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From the perspective of e-commerce consumer psychology

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Abstract: this paper discusses people in the network era of consumer psychology from the trend and characteristics of psychological changes in network era of consumer, and then to the electronic commerce of the pros and cons of psychological analysis, for us to develop the electronic commerce in the future, our sales network products, provide market basis.
Key words: the consumer psychology: A Perspective of e-commerce
1 psychological changes of the Internet age consumer trends and characteristics
Customer resource is the key to the survival and development of enterprises.But because of the past in a seller's market, the enterprises do not attach importance to, but with the establishment of market economy, the market is a seller's monopoly evolved into buyer's monopoly of the market status, and customer psychology than before also have the qualitative change, they are no longer satisfied with stereotyped products, the demand for personalized products began to grow, the formation of a new consumer trend.
(1) the psychological sense of identity to become consumers as a prerequisite for the purchase of brand and product decisions, personalized consumption became the mainstream in the traditional marketing concept is guided by the market, due to the restriction of technology, enterprises are unable to understand the market each and every customer's needs, not for each to form hand due to the restriction of technology level needed products the market orientation concept unique, enterprises can not understand is unable to meet the unique needs of customers.On the other hand is restricted by education level, the traditional customer demand remains at a relatively low level, not formed or realize their unique needs.However, in the Internet age, enterprises are facing the customer and the traditional consumer compared with a qualitative change, they need any time, any place to get any of the products at the lowest price, they can not only make the choice, and the desire to select, the more they demand, change more gradually, consumers set their own standards, personal consumption become full of personality, rather than the kind of popular preferences, may have the same interest between them, may be classified as similar, but their specific requirements will be more and more unique, more and more change multiterminal, not to the past as they lump together.Today's business is to help individuals to meet their unique needs, rather than by a popular standard for customers, not a consumer psychology is exactly the same, every consumer is a subdivision of market.The psychological sense of identity has become a prerequisite for consumers to buy brand and product decisions, personal consumption has become the mainstream consumer
(2) social uncertainty increases and the human pursuit of balanced, stable psychological prompted consumer initiative reinforced
In the social division of labor and specialization increasingly detailed trend, even in many daily necessities to buy, most consumers lack of consumer knowledge identification and evaluation of the product, but their acquisition and commodity related information and knowledge is not so disappear and psychological needs, but growing.The consumer's risk increased with increasing selection surface.But on the spoon one-way marketing communication feel tired and don't trust.Especially in some large consumer durable goods such as computer purchase, consumers will take the initiative by various reliable sources (such as the Internet, to relatives and friends of the Advisory) acquisition and commodity related information for analysis and comparison.Consumers in the selection of psychological balance for comparison and satisfaction, reduce risk, increase the products of trust and strive to meet the psychological.
(3) reduce consumer product update speed and product life cycle, the stability of consumer psychology is reduced, conversion speed of
The product of network era and change quickly, emergence of new products, reduce the consumption psychology has been the trend driven, stability, synchronization and society in the transformation rate of the heart, in the consumer behavior is the product life cycle shorten, the past ten years a popular phenomenon is rare.Consumer upgrading speed, variety of fancy emerge in an endless stream, shorter product life cycles, which in turn will lead to further accelerate the speed of consumer psychological conversion.
(4) to facilitate the purchase of the demand for the purchase of the pursuit of pleasure and the coexistence of
Part of the work pressure, life is highly nervous consumers will be shopping convenience as the goal, the pursuit of the time and cost of labor saving, especially for the demand and brand choice is relatively stable daily consumer goods, which is particularly prominent.While some consumers are on the contrary, due to the improvement of labor productivity, it can be used to increase the time, some free occupation and housewives hope through the shopping time, fun, and keep the contact with the society, reduce social loneliness.So they are willing to spend time and energy to shopping, but the premise is the shopping is fun for them, can satisfy the psychological demands.
(5) the price is still the main factors to influence the consumption psychology of
Although marketing workers in various differentiated to weaken the price sensitivity of consumers, to avoid vicious price competition.But in the face of the competitors in the same industry price war, to give the market share of any one firm in the face of this situation, also have to adjust their strategy.In the face of modern marketing techniques, the price still can not be ignored, the consumer perception of brand will also have new changes, they are not the commodity brand confusion, they need to be both quality have the right price of things, as long as the price is more than the consumer's psychological boundaries, consumers also inevitably palpitating with excitement eager to do sth. to competitors.
The advantages and disadvantages of
1.1 psychological analysis of electronic commerce
1.1.1 e-commerce has the advantage of
In the electronic information network developed today, the customer before deciding whether to buy goods, often take the initiative to retrieve a large number of products and related knowledge of information through the internet.E-commerce has the out of the ordinary psychological advantage in the following aspects.
(1) electronic commerce with consumer demand oriented, full of personalized consumption characteristics of the marketing mode of
The characteristics of electronic commerce is the consumer has a strong initiative, consumers have greater freedom of choice than in the past.Consumers can according to their characteristics and needs in the global scope for product information, and realize the procurement.Consumers through into interest enterprise web site or virtual mall, consumer can get useful information and a combination of more, make shopping more personality, consumer and even have the right to decide whether to receive advertising information or receive advertising information of that kind.The development of the consumer's personality will prompt companies to consider the marketing combination, if an enterprise can quickly develop and test a kind of product, if he can pass scanning technology to understand sophisticated consumer preferences, he is able to diversify their products, to consumer demand as the starting point of product service the.In addition to the power of science and technology progress not only changed the consumer shopping attitudes and shopping, it also stimulate and promote enterprise sales concept of revolution, but to truly achieve individual sales, manufacturers need to possess the ability of many varieties of small batch production at low cost.Electronic commerce can use its low price, to provide detailed information, give full play to his function.
(2) the electronic commerce has and interactive, is the realization of the whole marketing ideal tool
The traditional marketing management emphasis on 4P (product, price, channel and sales promotion) combination, modern marketing management is the pursuit of 4C (customer, cost, convenience and communication) but no matter what kind of concept must be based on the premise: enterprises must make full marketing.That must be the stage of the product design began to take full account of the needs of the consumers and will.Electronic commerce at very low cost in the entire process of marketing to consumers by collecting information timely.Consumers will have the opportunity to pricing and service for product design to express their views in a series of problems.This two-way interaction communication improves and encouraging participation of consumers, more important is to have a definite object in view of his marketing decision-making enterprises, fundamentally enhance consumer satisfaction.
(3) the electronic commerce can satisfy the convenience of shopping needs
The network provides 24 hours of service, no holidays or business hours restrictions, consumers can query the required information or shopping.The query or shopping time is very short, simple and quick process.In some shopping goods or have special commodity purchase this advantage is more outstanding.
(4) electronic commerce transactions with the low cost
Due to the characteristics of the network communication cost is low, the enterprise can lower the cost to understand customer needs, and delivery of product information in a lower cost to consumers, and traditional marketing, e-commerce in the same meet consumer demand, has the advantages of lower cost, it has raised the price of the product performance and price the product can reduce the enterprises, and consumers can find the most preferential prices in the global scope, even can bypass the middleman orders directly to the producers.Consumers do not have to afford the high cost of advertising and
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