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On strengthening the "people-oriented" strategy in hotel management

Author: ZhangMeiLian From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-27 04:02:11 Read:
[Abstract] hotel is a labor-intensive service industry, good staff management in the hotel management is particularly important.This article is in view of the hotel management in the "people-oriented" management problems, from the pay system, employing mechanism, authorization, training, communication with staff and other aspects of the strengthening the "people-oriented" strategy of hotel management.
The hotel industry is the service industry, is provided in the service of man.Facing the enormous pressure of competition in China's hotel industry today, how to effectively improve the service level, work to mobilize the enthusiasm of staff, motivate staff to provide quality services to customers, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, the hotel is very concerned about the issue of.The hotel industry to enhance the "people-oriented" management concept in management, and emphasizing the development of employees, so that employees can put one's heart and soul into to put to work, for the hotel to sacrifice their own one's ability and cleverness without regret.
[keyword] hotel management; strengthening; "people-oriented"

1 "people-oriented" connotation of
"People" in the "this", we not only can be interpreted as "fundamental", can also be interpreted as "capital (human capital)".As the carrier of human capital is not only the production of people, but also has social, so for the enterprises in the people shall be regarded as the "itself", rather than as a resource, but the people as the first element, as the first productivity.The modern science and technology, economic development of a thousand li a day, who has the talent advantage, who will be able to seize the commanding point of economic development.
The hotel is a special industry, different from the general enterprise production, its particularity determines the humanized management hotel has two sides, on the hotel management is not only from the employee needs to consider, but also should consider how to meet the requirements of humanization of guests.The humanized management hotel should be based on scientific management, a management method of "people-oriented" to take the.So the hotel the humanized management, is mainly to the staff should carry out the correct scientific humanization management, "people-oriented" is "take the staff as the core".
2 Hotel Management in the "people-oriented" the existing problems of
Position the personnel management of human resource management of Moderno Hotel than in the past has been greatly improved.However, in the management of just how to get talent, how to obtain the talents with high salary, how to train employees, motivate employees to work on.Only from the hotel's management perspective to treat people, treat employees, neglected as hotel management of the core power, the feelings of their employees.In the "people-oriented" management obviously exists many problems.
2.1 the salary system is not reasonable, employing mechanism is not perfect.Harmony Hotel blindly emphasizes more pay for more work and ignore the quality and quantity, causes the staff only quantity regardless of quality, causing complaints, affected the reputation of the hotel.The pale busy season wage a kind, easy to cause discontent among employees, thus affecting the quality of service.Furthermore, to intern salary is low, resulting in a loss of skilled interns.
In the employment mechanism, there are short-term behavior, high turnover of staff.Now many people think that the hotel industry is young rice to eat, so do not want to engage in the industry.In addition, most hotels focus too much on the age and marital status in employee recruitment, even employees (especially women), to the marriage age when they face dismissal risk, therefore, many employees are not the hotel as a cause to do, but as a springboard, there is a chance to enter it.
Not enough employees trust 2.2, authorization mechanism is not flexible.Trust is the best management, this is a lot of enterprises have deep feelings.But some hotels lack of confidence, on employee trust is not enough, managers often take a magnifying glass to look at employee, employee shortcomings unlimited enlarged, hold suspected heart alert for employees, employees of a slight error was severely reprimanded punished, regardless of the offender's feelings, so that disgruntled staff, and hotel disunity.
The authorization mechanism, hotel managers often ignore training service staff for effective use of power, neglect employees take on the licensing for the enterprise management measures of psychological feelings, ignore the importance of intrinsic motivation to stimulate the staff.Failed to create an enhanced sense of employee psychological empowerment of the enterprise environment, employees do not necessarily play decision-making power in the work, and actively provide the high-quality service for the customer.2.3 lack the necessary training, small staff development.After the new staff were recruited into, simply on the job training, and the old staff training rarely.In order to cultivate leaders as the goal of the staff study - not to mention.This makes the staff's work enthusiasm frustrated, that there is no future, no future, thus exacerbating the personnel flow.The hotel refused to spend in staff training, leads to a decrease in the overall quality of staff, it can not adapt to the development of hotel business.
2.4 the lack of effective communication, lack of attention to employee.Lack of communication between management and employees, management personnel only at the employee's work performance, is not good for the performance just criticize simply, without face-to-face communication, understanding the reason, the staff rebellious mood, thus affecting the others.
In view of the above hotel management in the "people-oriented" problems, corresponding measures should be taken to improve the hotel management, strengthening the "people-oriented" management, improve employee satisfaction, so as to promote the sustainable development of the hotel.
Strengthening the "people-oriented" strategy of
3 in hotel management
3.1 to establish a reasonable salary system, improve the employment mechanism.The hotel staff salaries, the salary and contribution, be amply rewarded for outstanding achievements in the staff.Compensation is one of the most concerned problems for hotel employees, so the high salary is an effective means to keep the.Hotel managers should be aware of this point, as far as possible to increase the wages of the employees.At the same time, to correctly treat the intern, hotel to obtain high profits, can not solve the problem only in reducing employee compensation efforts is, it can be said to have the order reversed.Therefore, the hotel in the use of people, should reduce the proportion of intern.To hire interns also should be treated like a formal staff, given a reasonable salary and work arrangements.It also can make the trainee can settle the mind, and are willing to stay for a long time to make contribution to the hotel.
Improve the employment mechanism, not by the age, marriage status to determine the standard of employees, and the ability to work as a measure of standards.
With good performance, strong ability of employees to sign long-term contract with the people.This can lift the staff's any menace from the "rear", help retain talent.
Cultivate them using various ways of hotel young business backbone, the development potential of the managers and master the technical special talent level.Establish a mechanism for the real "up and down, give full scope to the talents" in the hotel, the "constant pursuit of better" become the conscious action of employees, thereby increasing the total guest satisfaction.
If not the front-line staff, will also indirectly affect customer satisfaction through their frontline staff's service.
3.2 employees of trust, employee empowerment.We respect, believe, understand employee, the full release of the employee's potential and passion, so that employees really enterprise as "home" to the love, to create.In the respect of system of the staff to achieve the emotional fusion, let go on the job, life care, the trust between the hotel and the staff become adhesive, padlocks, allowing employees to manage themselves, improve their own, minimizing management costs, bring the wine shop industry and harmonious resonance, common development.
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