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Research on information mechanism of employment market of College Students

Author: CaoYuLing WangShuGuang From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-28 04:40:21 Read:
[Keywords] college students; employment; market; information mechanism of
[Abstract] the evolution history of the employment situation of college students and the employment mechanism are analyzed, on the basis of the analysis. Puts forward the necessity of establishing the college student employment information system, puts forward the basic connotation of information mechanism.
Since 1999.Since the college enrollment, the number of college students in China has increased year by year, the our country higher education from the elite stage to the popular stage. Higher education of young people is growing at a faster pace.This rapid growth in enrollment ratio has brought great pressure on the job market. How to effectively implement the employment of university students. How to reduce the employment pressure, is the entire social concern topic.We believe that, at present in the structural contradictions exist, sufficient liquidity should implement the employment information. To establish a scientific and effective mechanism for information, it is urgent to.
, college students' employment competitive
The university increased enrollment. Improve the youth's enrollment rate, provides more opportunities for national development and personnel training.But also causes the university graduates employment accounted for the rising population, resulting in intense competition between college graduates and university graduates and other employment.Lack of coordination between competition from our college students employment growth and economic growth remarkable.
According to statistics, in 2001 the national college enrollment and the number of students were more than doubled in 1998.According to statistics, from 2000 to 2005, the number of college graduates in China is respectively 1070000, 1150000, 1450000, 2120000, 2800000, 3380000.From 2005 to 2010, 2005 is 3380000, 2006 3970000, 2007 4640000, 2008 5320000.According to the forecast, in 2009 5920000, in 2010 reached 6520000.That is to say, an annual increase of 600000 in the original stock, in the "eleven five" period will be 15000000 University graduates.
The number of college graduates in 2001--2005 and other job-seekers ratio of view, in 2002, China's college students have accounted for the population (age 18 to 22 years old) l4%.University graduates accounted for other job candidates, 10% l5%.Based on the expected "eleven five" period, university graduates in employment in total employment population ratio will reach 20% - 25%.That is to say, the four or five candidates, there will be a university graduate, so, university graduates employment pressure increases, the fierce competition.
Arguably, the society should create more jobs for so many college students.We also see. As China's economic growth, provides many jobs, but the jobs number, the economic development is added between the increase in the number of university graduates and there exists a great difference and economic development in the beginning of reform and opening up, the number of jobs, economic growth has declined."In the beginning of reform and opening up economic growth by one percentage point to provide 2400000 jobs.But now, the economic growth by one percentage point will only provide 7O, 8O million jobs, pulling effect of economic growth to employment in the weakened."(Qu zhen-yuan: the view of employment and occupation quality cultivation of first 2005 College Students Employment forum).According to the forecast. When the economic growth rate maintained at 8% to 9%, can increase the 3O of a 4O million jobs.Society as a whole new jobs and university graduates number are compared, the number of university graduates is obviously very large.
evolution and characteristics of two, the employment mechanism
Along with the evolution of China's economic system from planned economy to market economy, college students' employment mechanism also experienced from "distribution plan" to "meet the supply and demand", "two-way choice" to "choose" stage.(as shown in Table 1).

From the table we can clearly see the changes in employment subject, from the government, to the government, school, then college students.On the surface of government functions weakening, in fact is the transformation of government functions. The government front retreated behind the scenes.But the effect did not weaken.The functions of the government from directly under the plan distribution of talent, to the macroeconomic regulation and control.While the enterprise become the choice of subjects. Enterprises have their own human rights; college students have become the main body position selection. Individual students in employment in the increasingly prominent, to become their own master. Students can according to their own strong points, interests, hobbies, to choose their own work.Changes in these subjects, both creative enthusiasm, to stimulate the enterprises. Also conducive to talent resource allocation. Also it is conducive to developing students' potential, to achieve full utilization of human resources.
After years of efforts, the employment mechanism of our country has got certain development, provide some convenience for the employment of college students, plays a role, but, compared with the developed market system, also exist some problems in many.The market subject role has not been fully understand and play, to a certain extent affected the employment of University students.
Superficially, college students looking for work hard. Even in the face of unemployment.In fact, according to China's economic development trend, the number of college students in China is far below the demand of social development.We think, the main problem is that we have no effective to achieve docking employers and college students employment information, information system is not perfect, information transmission is not smooth, the information divergence is not timely, impact on the enterprise efficiency and college students.The result is. Enterprises can not find their own needs, college students can not find their own need to work.
three, establish a scientific and effective mechanism of College Students' employment information
Based on the above analysis. We think that the information system should establish a scientific, efficient, is established between the government, enterprises, schools, students, personnel agency information network (Fig. 1), the promotion of full convection employment information.At present, in addition to our college employment guidance center, part of the talent market. There are social institutions in many of the personnel engaged in the work of intermediary.But the problem is that these information agencies uneven, some good and some bad, released information credibility is not high, more obscure phenomenon of information.So to realize fully the information flow, should establish a sound scientific, effective information mechanism, including the information sending mechanism, information inspection mechanism, in order to ensure that the information flow and accept the authenticity, reliability.

The government, schools, enterprises, occupation introduction and students also constitute an employment information flow mechanism, the flow mechanism, the different main body plays a different role.The school is the information intermediary, information exchange center, the divergence center, delivery center; enterprises and students is a demand information center; government information center and the talent market, the occupation introduction organization is accepted and feedback information center; the realization of information exchange and response.Among them, schools and government information center should be the main shaft, the talent market and occupation introduction organization should be a useful supplementary to government information center.
In the rules of the market economy of our country is not perfect, the government information center the high reputation, easier to get trust, therefore, we should establish information mechanism for government information center as the core, give full play to the government information center, fully convective information.
The government should grasp the policy guidance and macro-control, to regulate the service and to create a safe environment.The main play training base, the guiding center and information clearinghouse role.College employment guidance of graduates in general.The work of the center is divided into occupation guidance and employment services in two areas.Occupation guidance work should focus on the implementation of four years of occupation planning projects, in the first year students, began to occupation education of students. Help students' employment of contact and understanding; second years to help the students to discover and understand their own personality, interests and expertise, and to help students choose their major; third years of helping students understand the enterprise information and the demand of the market, take part in social practice and some recruitment, lets the student feel the employment market directly; fourth years of coaching the students write a cover letter, teaching job and interview skills and expertise.Through these activities, promote the formation of College Students' employment concept, enhance the ability and skills of University students.
Employment guidance center should also attach importance to provide employment services for graduates.The school should collect, collate and publish employment information, for students at any time; in addition, should also recommend students to the enterprise, hold a job fair, and is responsible for
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