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Discussion on urban construction archives of digital information management mode of

Author: HuangHaoLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 16:10:25 Read:
Keywords: urban construction archives information security
Abstract: an analysis of some key links of necessity and construction information management of archives information construction, the prevention of archives information resources security problems, put forward the information security measures.
City construction archives refers to the city planning, construction and management activities formed directly in the process of the state and society is to preserve the value of the text, drawings, charts, audio-visual and other kinds of carrier materials. Facing the new situation, how to use modern information technology to accelerate the work of urban construction archives, digital urban construction archives construction, comprehensive promoting the informatization, the digitization and the network, to maximize their own economic benefits, social benefits, and effectively provide service to the community, we must accelerate the digitization, information management of urban construction archives resources, information service network process, provide scientific decision basis for city planning, construction and management, for the city the economic, social, and cultural development to provide efficient, high quality public services.
a, urban construction archives will code
the real record of urban construction archives as the city planning, construction and management process to direct the formation of reservoirs, a wealth of information resources, involved in all major departments of city planning, construction and management.Development of urban construction archives information is to give full play to the role of urban construction archives and important means of value. As the storage medium of urban construction archives, the carrier of China's most urban construction archives are paper files and recording, video tape. Paper file storage space for these traditional large, high cost, inconvenient maintenance inspection, it is difficult to adapt to the rapid development of the digital age with the development of computer technology, especially the rapid development of office automation technology and network technology, has produced more and more electronic documents, many engineering drawings also directly in the form of a digital electronic file. Through the management contents of digital, new management mode is the collection, modern technology and digital information processing technology on urban construction archives finishing, to optimize the utilization of all working links, archives information integration, optimization of information source, service standardization, standardization, reasonable allocation of resources in urban construction archives, the maximum utilization, to achieve the protection of archival entity, convenient utilization, reduce intermediate links, but also greatly facilitate the on-line transmission, provide a new communication, exchange of urban construction archives information way with high quality for the societyUrban construction archives of information products, the better the work of urban construction archives for the city modernization.
two, urban construction archives information link
archives information should be based on the real needs as the premise, phased, steady implementation, focus on strengthening the digital conversion of precious, important, wearing and using frequency business archives and current public file work, gradually realize the digital collection of paper files and photos, audio, video and other files the establishment of digital library.From philosophy toward in the information of urban construction archives in the reality process, we must resolve several key issues:
1 is the
legal documents of electronic archives
basic questions of the legal validity of electronic files must have a legal basis to thoroughly solve the problem of acceptance and management of electronic archives, otherwise it is difficult to ensure that the electronic document authenticity, integrity, reliability.
2 is the long-term preservation and access of digital information resources of archives of
computer hardware and software on the digital information carrier vulnerability and digital information is constantly updated, long-term access to digital information resources of archives cause problems.
3 is a unified standard format of digital
file information sharing is the premise of standardization and normalization, it includes the archives management standardization, archives standardized operation standardization, networking, information exchange standardization.Urban construction archives around the country, including many relevant information units, only we defer to the unified standards, to digital format, can be more conducive to the sharing of information resources, in order to speed up the process of digital urban construction archives. three, digital archives have the function of
compared with the digital archives and traditional archives more sense, has the very big difference, its features are: the collection of digital archives, archives management modernization, resource sharing, information transfer connection network and data structure.
1 collections of Digital Archives: through the use of computer technology and multimedia technology will be all kinds of traditional media files are processed and converted into digital information, so that all the information is stored in a digital form, which is the core of the digital archives construction.
2 archives management modernization: digital archives not only contains all functions of the traditional archives, it also includes: Archival cataloging and retrieval, the automation of file storage and retrieval of automation, computer aided archives management, assistant filing, file indexing automation, office automation, management, archives archives protection technology modernization, create a file database, which is the base of the construction of digital archives.
utilization of shared resources: 3 various vector files will be read in the archives of the "information space", through the network, the user can conveniently use of information resources, realize the utilization of archives information resource sharing.
4 networked information delivery: digital archives service through the information network infrastructure, implementation of standards information transmission.
5 data structure connection: through unified planning, standards, standardized data structures, between the various departments can be convenient for the data exchange and data conversion.
four. The number of urban construction archives, an Quanyue.
how to protect the digital archives information security determines whether the full implementation of the network file service, can be used to include a variety of security operating system and database security technology, network security technology, information encryption and authentication technology, anti-virus technology etc..(1) using the Gao Anquan performance of the operating system and database system, using the Gao Anquan performance of the operating system and database system.(2) the integrated use of a variety of network security technology and products, realize the security protection for the network.(3) the information encryption technology and identity authentication technology.(4) the current antivirus products, establishment of virus detection system. (5) to strengthen safety management of each application system, unified management, division of labor, timely maintenance, to ensure that the system is stable, safe operation and efficient service.The strengthening of the user management includes the strengthening of the user rights management, strengthen supervision, auditing, tracking of the user, and control of Internet information range.(6) to strengthen the safety protection of computer network equipment, facilities, shockproof, waterproof, fireproof, do prevent harmful gases and other environmental accidents.

five, the conclusion
the construction of digital archives is the archives informatization development to a certain extent inevitable into orbit, but also the direction of the development of urban construction archives, digital archives construction is a complicated system engineering, need long-term and meticulous work and need to be constantly developed and perfected in practice, in the development and application of process should adhere to the overall planning, step by step, do, effective use, security and confidentiality of the principles, use informationization construction thought development, realize the historical archives management across, so as to ensure the synchronous development of archives informatization construction and the information society, to promote national economic and social development, providing the service of archives information fast and effective maintenance of social and political stable.
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