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In-depth analysis of the fine management control lie well

Author: RongXuKai From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-26 06:40:44 Read:
Abstract: This article through well reason lay in Shanghe oilfield seven team well are analyzed, and puts forward the control lie well measures, and achieved good effect, reduce the lie well rate, reduce production and operating costs for lying well.
Keywords: lie well; cause analysis; reduce lie well rate
With the development of oil, production situation and the increasingly serious production costs continue to compression leads to control lie well as an index of management is particularly important, Shengli Oilfield Linpan oilfield production seven teams located in the northern part of Shanghe oilfield, mainly manages the Eastern Business District, business district two of the 68 wells, 33 wells, oil-bearing area 11.9KM2, geological reserves of 8810000 tons, of water reserves of 7400000 tons.The team since 2006 through in-depth analysis, fine management, I index showed a downward trend year by year, the year 2009 lie well rate was 2.5%, achieved good results.
A, lie well reason analysis of
After the recent years our team well lie well situation analysis, found the main factors affecting our team was well three, tube, rod, pump leakage fault influence, causes are eccentric wear, corrosion, wax, so we focus on these three aspects to lie well governance.
Two, the typical analysis of
Reduce lie well rate and we strengthen the daily management of the oil wells are directly related, in fine, well we start from strictly, contradiction, highlighting the key points, grasp the scientific and effective control lie well.
1, do a good job in scheme optimization and operation supervision.
In view of the work Ii Shi, work out detailed investigation and analysis of the rod string, the team set up corresponding optimization management team, and mine and process combined with the detailed countermeasures, do well job 1, scheme 1, the success of the operation of 1.The main optimization goal is to optimize the rod combination, the replacement for the aging rod, the adjustment of the pump parameters, active application of new technology, new measures.The first half of 2009 3 oil pump upgrade, replacement of tube and rod in 12 wells, 16 wells rod combination optimization.
In order to strengthen the supervision of the work strength, our team is equipped with 3 operation supervision, operation supervision vice captain 1 people do well in operation at any time someone tube, work quality checks at any time, the key process to implement the whole process supervision, supervision of the work process, operation supervision personnel strict duty, careful supervision, strictly enforce the rules and regulations.
2, optimize the working parameters of oil wells
I actively contact process, geological and other technical departments to optimize string combination, determine the reasonable depth of pump, improve pertinence, scientific management, with large pump size, long stroke, low time to improve production parameters of oil wells.In 2009 we were washed 38 times, 2 times the stroke, my team average stroke 3.5 meters, basically has reached the maximum stroke, average at 2.44, well flushing time tends to be more reasonable.
3, strengthen the well daily maintenance work and
Focus on doing well the dosing and hot washing work
hot wash
A, according to the oil well dynamic liquid level and pressure level, adopt different ways of well washing.General to take the pump car wash wells dynamic liquid level height, casing gas wells, the fluid level is low, the wax is light, take the artesian well washing way influence small casing gas, take the steam washing methods on severe wax well.Such as: S43-X1 well in wellhead artesian well liquid, washing does not go in, we take the pump well; well S25-33 severe wax uses steam washing method.
B, determine the thermal washing cycle wax and oil production wells. According to take out the pipe column, general artesian well washing cycle is short (less than 30 days), pump well washing cycle longer, steam washing well well washing 1 times every February.
C, actively promote the steam washing mode of
The characteristics of steam wash well well washing temperature is high, wax removal effect is good, does not appear the phenomenon well.Therefore, in selecting well while we mainly choose severe wax and inadequate fluid and oil well washing thick wells, such as the S25-27 well is the 1 heavy oil and wax serious well, the pump well washing effect is poor, and has super card, since changed to steam washing after the well has been normal production so far 3 years have not been working, by steam washing before and after the diagram of the contrast can be seen, the steam washing after the effect is obvious, the maximum load oil decreased significantly, by washing before the 90.97KN decreases to 85.09KN.
(2) adding
A analysis of corrosion causes of
(1) high water effect: the produced wastewater with high salinity (average degree of mineralization of 32000mg/l), Cl ĘC content high, and contain H2S, CO2, O2 and bacteria corrosion dissolution.
(2) natural gas contains corrosive gases H2S, CO2.
(3) the wellbore conditions: high temperature, wear, sand.B, the selection of corrosion inhibitor
(1) the corrosion principle: corrosion inhibitor to form a layer of adsorbed film or membrane or film on metal surface, to separate the metal surface and water, play a protective role.
(2) screening
We and technology combined, 4 oil wells in the different water wells, the technology choice for our team need laboratory oil well corrosion inhibitor.
C, the inhibitor dosing schedule of
Monthly by the technical personnel according to the working site supervision of rod and pipe corrosion description, formulate and adjust the dosing schedule.
D, dosing options
In order to ensure the effectiveness of inhibitors, according to process the recommended continuous dosing mode, in order to improve the effectiveness of inhibitors, at present the main methods of adding artificial feeding and automatic water dosing device dosing, automatic dosing box on my team in 6 wells, the rest are artificial feeding, artificial feeding take stand on the artificial dispersion dosing and team on the tractor concentrated drug combination.In order to ensure the drug effect, dosing requirements of large dose of water on the corrosion inhibitor, the team stand on the general use 25Kg water for dilution, the tractor is taken in large doses of dosing method.
E, other anticorrosion measures using
The sacrificial anode cathodic protection technology, the way to mitigate corrosion.At present, our team has been in 2 wells of cathode protection device (S25-31/S25-33), the effect is observed.
4, strengthen equipment management, to ensure the normal operation of equipment and
(1) check the balance of pumping unit, ensure the balance of pumping wells Team of qualified rate of more than 90%
(2) check the components of the oil pumping machine operation and lubrication, prevent an operation in oil machine.
(3) ensure that the polished rod is always on the
5, strengthen the water work, "water control", "water cure partial grinding", compaction controlling lay wells based on
Through the perfection of injection-production well pattern, well stimulation and other means to strengthen the water work, in order to reduce the injection-production contradictions, control water cut increase and improve the unit for liquid state as the goal, to pump, reducing load, slow to lay a good foundation for the next step of eccentric wear.
6, vigorously promote the effective technology to extend the working life of
Aiming at the problem of eccentric wear, in recent years, we actively contact process, the analysis of search strategy, technology and the introduction of measures, forming a "long stroke, large pump size, slow stroke, aggravation primarily, supplemented by slowing down the corrosion of righting," as the main content of the eccentric wear well overall governance idea.And we actively contact the factory, mine, the introduction of new technology, especially the application of abrasion resistant tubing to our management greatly improves the confidence of eccentric wear, S42-1, S25-1 is our team only 2 use resistance tubing well, after using S25-1 oil well production period from 90 days to 180 days, by comparing the number of wells lie to on measures of our team last year fell 3 over the same period the number of wells, obvious effect.
Three, pay attention to management, improve the operational mechanism, give full play to their subjective initiative to cultivate longevity wells
A good job of supervision and management, improve the quality of work.
Two is to do a good job of chemical heat washing and other daily management, improve the operation condition of rod pump.
Three is to do a good job of production management in winter, reducing back pressure, controlling lay wells.
The four is to culture the longevity wells mechanism implementation.Through the team, well station, three personal stage control lie well, cultivate longevity well organic network, will lie well rate is an important index, bonus appraisal of the decomposition layers, regular check cashing, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses of workers.
Effect evaluation: in 2009 a total of 25 times to lie well, lying
Well rate of 3%, compared to 08 years lie well number decreased to 17 wells, lie well rate lie well accounted for reduce the production of 493 tons, the economic benefits made by the =17*40000 493*2500=191.25 (million), the effect is obvious.
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