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On the informatization construction of Fujian chemical enterprises

Author: LiHengGan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-27 16:57:37 Read:

Abstract: interactive development the economic globalization and the global informationization, the enterprise informatization has become enterprises to enhance the competitiveness of the route one must take Asia, participate in market competition.This paper introduces the basic situation in north area of chemical enterprises letter the construction and the existing problems, and puts forward the stuffy north chemical enterprises informatization construction suggestions.
Keywords: the North Fujian; chemical enterprises; informatization in

1 to promote the informatization construction in chemical enterprises in the importance of

With the development of science and technology, computers and the Internet has been very popular, it is the world has entered the era of knowledge economy, the information tide is sweeping across the world.The world is unfolding information competition in the same starting line, there is no doubt that this will lead to more open market, the competition between enterprises become more intense.
The seven National People's Congress in 2006 two session of Nanping city in February will be considered for adoption by the ("eleven five" overall planning ") is put forward to information technology to stimulate industrialization".Whether the enterprise informatization has become a key development in industrial enterprises.And chemical companies have been in Northern Fujian industry occupies a large proportion of.("eleven five" overall plan put forward by 2010), chemical industry output value reached 7400000000 yuan; in the city of 176 key construction projects, chemical projects accounted for 40, accounting for 16.3% of the total investment.At present, the north there were all kinds of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises more than 400, the annual total output value reached 2650000000 yuan, accounting for 13.42% of total industrial output value of Nanping city; Nanping top 100 industrial enterprises, accounting for 13 of chemical enterprises.Apparently the status of chemical enterprises in Fujian in industry is obviously, promote Fujian chemical enterprise informatization of city hall puts forward "eleven overall planning" Five ") has a positive significant effect.
the current situation and problems of 2 Chemical Enterprises Informatization in
2.1 in chemical enterprise informatization development status of
After the reform and opening up, Fujian province implemented the unbalanced development strategy of giving priority to the development of economy in coastal areas, the informatization construction in North Fujian enterprises especially the status of enterprise informationization construction industry is very backward.Chemical enterprise informatization level is low, the whole area construction of enterprise information system is not perfect, not smooth circulation, slow progress enterprise electronic commerce, enterprise information consciousness is not strong.The chemical enterprises in coastal areas in Northern Fujian Province chemical enterprises and compared whether there is still a big gap in capital, technology, management level and operation principle.According to the statistics of 13 chemical enterprises in Nanping city top 100 industrial enterprises, realize the information management of enterprise only two, proportion is very small in the more than 400 chemical enterprises in the whole region; have a corporate website is only 5; in e-commerce, simple expansion of Internet enterprise also is limited to online publishing products, Internet media, and application in the field of suppliers, distributors, customer management, online payment, is almost a gap.
2.2 the informatization construction in chemical enterprises, the existing problems of
2.2.1 enterprise information on understanding problems
According to the survey, in chemical enterprises, mostly belonging to the fine chemical industry, the market potential is great, some products (such as nitric acid.) or even in short supply situation.Therefore, the knowledge of information business leaders is not sufficient, that does not improve the informationization construction can also put the enterprises to do a good job, pay attention to information construction level is not enough.In addition to the understanding of information mostly remain at the level.That is to establish the enterprise information construction sites on the Internet, that the establishment of the enterprise site on the realization of the electronic commerce, but the survey found this kind of Web site content is not updated in time, single function; that informationization is the enterprise "a ready-made panacea", the purchase of a set of management information system (such as ERP) can solve the problem that the enterprise; informatization construction need expensive and specialized knowledge, not their ability development.
2.2.2 information technology application is not saturated
Mainly displays in two aspects: one is in the North Fujian chemical enterprise with enterprise website, many are entrusted to professional network development and construction company, its function can realize the e-business.But the majority of enterprises is only for product release, publicity and other basic functions.Two is the most chemical enterprises still remain in office automation and information management, the "information island" less serious, resource sharing.
2.2.3 corresponding professional talent lack
First, from the leader's quality, most chemical enterprise operators do not have high professional quality.Dynamic enterprise informatization construction requires a hand can grasp the development of information technology; on the other hand, but also with their own characteristics, use of the advantage of information technology to establish the business enterprise development planning.
Secondly, from the professional and technical personnel, at present in enterprises are generally lack of talent, especially the information technology talent.Bachelor's degree or above graduates back to the north especially to enterprises is scanty, lack of talent reserve.In the north of chemical enterprises in the talent problem facing "difficult to recruit people, hard to keep people".
3 countermeasures to speed up the construction of information in chemical enterprises
The 3.1 change view, deepen the understanding to enterprise informationization
The opening of the market and China's accession to the WTO, made in Northern Fujian chemical enterprise mountain face greater challenges, enterprises are facing greater pressure of competition; enterprise's competition rule has been from the past "fish" to "fast fish eat slow".Vary from minute to minute, in the age of information market changes in customer needs quickly, rival reaction is fast background, must fully recognize the important significance of enterprise informationization construction.Whether the enterprise decision-making layer or the enterprise of professional and technical personnel and the general staff, change of enterprise informatization has become the key point of the enterprise information construction.
First of all, from the corporate decision-making at.Enterprise informatization has become a strategic, especially dependent on energy (oil, natural gas, coal) chemical enterprises, is very sensitive in the raw material market, chemical enterprises can fast, accurate decision-making is very important.Chemical enterprise leaders should pay more attention to and understanding of enterprise informatization, the level also determines the success of information construction.
Secondly, from the professional and technical personnel and the general staff at.The staff is the enterprise information construction and the implementation of feedback.They hold the line information, is a strong guarantee for basic work done, do solid, meet the timely feedback, timely solution.So the staff on the construction of information recognition but also about the success of enterprise informatization.
The 3.2 train and attract
Talent in chemical enterprises have been facing local talent shortage, "fly to Southeast"; foreign talent without to keep problems.This restricts the informatization construction in chemical enterprises.In enterprise informatization construction is generally divided into three categories: business, technology, talent, strategy of enterprise can be divided level, system, culture has the scale and attract informatization talents.The specific measures include: (1) "the localization of talents" attach importance to tap the talents and training; (2) and colleges in Northern Fujian marriage culture; (3) the local talents training (4) partial absorption of IT industry talent.At the same time, enterprises must also be established talent mechanism in accordance with the enterprise information, to form a good atmosphere to retain talent.
3.3 create an environment conducive to the information construction of
The construction of North Fujian chemical enterprise informationization need good internal and external environment:
Internal environment: enterprises should establish and improve the organizational culture.The general chemical enterprises are clear process and rigorous process, which requires the information system is the goal.In addition, information communication channels is flat, which also requires the organizational structure of the enterprise is flat.At present, the organizational structure in most chemical enterprises belonging to the decentralized (for example: Fuwen chemical Limited by Share Ltd), which requires the management information system is a distributed, only need to be able to realize the data collection and information interaction.
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