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Causes and Countermeasures of enterprise talents loss

Author: HeJing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-25 23:47:18 Read:
Abstract: with the development of our socialist market economy, the modern enterprise management has gradually become the centre of human management.Talent resource is the most important resource of enterprise development, an enterprise to prosperity and development, want to remain invincible in the fierce market competition, retain talent is the key.In order to avoid the loss of talents, to prevent the adverse effects of talent too frequent flow brings to the enterprise, must through the analysis of the current situation of brain drain, research, explore new situation talent management measures, to prevent the loss of talent, retain talent.Therefore, this work has become a strategic task for the current personnel management in enterprises.
Keywords: brain drain; reason countermeasure
One, mainly caused by the brain drain of the enterprise
(a) does not comply with the principles of honesty and trustworthiness.Under the condition of socialist market economy, abide by the contract, keep a promise inviolate, is the basic condition to gain a foothold in the market competition in every economic subject to.No good reputation, there is no good enterprise image; but no good enterprise image, the enterprise cannot survive and development.But in practice, some enterprises do not comply with the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, to the worker's promises are often not fulfilled, sometimes even pay bonuses are in arrears.If things go on like this, will cause a brain drain.
(two) the lack of enterprise culture.In some enterprises, bureaucratic, leadership and staff little communication, mutual isolation, leaders do not understand the employees and the true inner thoughts, and talent felt neglected, do not have a good development environment.This has caused the opposition leadership and talent, they feel depressed people they will find another place; in addition, the interpersonal relationship of some of the complex, hybrid popularity, geopolitical, kinship, kinship, geographical relationships of all kinds.When there is a good thing, these relations the thousand arrows shot, a powerful, have possession of promotion, salary adjustment, training, nursing and other opportunities, rather than the circle of people, even if there is a very strong ability, good performance, also don't want to get.In such an environment, a lot of talent will unbalance, want to change the environment.
(three) lack of staff training.On one hand, the improvement of human quality, need to seriously study and exploration, at work, on the other hand, also need to plan, organize training.Although the enterprise can obtain the talent they need through recruitment, but the training is still regarded as the most important enterprises competitive weapon in twenty-first Century.In the actual management, only to make employees work in some enterprises, and neglect of staff training; only want employees to plant at home, but not to create the environment and atmosphere, the lack of cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise, employees lack the sense of ownership, it will make the adult brain drain.
(four) the lack of incentive mechanism.Each staff contribute to the enterprise at the same time, hope that their labor to get enterprise recognition, they are not only concerned about the absolute value of income, but also pay attention to the relative value of income.If the enterprises do not establish corresponding incentive mechanism, the staff even normal salary bonus can get a hand, but if you can not let the contribution is large, performance more get more returns, will dampen their enthusiasm, resulting in outstanding employees from enterprises.
(five) the neglect of his talent.His talent is generally exists in two states.One is the improper use of buried personnel; two is the potential talent, which is promising, as long as pay attention to training and the use of bold can become talented people.And short-sighted not to learn how to eloquence, Bole knowledge only, but blindly believe that "foreign monk good recite and chant scripture", often regardless of the actual, regardless of the cost, try various devices to outside "careers".This will not only lead to personnel cost increases, the enthusiasm of enterprises is not high, the internal cohesion is not strong, it will cause a brain drain.
(six) the blind introduction of talent.With the development of science and technology and the progress of the society, and the role of talent more attention, but it is undeniable, the introduction of talent exists blindness "chasing high" phenomenon.Practical talents of some enterprises are not in accordance with their development needs and economic strength of the introduction of professional market, but one-sided pursuit of high education, high professional title.In order to talent introduction of highly educated, high title even spared, although spent a lot of time and energy into the "talent", but in the specific work, the role of talent can not be given full play, a hero with no play, they don't work, eventually left the company.
Retain talent, enterprises
The introduction of talent, training, use, is to retain talent, the talent to become the enterprise the primary resource wealth and irreplaceable.Therefore, we should further emancipate the mind, renew ideas, the gradual elimination of thought disorder affecting talent development and institutional barriers.
(a) to fulfill the honest and trustworthy principle.Honesty is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, is the socialist market economy can fulfill the basic conditions, because, socialist market economy is the economy contract, contract must be based on the integrity of the moral basis.In contemporary China, honesty is of special value to other moral there is nothing comparable to this.Enterprise is the main body of the socialist market economy, in business management, the enterprise must through the form and the employee contract provisions of the respective rights and obligations, the contract implementation of integrity management.So, to establish a good corporate image, the interests of employees can be adequately protected, in order to retain talent.
(two) to strengthen the building of enterprise culture.Enterprises to retain talent, we must create a good cultural atmosphere, comfortable place to work.One should respect, understand and support, trust and tolerance, caring and considerate person, do "music talent happiness and joy, sorrow and worry about the talent", give full play to the enthusiasm of talents, achieve feelings keep people; two to establish a "people-oriented" management idea, advocate of "unity, enterprising, efficient, innovative" spirit of enterprise, shaping a good image of integrity, the formation of aggressive, competitive enterprise culture, to further promote the enterprise's unity, cooperation spirit of "unity, unity students talent, wealth", and enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness.
(three) to strengthen the training of employees.Talent is relative, dynamic, if not to continue learning, knowledge and skills will soon aging, outdated, is no longer a talent.Therefore, people only in the employing units to keep learning, lifelong learning, never out of date, can long maintain personnel own characteristics.Enterprise is an important part of personnel training, must actively fulfill the obligation to talent cultivation, talent education and training into the enterprise development plan, establish paid learning system and funds guarantee system, establish incentive and restraint mechanism to improve the education and training, the implementation of open selection, competition for posts and post appointment system, strengthen personnel occupation competition consciousness and risk awareness, stimulate the lifelong learning needs, to become laborers life university.
(four) the establishment of an effective incentive mechanism.Retain talent, an important task is to establish an effective incentive mechanism, which is a long-term, strategic, overall and stability of the event.Only the system mechanism, personnel work to Milwaukee Brewers are live.The establishment of an effective incentive mechanism, to enterprise development at the same time, continuously improve their level of income, and according to the personal contribution, opened appropriate grades of distribution.Two to improve the incentive system.The establishment of enterprise incentive fund, the implementation of incentive for employees with outstanding contribution to enterprise.Three to improve the welfare system.Ensure all personnel welfare increase along with the enterprise benefit and.
(five) found at the side of talent.Generally speaking, the introduction of talent, most of them can cause attention, but under certain conditions, there are different degrees of "not, not, not to stay" phenomenon.In this way, will inevitably cause passive.For this, must have strategic vision and innovative thinking, pay attention to the quality of development potential and ability of talents, good at discovering and training can be made only, innovative training mechanism, strengthen the training and management, to provide opportunities for the growth of talents, and create conditions for the cultivation of talents, for people to use foundation, can mobilize the positive beside of talents, promote the formation of good talent environment, also show a good social image, thirst after talents only, add a new attraction for the introduction of talent work.
(six) to avoid the introduction of talent.The flow of talent too frequent to the enterprise is certainly not.To avoid this phenomenon, in addition to improve the employment environment, have annual plans to introduce talents, enterprises have a definite object in view, avoid blind introduction of talent.According to the actual needs of the enterprise development and economic strength, practical talent introduction of professional market, rather than blindly climbing; the introduction of talent to do, not just decoration, or as the relevant departments "performance".Should the enterprise status and development planning, truthfully tell applicants, don't speak in superlatives maybe can't promise, to be consensual, two-way choice, to the introduction of staff regrets.
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