and facilitate the first driving force of the entire regional system of innovation. As Michael Porter said, inevitable that the Government have to play multiple roles in the economy. The biggest role of the Government is to maintain macroeconomic stability and political stability; second role is to improve the economy microeconomic ability to provide public services; third role is to establish the overall micro-economic rules to help productivity gains; fourth role is the development of industrial clusters and upgrade more smoothly.
Government environment refers to the environment by government economic governance, government regulation, government actions determine and influence the regional socio-economic development. Mainly includes three aspects: the hard environment of the public goods provided by the Government, the Government policy legal soft environment, related to the regulation of the behavior of government economic and social soft environment. The the Government environmental innovation countermeasures to be taken as follows:
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