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Network economy - information sign of the times

Author: GuoJing ZhaoNuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-25 18:07:26 Read:
Abstract: With the rapid development of networking, communications and information technology, has brought an economic revolution, the network economy era. The network economy is triggered by the economic revolution in the computer and communications technology and related technical basis. This paper describes the significance and role of the network economy in the national economy.
Keywords: network economy; Information Technology; signs
Of network economy triggered by the economic revolution in the computer and communications technology and related technical basis. Changes brought about by the network economy is not a general sense of scientific and technological progress, it caused in the economic and social changes have a profound and far-reaching significance. Network economy, which has become a very important sectors of the economy.
, The meaning and role of the network economy in the national economy
(A) the significance of the network economy
First, the Internet has shown unprecedented characteristics, it has created a new world, a virtual and the real world, a new unified network of the international community, which is reflected in the following aspects: non-differentiated, digital, interconnected real-time, human or intellectual of the resource sharing, virtualization, high-speed, global integration, integration.
Second, the economic progress of man, the Internet and the network economy, the reason that the most important since the Industrial Revolution Industrial Revolution event, its influence from the following point of view: First, the breadth of its influence, every corner of the world; second is the depth of its impact, changing the various aspects of human behavior in the micro, macro changing the existing social system, structure, and the whole social life; Third, the speed of its influence.
Third, the network economy is based on the computer, fiber optic communication technology economy, is the greatest industrial revolution since the industrial revolution, in fact, already constitute the third industrial technology base. It is the emergence of the network economy and the formation of such differentiation really completed the three industries since early in the last century.
The fourth generation of the Internet is the real arrival of the information society. If handmill the feudal society, the steam engine is a capitalist society, the Internet is the information society.
(B) the role of the network economy
The emergence of the Internet and the rapidly growing popularity of not only changing human transmission of information and means of communication, the main thing is that it has caused profound changes in the organizational structure and system of society as a whole. Shenzhen is the first city of the birth of China's Internet companies, most e-commerce sites, cities and online shopping spending power of the strongest cities. With the gradual improvement of the domestic Internet infrastructure and e-commerce development in the deepening of the traditional industrial economic model is being replaced by restructuring and disappear. A new economic model - the network economy is rapidly on the rise, which led to the development of e-commerce.
The role of information technology on economic growth
On the relationship between information technology and economic growth has been a lot of research to prove that the two are interdependent and mutually reinforcing relationship, estimated that the per capita GDP for every increase of $ 1,000, the telephone penetration rate the corresponding per thousand in an increase of 2.24%. Continuously improve the level of development of China's information technology, in 2009 more than 1 billion telephone subscribers nationwide, more than 380 million Internet, Internet penetration rate of 28.9%. Urban residents color TV, computer ownership ratio than the previous year increased by more than 3 percentage points. Industrial enterprises in information technology to speed up construction, communications, finance, electricity, transportation industry application software revenue more than 25%. Golden Card Project steadily, accumulated over 7 billion distribute all kinds of IC card, widely used in various fields of finance, social security, and urban life.
2009, China's network economies of scale reached 743 billion yuan, up 30.7% year-on-year increase. Far greater than the growth rate of the gross domestic product (GDP) GDP, the Internet is still one of the most dynamic industries in China's economic development.
The role of information technology for the reduction of inflation
Information technology to promote growth and reduce inflation are intrinsically linked. U.S. Department of Commerce data show that: from 1996 to 1997, information technology to cut prices to reduce the overall inflation rate by one percentage point. Reasons: First, e-commerce can reduce the cost of purchasing and marketing, e-commerce can reduce inventory, e-commerce can reduce the production and product life cycle.
Information technology to improve the employment contribution
IT helps to increase the employment opportunities of the total, which is important conclusions drawn in the international. Such employment to be increased opportunities does not happen with inflation conditions. Is generally believed that the impact of IT on employment is the high level of technology practitioners demand increases, the low level of technology practitioners reduced demand. To 2006, almost half of the U.S. workforce employed in IT-related industries. Our graduating students the problem of employment is more and more prominent, but experts predict that the next 10 years, China's e-commerce talent gap will reach more than 200 million people.
According to iResearch expects the Internet economy in 2010 grew about 50%, the scale of annual revenue will exceed 100 billion yuan, mainly based on the following four expectations: First, China's economy continues to improve, the forecast GDP growth in 2010 may be about 9%; beyond the speed of the primary and secondary industries, the pace of development of the tertiary industry is expected to become China's development engine; countries to support the development of the Internet; Fourth, the number of Internet users in China in 2010 will be close to 500 million people. Second, the development of electronic commerce Summary
The United States is the cradle of the revolution in information technology, initially either in hardware or in software, technology and personnel are concentrated in the United States. With the development of science and technology, hardware production comparative advantage from the United States has gradually shifted to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Singapore and other countries and regions, but the technical advantages of the software and state-of-the-art hardware production technology strengths in the United States.
(1) Internet Business field
This area include products or services directly via the Internet sales activities, such as Dell, eToys, Amazon, AmericanAirline company. According to the classification of CREC, e-commerce Internet Business said earlier differ, because it excludes of VerticalNet or E-Bay and other companies that belongs to the network intermediary nature of the service, while the latter includes not only the enterprises in the field of Internet business, but also some belong to the field of Internet intermediary service companies.
From the the four classifications situation of the network economy, the field of Internet business is one of the fastest growing areas. 1999 U.S. network of economic output of $ 507 billion, we can see that the future network economy from the network infrastructure construction and development stage to the stage of development based e-commerce, the development of e-commerce will continue to promote several other areas of the network economy sustained and rapid development.
(B) China's Internet Business transaction up to 68% of the market value of the Internet significantly
As China's Internet penetration rate has increased annually, the Internet is into people's work and life. CNNIC "Report" survey shows that the proportion of Internet users at home and units in 2009 improved significantly, 83.2% of Internet users Internet at home, 30.2% of Internet users choose, the Internet, the Internet is growing as the value of people's daily tools.
Network application usage in 2009 the top three online music, accounting for 83.5%, network news, accounted for 80.1% of the search engine, accounting for 73.3%. Business transaction type applications the user scale growth is the fastest average annual growth rate of 68%; online payment users was 80.9%, ranking the first place, tour bookings, online stock trading, online banking and online shopping users were 77.9%, 67.0 %, 62.3% and 45.9%. 2009, China's online shopping market transactions reached 250 billion yuan in 2010 online shopping market will usher in greater development space.
(C) the establishment of a strategic alliance to address logistics bottlenecks
Economics has an effect known as "joint and several external effects associated external positive effect requirements linked to the Internet, in order to fully enjoy the positive feedback effect of the network economy, the benefits to the enterprise. But to really achieve this positive feedback effect, it should be on the basis of the Internet, to achieve the integration of enterprise information resources sharing organizational processes, after-sales service to ensure each other, until the establishment of the Strategic Alliance. In order to adapt to the basic law of the network economy, give full play to the potential of the B2C model, B2C companies must form a strategic alliance. This strategic alliance on the one hand can increase in B2C customer groups, on the other hand can effectively solve the bottleneck problems B2C logistics. This strategic alliance to generate economies of scale, it will attract more businesses to request to join, with external positive effect will make the efficiency of enterprises to increase in geometric progression, B2C era is approaching.
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