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Pay attention to the construction of talent team to play the role of human resources

Author: ShaoYuZhan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-26 19:47:13 Read:
Now the global economic crisis, and the future development of the market, the competition of enterprises, enterprises in an invincible position in the market competition, must attach importance to the construction of personnel and training, an important role fully aware of human resources in enterprise production and management, so the focus in recruiting talents, training talents, using talents, stable personnel, human how resources to make this work is especially important.How does state-owned company to play the role of human resources management?
A good / >, salary system reform of enterprise personnel system, State-owned company is the state-owned enterprise integration from the group of products, enterprise burden heavy, inactive mechanism, innovation mechanism is not obvious, the planned economic management mode, in the personnel, wages, incentive system management did not keep up with the market economy reform pace of other enterprises.Professional technical workers, engineering and technical personnel and senior management team of talents shortage problems have become increasingly prominent, especially with the construction qualification of engineering and technical personnel, senior management personnel and the project with national occupation qualification of senior skilled workers.My company under the China Railway Construction Limited by Share Ltd, in the industry especially in the more bridges, railway engineering professional highlight.First of all in the salary system reform of the personnel system, salary and welfare, aiming at the low, less attractive to talents, the actual situation can not be effectively stabilize personnel salary, accelerate the market thinking, practice staff wages and market, in principle, "Laoduode performance-linked pay more, more effective than" principle and the "Lian Gang, cogeneration combined effect", the distribution system, establish the responsibility and risk, and consistent with consolidated income wage distribution mechanism, the focus is reflected in the management personnel, professional and technical personnel of the tilt, which enhances the enterprise external personnel, newly graduated college graduates appeal, namely personnel can be stabilized, increase labor remuneration on the basis of developing production.
Two, optimizing the personnel structure, the high and low levels of talent matching
Fully understand the talent is necessary and the most important condition for the survival and development of enterprises, the survival and development of enterprises depends on the talents, the talented person depends on the enterprise to provide a platform to display, display as, two are interdependent, mutual development of enterprises in order to play the role of talent, mining human resource benefit, must make the humanized management, to strengthen the "" people-oriented "concept, to respect knowledge, respect talent, for the growth of talents to provide a loose environment.Focus on the introduction of the "to do the required strong" professional talent in the talent introduction, the focus on the introduction of bachelor's degree or above personnel at the same time, also receives the need professional college, secondary and technical school graduates, so that a reasonable layout level enterprise personnel structure; three years enterprise receives more than 500 from the national the large and medium-sized college graduates, all the arrangements to the frontline probation construction site, and requires the project manager to specify an old engineering and technical personnel responsible for help, for they grow up as soon as possible.At the same time from the secondary and technical schools in the selection of a number of professional counterparts, with promising students do to be recruited and reserve for enterprise reserve forces.And part of college graduates training signed agreement of intent, by the school according to the need to operation personnel to set up courses, and carry out the work-study teaching methods, train a number of line engineering, bridge engineering, mechanical operation and repair work personnel, all received after graduation.In order to solve the task ontology team dating from the root of the problem, to prepare a number of industry and monitor for the future implementation of the project team management mode of savings.Three, build up the platform, cultivating compound talents of
Use in the construction of the platform, training talents, talents training and exercises to provide opportunities and platform, arrange the talents of different levels to a certain position to conduct a trial, after a period of training to be adjusted and fixed position, make the talents of different levels have their ability of excellent space; technical personnel, management personnel training and selection of key, to provide them with the platform, according to the characteristics of each arranged in the right position, fully respect my wishes, the efficiency of talents play a maximum role.
Increase the talents training and communication efforts, for the growth of talent to provide a condition actively, do not look at the academic ability, do not look at the diploma level does not look at age look, contribution, do not to stick to one pattern to choose talents, using talents.Excellent in their areas of expertise, but also to adapt to the market environment, can control, grasp the market rules, compound talents to correctly handle the complex problems.Comrade Cao Pengcheng is the outstanding representative of which, the comrades in 1984 to succeed his father to work, although only a junior high school culture, but a quick mind, Ken drill well, do a line like a row, has the very strong dedication, responsibility and leadership skills, he start from the grass-roots workers, have done line industry, industry, power industry, crane equipment management work, since 1995 as a project leader, organized a lot of Kazakhstan station reconstruction, double-track construction and speeding up the project, field transformation turnout construction stands in the proposed speed, he studied together in the construction of technical scheme and engineering and technical personnel, he chaired the study mass overall points slip into the construction method, namely "four high and three flat construction method of two lines of a rope", solve the technical problem in the construction of the whole switch, the obtained ha Bureau experts in the affirmative, and application field renovation project in the HA board.To gain a reputation for enterprise, creating a brand.Because of his outstanding performance, has won the Heilongjiang province labor model, locomotive medal and construction, bureau of the "outstanding project manager," advanced workers pacesetter, outstanding communist party member, young station expert.In 2009 he was promoted to general manager of the company, and promotion for engineers.To become a "model to director, to the Director-General, dry succeed".
Four, strengthen enterprise staff education and training work of
The enterprise internal build respect knowledge, respect talent atmosphere, the enterprise of professional and technical personnel, and lack of special types of lifelong education, enterprise present talent reserve is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of demand.Talents training, priority special talents training, do demand and reserve, the current and long-term, generally improved combined with the focus on training.Have the ability in the enterprises under the condition of a group of excellent talents in Colleges and universities for "paid" deep Zhao, encourage employees to participate in a national registered qualification examination, cost engineers, accountants, architects, surveyors and other examination, to obtain the qualifications of personnel all costs borne by the enterprises, and shall be given a reward.To create a staff to continue learning, to study the good atmosphere, at present the enterprise demonstration role in talents basically formed a positive atmosphere, greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of professional and technical personnel and management personnel, these personnel is looking for the wealth of people, create wealth, they also become the enterprise development the maximum precious wealth.
Overall strengthening of human resources management, do well the human resources ability construction as the core, to the innovation of working mechanism of people as a driving force, to optimize the personnel structure as the main line, to the training and selection of high-quality talent as the key point, to strengthen the talent motivation as the breakthrough point, seize, attract talents cultivation, three links, and actively develop two kinds of talent resource utilization the enterprise inside and outside, gathering all kinds of talents, provide strong talents guarantee and intellectual support for the special fund and make the enterprise.
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