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Leadership variables, strategic model and change strategies

Author: GuoJinDan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-27 13:50:00 Read:
[Keywords] leadership change   model;   strategy; route map
[Abstract] based on two key variables of leadership based on human capital and organizational structure, strategic model built a leadership change, and concludes from different dimensions of seven strategic leadership change, and the implementation of transformation roadmap.The core idea is: the key leadership change is "people" rather than "things" or "object"; control of leadership is not regular, but employees energy release; responsibility of business leaders is to provide a platform for creating value, at the same time as the lead, influence, incentive and education, it should be let the employee, the initiative to adapt to change, realize the maximization of enterprise value.

Leadership is how leaders inspire others to voluntarily made outstanding achievements in the organization (James M. Kouzes & Barry Z.Posner, 2007).Leadership change is associated with the global knowledge economy era come.As the "Leading Change" and "The Heart of Change:Real-Life Stories of How People Change Their Organizations" co-author John P. Kotter (1996) pointed out: "were four points and leading change activities not related to the management".But for a long time, leadership change mostly use trial and error method (Yang Huixin, 2003), enterprises lack of proactive strategy.This paper attempts to provide leadership change model of a system and the implementation of the road map, the main reference variable is the human capital and organizational structure based on knowledge.

, human capital on traditional leadership to replace the

Leadership first impact variables is "being a leader".Knowledge enterprise is leader of the knowledge worker is a kind of human capital (T.W.Schultz, 1960), with distinct characteristics from the non - human capital, it is these characteristics promote leadership behavior change: (1) the human capital and its carrier -- people, naturally can not be separated.Knowledge is the "people", knowledge workers as more is to rely on the professional ability and not a given position to work, so the organizational loyalty is low.Therefore, people working attitude (attitude) and values (value) gradually replaced the position (position) and become the major human resource value.(2) the knowledge worker is its expertise of experts in the field, work autonomy is higher, rather than the traditional obey orders or regulations program operation staff.(3) the knowledge workers in order to maintain its capability and value, we need to study.Therefore, knowledge workers depends on organization learning environment and incentive, otherwise he will be asked to find another job.
Steven Kerr & Jemier (1978) thought leadership substitutes theory, system and enterprise culture etc. structured tasks, standard make some functional leaders were "alternative" or weakened; under the condition of knowledge economy, enterprise employees in the past to operating workers as the main, now become dominated by high independent consciousness, high quality and ability of knowledge workers, weakening the dependence of leadership, is the most important leadership substitutes.
While the Charles C. Manz and Henry P. Sims (1998) proposed "self-leadership theory" is a more effective, more conscious leadership substitutes.It refers to the employee's application self observation of behavioral skills, self-set goal, suggesting that management, self return, self-criticism self motivation, self directed the way to make your own targets.Self Leadership in super Leadership (the followers became "leader") grew up under the support ability of leadership, super active release of subordinates, will self leadership as a basic part of organizational culture.SMT (Self Management Team, self management team) is one of the common work autonomy.It is through the free combination of a strategic unit, to pick their own members, leadership, determine its operating system and tools, like HP, Xerox, GM and other international well-known enterprises have taken this organization.

Effect of
> two, the organizational structure of enterprises

Another important variable is the organizational structure of the enterprise leadership.From the economic and social environment of different modes of organizational structure.When we turn to the knowledge economy era from industrial economy era, adjust the structure of enterprises has become an inevitable.The organizational structure provides the organization's mission was how the arrangement and distribution, as well as the exchange of information organization in the channel and privileges.The change of organizational structure affects the enterprise leadership model from the following three aspects.
Centralization to decentralization organization 1.The information collection and transmission through a large number of middle managers report to high centralization type enterprise, high using this information to make decision, at the same time as obtained with all the information influence, so tall as enterprise organization "brain", and the grass-roots staff just passive command "hands and feet".In the era of knowledge economy, the enterprise is facing the rapidly changing environment, the traditional way of information will only delay the decision.Therefore, senior managers will only some specific work, the task of the enterprise, project grant decision-making power with relevant professional knowledge base management or expert staff, retaining only the strategic decision for the long-term development plan of the whole enterprise, this organization will need to "focus".
2 mandatory management organization to coordination management.In the era of knowledge economy, standardized product lines produced to satisfy the market increasingly diversified and personalized demand, enterprises need to design and produce the products according to customer requirements.Therefore, employees of the production and business activities of the request from the past to the boss mandatory, to listen to customer needs, superior leadership is to provide coordination and service.Secondly, the creative intellectual work such as information collection, experiment, design staff, its essence means that the boss can not be like that of the operator of the knowledge worker issue orders left and right.Knowledge enterprise is largely dependent on the staff's creativity, self-directed and team work, liberal, moderate intervention is necessary for the management of knowledge workers, so you can keep a conducive to creative thinking environment.
Vertical 3 organizations to the flat, network.Development of organization structure from the vertical structure of the traditional to the horizontal structure, network structure, the breakthrough is the staff was awarded the right thinking and action.Self-managed team is the basic unit of horizontal structure, it is based on work process rather than the functions of the Department to establish, the traditional sector boundary is broken.A further breakthrough learning network organization is to make the staff do not contribute to the strategic guidance.Everyone in the network organization is a decision-making center, instead of the traditional enterprise that has only one center, namely top management, so that the power to get better decomposition.

three, leadership strategy model and transformation strategy of

The longitudinal variable leadership includes internal factors (such as being a leader, organization structure, culture) and external factors (such as market, resources, technology, environment etc.).The transverse variable is time series as the parameters of the 3P (prologue, process, a prelude to future perspective).In a certain external conditions, plays the decision role or the internal variables.Therefore, we choose the internal environment of the employee variables and organizational variables in the building "variables - leadership change" strategy model (before the elaborate) as the main factors (see below).The preamble of the view that, key leadership change is "people" rather than "things" or "".Further analysis showed that, in different dimensions of leadership change, is actually a transformational leadership role.
(a) staff dimension leadership change.Staff dimension of leadership change strategy is mainly through the coach leadership roles, with inspiration and not only with data report to encourage employees to get promotion and growth.
1 horses -- horse trainer.Business leaders should not only be horses (Bole) but also training the horse (coach), training a good horse
Good horse, "horse trainer" is more important and more rare, so the trainer / coach leadership to cultivate good employees, to improve its quality and ability, to achieve by the common operating staff to the knowledge transformation.Just like GE (GE) of the CEO Jack Welch has repeatedly stressed: "the greatest leaders, top managers, is the coach".Coach leadership to do the role of teacher -- "to promote learning every man" (Peter M. Senge, 1992).
The 2 command -- storyteller.Task type, control type of leadership is often rely on the authority to give employees scheduled tasks and goals, and transformational leadership in story telling to touch the hearts of the people, encouraged by the morale.The best story, is able to reflect the leader thinking of enterprises and the values of the story, it is a true reproduction and visions of the future outlook, its influence is often more than statistical data of thick pile of.Both Coca Cola's greatest CEO Roberto Goizueta, or CEO Philip H. Knight Nike is good at telling stories.Nike Company "stories" program has lasted for more than 20 years, the company today, listening to the story remains the top priority for the new employee training.
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