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City landscape plant introduction analysis

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Abstract: the modern city construction is not only the construction of regional economy, is the city planning and construction of green.As an important evaluation of the level of development of modern city, city green has become the focus of China's city construction in recent years.Because the city climate, soil and other conditions as well as the different overall planning of city greening plant, introduction of modern city landscape main problem has been the city afforestation work.Through analysis and scientific planning, selection of suitable plant is effective in improving the level of city greening, key to improve the city environment.This paper introduces briefly the city landscaping plants.
Keywords: city landscape greening; plant introduction
With the development of China's economy and the deepening of the construction of city, city landscape has become an important project of city development.According to the city environment and climate, the regional plant characteristics and biological characteristics to choose suitable plants, and through the analysis of greening plant introduction, increase the city landscaping species diversity, provide better living environment for the residents of the city has become the most important work in city landscaping department.The in-depth study of biological invasion in recent years, people have realized that the introduction of landscape plant not only in appearance as the foundation is mainly to protect the local ecosystem stability, avoid flooding into plant, biological, affect the city's environment.Therefore, the introduction of plant of modern city landscape must be based on the analysis and experimental science as the basis, for the theory to modern botany.
1 city landscape plant introduction of scientific analysis of
The introduction of plant landscaping city is a must through scientific analysis and experimental project, is the important impression of the city living environment of work, which has an important influence on the city and the surrounding area of the city ecosystem.Therefore, for the introduction of plant landscaping city must be cautious, with rigorous attitude, scientific analysis as the basis, to the local climate and environment as the basis for choice of suitable green plants, to beautify the city landscaping purposes.Introducing plant of modern city landscape, must follow the principle which should be followed, in order to protect the city environment and ecosystem stability.
2 modern city landscape plant introduction of the basic principle of
2.1 science into city garden plant importance analysis of
The city of garden plants, especially the introduction of alien plants must be analyzed and proved scientifically, to ensure the safety of introduced plants.The water hyacinth for example can be seen, not scientific plant introduction will have a huge impact on the city's environment and the ecological environment.Water hyacinth as imported from the plant, its initial introduction to landscape modification, in the city landscape in the aquatic environment but, after the introduction of the waters is spreading rapidly, a serious threat to the survival of other biological water.But in some areas because of its fish aquatic biological chain are used as food, water hyacinth had no effect on the environment, but to promote the region's fish breeding, promote the restoration of aquatic ecology of the region.In plant introduction, fully consider the plant characteristics but also to protect the key introduced plants will not affect the local biological environment.Mikania micrantha as beach protection plant introduced into our country, by not taking full account of the characteristics of plants, resulting in China's Pearl River Delta wantonly spread, posed a huge threat to the Guangdong Fukuda Neilingding Island National Nature reserve.Known as the "killer" Mikania micrantha since nineteen eighties early into Shenzhen, already by "sparks of fire disaster caused by flooding water" to the development of.At present, the city by the damage of Mikania micrantha woodland area has reached more than 4 mu, of which 4000 mu damaged forest has be at one's last gasp.In case of tree climbing, with grass cover from the country to the city of Mikania micrantha development, many urban parks, green belts have been found traces of Mikania micrantha.At the same time, the grass has occurrence and damage in Hongkong, Guangxi and Guangdong in some other places, and is expanding its distribution range.Thus, the introduced plants have important influence on city environment, must give full consideration to the local ecological environment and biological chain, avoid introducing plant overgrowth affecting the local ecological environment.Therefore, the introduction of plant of modern city landscape must follow certain principles, to ensure the survival rate of plants at the same time, to ensure that the introduction of plant does not affect the local biological environment.2.2 according to the regional environment choose the introduction of plant
At present our country has not introduced on city greening plants to develop uniform standards, and most of the city's green area is relatively small, city garden for the original husband Park converted, therefore, selection of landscape plants is not easy too much.The introduction of plant landscaping city should choose suitable for local climate, soil conditions, plant varieties, based on the landscape effect of the overall planning for the purpose, scientific introduction.At the same time pay attention to choose the plants and native plant species similar, in order to introduce plant survival, and native plant species is more conducive to the protection of the ecological city is close, avoid excessive propagation of introduced plants caused by the local ecological environment destruction.
2.3 according to the landscape planning and selecting suitable species
The city landscape species, according to the landscape position scientifically species introduction.In places near or less sunny and tall buildings, the introduced plants should select the shade shade plants.Also note that the landscape surrounding buildings near the window position into the plant should not be too large, in order to facilitate the building lighting as the basis for plant introduction and selection.Should pay attention to the introduction of introduced plants must have strong ability to resist pollution in industrial park near the garden plants, and plants to environmental pollution but also improve the role of a strong.For example, introducing the oleander, 1000-chun, our local field plants.Introduced in the center of the city street landscape plants, to focus on the introduction of adsorption and the improvement of plant of car exhaust, focusing on the introduction of the plant can not influence on city environment caused by too much.The last century 90's in many parts of our country landscape planning in the use of Salicaceae Salix babylonica as landscape construction theme, cause city spring catkins exist everywhere.Although the catkins in Suburban Park to build the park environment plays an important role, but in the indoor cultivation will result in increased sanitation worker workload, but also has a certain impact on people's respiratory system.Therefore, city landscape plant introduction to consider various aspects of the.In the city road landscape plants into the center of the turntable, also should give priority to native plants, mainly with the regional plant, persistent in order to city road landscape.
2.4 city garden plant introduction should be saving is the main development direction of
As the level of modern city planning development and city planning departments to promote landscape planning.Pay attention to more and more modern city in the city landscape planning and construction.As an important part of city culture, city landscape plant introduction should be the development direction of a conservation-oriented society as the main ideology, the perennial woody plant as the main landscape plants, reduce cost, improve the use of city greening city greening funds rate, to lay the foundation for the expansion of the city - greening area.
3 focus on
into plant breeding and control of modern city landscape plant introduction
Pay attention to breeding and control of introduced plants is the focus of modern city landscape plants, for the introduction of non-native plants, breeding has been the primary problem of garden workers.Therefore, the introduction of landscape plants should be to facilitate breeding base, to control the selection focus.To avoid the water hyacinth, Mikania micrantha, again.By selecting the similar with the local climate characteristics, the chain of similar plants, ensure that the propagation and control of garden plants is introduced, focusing on the landscape ornamental plants at the same time, pay attention to the protection of the ecological environment, to lay the foundation for the construction and development of our country, Garden City ecological environment protection.
The city of garden plants is related to the city environment, ecological environment, the chain of stability, the examination and approval departments must take responsibility and scientific highly rigorous attitude, careful examination and approval work, to protect the regional ecological stability.At the same time city landscape planning design personnel should also focus on introduction of ornamental plants at the same time, the economy of the impact on the ecological environment, strengthen the argument, to ensure that the introduction of the original plant will not damage the ecological environment, avoid Mikania micrantha, water hyacinth and other events to happen again.To lay the foundation for the protection of the ecological environment of our country, laying a foundation for our city economic development, agricultural economic development.
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