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On incentive measures

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Abstract: in this paper, starting from the management level, the contemporary theories of motivation, and analyzes the motivation of six specific measures and the influence factors to achieve effective effect.Finally clear the following point of view: the successful managers need to fully master the principle of incentive theory, according to the different needs of each individual to take flexible incentive measures, only in this way, in order to achieve the desired effect of incentive.
Keywords: staff; incentive; measures of
One, introduction to
Successful managers always hope that their employees to work to make the greatest efforts, play their own potential, always hope that their employees can maintain a high degree of passion for work, in order to achieve the business goals and more hard work.As a successful manager, if we want to achieve the above goal, must to motivate employees, to formulate effective measures to motivate employees.
Two, the contemporary theories of motivation and
Early theories of motivation: the hierarchy of needs theory; X theory, Y theory; the motivation-hygiene theory.
In the early stage of theoretical basis, the contemporary theories of motivation: three needs theory, goal setting theory, reinforcement theory, equity theory, expectation theory.
Three needs theory think that employees in a work situation there are three main types of motivation or need.Namely: the need for achievement: up to the standard, the pursuit of excellence, strive for the successful accomplishment of the need to meet the need for power:; influencing or controlling others and are not controlled by others desire; attribution of needs: to be recognized and have good interpersonal relationship.
Goal setting theory that has a certain degree of difficulty and the specific goal, once accepted by the staff, will be able to motivate employees to make a high level of job performance is more than easy target.
Strengthening the theory that people's behavior is controlled by external factors, managers can be enhanced to strengthen their perceived favorable behavior to influence employee activities.
Equity theory believes that the employee first think about their own income and pay ratio, and then their income -- pay more than with other related personnel -- will be for more than.If the ratio is different, will produce the pursuit of fairness and equality of motivation.
Expectation theory believes that, when people expected to a behavior can bring certain outcomes for individuals, and that the results of individual appeal, the individual will take a particular act, the theory mainly includes three links: the effort and job performance relationship between work performance and reward; the relationship between reward and individuals; the target relation.
The incentive is based on the theory of self interest based organization, they may be fully applicable to the attention of capitalism and individualistic country, and is dominant in the collectivist state, individual and organizational links, more is shown as loyal person to the organization or society, rather than his own interests.Chinese organizations in the social transformation of the environment, there are corresponding particularity.Therefore, we use the theory in the practice of management need to adjust according to the national culture, organizational cultures.
Three, incentive measures of
The so-called incentive, is managers follow the law of human behaviour, according to the incentive theory, the combination of material and spirit, take a variety of effective methods, maximize stimulate employee's enthusiasm, initiative and creativity, to guarantee the realization of organizational goals.According to the principle of contemporary theories of motivation, we should take the following measures: the incentive in the management of
(a) then assigns.Every employee is a unique and different from the others in the individual, personality, attitude they need is each are not identical, ability to work under the pressure of their knowledge, skills and is different, so according to each employee's ability to assign work and duties of the size of the corresponding.High capacity, high need for achievement of employees can be engaged in the power of freedom larger, relatively independent, work autonomy and change and responsibility has a strong appeal and to motivate them.On the contrary, if placed in the flexibility, the sense of responsibility of smaller jobs, the initiative will affect their work.If the work ability weak employees were assigned to work in is not competent for the job, he could not find work, unable to realize their own value, the pressure is great performance tend to underperform, or depressed mood, which affects the work performance.For example: an employee of the company was originally allocated in the sales department to do sales work, but because of its poor efficiency, poor language expression ability, although the work very hard, but the sales performance is not ideal, then I offered to the warehouse keeper work in, in the new position was done very well, has been highly praise from leaders and colleagues, to realize their self value.
(two) target incentive.Is to give the employees to identify a specific and challenging goals, and thus induce employee motivation and behavior, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff to.As an incentive, has caused, the role of guidance and encouragement.Only when a person has inspired a higher goal, but also to inspire their intrinsic motivation.Everyone except for goldfish objectives, such as power or achievement goal.The management should be excavated each employee inner potential targets, and help them to formulate detailed implementation steps, guide and help them to achieve the goal in the subsequent work.When each employee's goal of strong and urgent need to achieve, they are for the development of enterprises have great attention, have a strong sense of responsibility to the work, usually do not have others supervision can consciously do a good job.This goal motivation will have a strong effect.For example: to distribution indices of each salesperson approach we used in the practice of management, enterprise internal control cost to each department cost index approach is taken goal incentive measures.
(three) reward and performance.Managers should pay attention to reward, only reward to employee's positive, active factors play a role in strengthening, incentives will be granted to employees who meet the specific objectives.Managers must make reward and performance of unity, which reflects the more pay for more work, less pay for less work, no pain no gain, let employees feel fair, and the rewards are open and transparent, so that they can play a role in encouraging the real.In addition, the performance evaluation criteria must be defined.Otherwise, employees will have a sense of injustice.Private enterprises in China like to take "red envelopes" reward policy, which to some extent, although it can enhance employee loyalty to their personal or business, but often because of performance appraisal standard fuzzy and reward employees opaque caused suspicion, make employee is easy to generate a sense of injustice.Thus the negative effect of "red" phenomenon.
(four) variable pay.A raise or salary structure design measures can also motivate staff to achieve the objective.Company according to the market situation and enterprise actual pay to employees, so that employees can give a pleasant surprise, play incentive effect salary.In addition, it can change the original salary level, increase the interval of each pay grade, between the upper and lower levels can have a certain overlap.For example: the staff is four grade wage, in the range of 800-1200, the median is 1000 yuan; the manager is five grade wage, in the range of 1000-1400, the median was 1200.This junior staff through hard work can get 1200, the boss does not work hard can only get 1000, salary income of more than staff, this salary will encourage greater.
(five) the individual awards.Due to the different needs of each employee, so to strengthen measures to each employee should also be different, management should according to the needs of individual differences of employees for their reward, some employees to work harder in order to higher pay; some employees to obtain high position, meet the needs of the right desire; some employees to get training opportunities, to improve their skills, access to opportunities for further development; some employees to demonstrate their ability to obtain the need to be respected, etc..So, should take such as pay, promotion, training and reward measures according to the different needs of employees.
(six) honor incentive.Honor is a lofty appraisal of public or organization of the individual or the group, is to satisfy people's need for self-esteem, important means to arouse people struggling to progressive.From the point of motivation, everyone has the need of self-affirmation, glorious, fight for the honor of.The advanced employees for some work performance more prominent, representative, to give the necessary honorary awards, is encouraging the spirit of good method.Honor incentive cost is low, but the effect is very good.On the staff of the honor rewards, can take the General Assembly commended, awarded honorary certificates, listed the honor roll, publicity, organization of tourism, convalescence, go out training, selection of star model etc..For example, the state-owned enterprise annual tradition of advanced workers, advanced team rating and recognition is a very good personal and collective honor incentive
Measures.Of course we honor incentive, strict evaluation criteria, to avoid excessive excessive number of awards, capitation phenomenon.Otherwise, will make the honor of the "gold content" greatly reduced, will weaken the incentive effect of honor.
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