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Discussion on operating personnel management skills

Author: ShiHuaQun From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-25 19:04:17 Read:
Abstract: the implementation of the operation personnel management skills scientifically, give full play to its role in production, is crucial to the enterprise benefits and development.This paper expounds the operation skills of personnel management from the aspects of use, assessment, development of the three, and put forward specific rules management each aspect, is a new management model in the exploration.
Keywords: skilled operators; use; evaluation; development of
One, management mode in the background of
The company lost factory of Sinopec Shengli Oilfield Branch under the oil and gas gathering, bear the Shengli oil storage and transportation of crude oil, natural gas development and management.Petroleum and natural gas inflammable and explosive and gathering production of high temperature and high pressure; oil and gas gathering and transportation technology content is high and the continuous production; oil and gas gathering factory has a team of more than 3300 huge skill operation team.The above three points, scientifically and effectively do a good job skills personnel management work, is the basis for the normal operation of the factory production and operation of oil and gas gathering.
Main way two, management of the
In the skills of personnel management for many years, we continuously research and exploration, and gradually formed a skilled operators, consisting of three basic elements of assessment and development skills in operating personnel management "three element" method.Operating personnel management "skills three yuan" is a management system, "three yuan" is the management system of the three modules, each module including specific management way and the management rules.
1, an element -- use.In the use of skilled operators, parallel use of three management systems:
(1) the skill level post wage system: operating personnel skill level of primary workers, mid-level workers, senior workers, technicians and senior technicians, for junior high skill levels corresponding to different skill salary, according to attendance days per month for Technician Senior Technician allowance technicians and senior technicians, in order to reflect the skill level and different treatment different.Operation skills of personnel engaged in the work to change, from the primary industry to participate in the promotion of relevant treatment skills identification, corresponding adjustment.In the skills of operating personnel ability and performance as the main basis, selected technical experts, grand skill award honorary award candidate, recommend the technician and senior technician evaluation.
(2) Technician Senior Technician appointment system.Oil and gas gathering and natural gas development team with skilled operators and total 15% equipped with repair technician team; two stage production security team by skilled operators and the ratio of 10% with the technician, senior technician technician recommended selection evaluation from the "four virtuous, can, diligent, accomplishment", the layers of selection, preferential recommend.Technicians, senior technicians post-holding qualification after the implementation of on-demand merit-based appointment; three and four units to declare the technician senior technician appointment demand plan, General Factory approval, individual application, factory employment.At the same time, supporting the formulation and implementation of "oil and gas gathering factory technician senior technician management approach".
(3) high skill post appointment system: set up four levels in total factory of high skill jobs, chief technician a post level which set in general factory level, so the skill level required for senior technician technician; director of a post level set at three levels, participating personnel skill requirements for technicians above; setting, technicians and technical experts, two post level at level Four unit level, the duty technician Gang so skill level requirements for the technician, technical experts participating personnel post skill level requirements for senior workers above.Number of highly skilled positions set based on the number of units, unit size and the nature of the work of skilled operators.High skill Gang open for competition, preferred employ, three years, the regular employment.At the same time, supporting the formulation and implementation of "oil and gas gathering factory skilled employment management approach".
2, two yuan -- assessment.Strengthening the skills assessment operation personnel, in favor of skilled operators play a role; to arouse the enthusiasm of the operating personnel, strong science and technology skills; is conducive to creating a harmonious and fair competition environment, work atmosphere, assessment manual is divided into three aspects:
(1) the performance appraisal and assessment.The implementation of the monthly performance appraisal of all the skilled operators, according to operating personnel work attendance, performance, comprehensive evaluation, monthly, and the gang form cashed in monthly salary.By the end of the operating personnel to implement the annual assessment.(2) high skills assessment.Highly skilled operator of employment, establish "highly skilled jobs in the staff appraisal records", the implementation of quarter of the annual appraisal and examination, appointment appraisal, according to the requirements of the job description, high skills to make evaluation on staff, and as a basis for dismissal and continued.
(3) senior technician technician examination.Technicians, senior technicians are the backbone of operators, technicians, senior technicians quarterly annual appraisal and examination, appointment appraisal.Assessment of the tutor person, technology innovation research, accident prevention and treatment, solve difficult problems, with the production organization six aspects of competence and performance.The annual total factory organization senior technician on defense, level three organization technicians work reply.Technician Senior Technician of the assessment result as the main basis of technician retention, promotion, all kinds of honors.
3, three yuan -- development.The development of skilled talents is to meet the production requirement of the quantity and quality of employment security work.The implementation of the 3 measures to develop skilled talents work.
(1) positive training.Actively carry out the 6 forms to on-the-job training of operating personnel to carry out activities to implement: tutor person in-service staff training; organized team leader off-job training class to implement training; to dial the talent training class oil above the implementation of skills to improve training; Occupation Skills Contest held training courses, the training organized skills identification and technicians; evaluation of training before the promotion training; process equipment before commissioning organized special training courses and the "four new technology training course" the implementation of the new technology training.
(2) side incentive: organized and participated in various skills competitions, can effectively stimulate the enthusiasm skilled operators and science technology, greatly improve the skills of operating personnel skill level.Different competition forms have different incentive effect.Host plant occupation skill contest and participate in oil above skills competition can assiduously incentive technology a large number of skilled personnel, to strengthen the staff training work units, training a group of top-notch technology.Occupation skill contest held, with lots of forms to identify candidate, can promote the training work, promote the enthusiasm of all operation staff learning, improving the skills of operation team overall level of skills.
(3) the introduction of talent: according to the skills of operating staff attrition and the need of production, timely introduction of high-quality skilled personnel, to fill the vacancies, meet the total employment demand, security operation skills of team's overall ability to work.The introduction of new employees with occupation (work), skill level high into the factory, can quickly and effectively improve the overall level of factory operation skills of the team.
Three, the current management issues and deficiencies of
Since the operation skills of personnel "three yuan" management pilot, and a good effect, but with changes in production and the social environment, gradually shown in two aspects:
1, in the "talent introduction".In recent years, oil and gas gathering and transportation professional occupation education institutions gradually reduced, engaged in oil and gas gathering occupation skill talented person in short supply, causing skill operation team aging.
2, in the "positive training".Many skilled operators, because the existing training ability is insufficient, so the work in the development of skilled talents training mode, positive effect is not ideal.
Four, the next step to improve the management plans and measures of
Management method with the actual work and need to change and constantly revise and improve.Aimed at young talents introduction and operation skills of team aging, to modify the management measures to promote operation personnel flow: give relatively young personnel flow to the labor strength is great job, let older staff to flow in low labor strength post.According to the "lack of full-time positive training" mode of training, to improve the management measures, promote the tutor person to play the role, strengthen on-the-job training; promoting "side incentive" role play, arouse the enthusiasm of staff skills learning.
Skill operation team is in the development and change, management also need to constantly revise and perfect and development, management skills should be closely combined with the actual production, people-oriented, continuous improvement, service to the production and operation of enterprises development.
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