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On Strengthening the education of college students develop thinking

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Paper Keywords: college students to develop educational counselors
Abstracts: to develop education is an important means to develop good habits of college students, is an important way to promote the comprehensive development of college students. Has a pivotal role as a student mentor and guide, counselor in the education of college students develop. Develop the role of education and college students to develop basic education of college counselors.
The university student's education and is a subject of higher education must be given attention in China. It requires educators formed through repeated education and practice, is an important way for colleges and universities to form fine style of study, school ethos and effective method.
First, develop the concept of education and the importance of
Develop educational school for the quality of the students' ideological and moral character, scholarship attitudes, habits, and psychological aspects of the problems, develop mainly college students moral basis of civilization, and the day-to-day behavior norms, improve the educational process through the system make a good behavior and mindset subtle long-term process to develop a means of education and the environment.
(A) develop education for college students is the objective needs of the Students' Moral Status. First, ideological and moral, the most contemporary college students eager to be taught, and actively think about the fate of the country and their own role in society. But under the influence and impact of some of the negative social factors, some college students concepts and moral dislocation and tilt. They advertised as the core of self-worth, and emphasize personal. Ignore the social, collective, and also the lack of lofty ideals and objectives. Second, the "alternative culture" in the university campus. Some college students abuse online alternative language, blind pursuit of the so-called "non-mainstream", implementing exaggerated alternative of pretending to be cool. All students develop educational imperative.
(B) develop education of college students need for college students to form good habits. The contemporary students generally lack of good life study habits. Their viability and self-care ability is not strong, slack discipline. Specific performance as a dormitory dirty and messy serious students ability; poor eating habits, many students smoking alcoholism; learning infrastructure is poor, the lack of awareness of autonomous learning, some absences, truancy, lost his enthusiasm for learning Finally some had to repeat or even drop out.
(C) develop education training and Psychological Health of College Students need.
College counselors college students to develop education in the positioning and role
College Counselors is most closely connected groups with students, they bear the contemporary ideological and political education work management and day-to-day behavior. Counselors often grass-roots level, a better understanding of the student's personality, interests, hobbies, etc., and also the most direct impact on the students. So they play a decisive role in the ideological and moral formation of students, improve academic achievement, creative ability as well as the formation of healthy personality. This also explains the irreplaceable role of counselors in the college students to develop education.

(A) The College Counselors college students to develop education in the indoctrination of the ideological and political education. Fully implement the "views on further strengthening and improving the ideological and political education of college students is a fundamental guarantee of training qualified personnel. Counselor according to school and university students to their actual needs to develop long-term and short-term ideological education work rules and plans, and organizations in the different stages of fixity and non-fixity of educational activities. To make the students develop education to raise the awareness of moral and exemplary, and enhance the consciousness of its compliance with the ideological and moral norms, so as to achieve the significance of the ideological and political education work. (B) The college counselors in the education of college students develop learning management supervisor in daily life. Management and supervision of the daily life of the college students learn is the center of the work of the counselor. It includes aspects of the students' learning management, organizational behavior management, the management of the daily life and student activities management. These are to develop an important part of education. Counselors need effective means to help students master the law of the university's learning and study habits, so as to lay a solid foundation of learning; create a good group environment, develop good behavior specification, and thus the formation of good learning, life and order; same time counselor would also like to pay enough attention to day-to-day behavior including bedroom hygiene, eating order to encourage students to participate in a variety of caucus organizational activities, campus cultural activities and social practice.
(3) College Counselors college students develop good psychological quality education guide. The object of education college counselors face already preliminary socialization of young people, their physical and mental development is not yet fully mature. Should be strengthened as a counselor and guide their education, effectively consolidate the positive impact of the social environment, and to resist the negative impact, guide students to establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values ??formation motivated harmonious adaptation, tolerance Thanksgiving, collaboration fraternity can of the humanity of the person in charge of the family and social characteristics.
College counselors to strengthen college students to develop a basic education
To solve the above problem, our university educators from the following four aspects to strengthen the education of college students to cultivate:
(A) to strengthen ideological and moral quality of education and the humanities quality education, shaping the human spirit. Scientific and standardized management help to promote the develop of the ideological and political education of college students good behavior of those who require college students to achieve the requirements and the ideological and moral requirements necessary institutional assurance management measures, and the counselor is the Students' supervision and management persons.
Not only that, the initiative of the students also have other educational irreplaceable role. College students do not just object of education, management, self-education, self-management body. Counselors should create favorable conditions to mobilize students at the positive factors play a proper subject consciousness, to carry out a wide range of self-education activities so as to achieve the students to develop education in self-regulation, self-management purposes.
(B) to strengthen students' practical activities, the combination of theory and social practice. Develop education is the most effective, the most direct link is the social practice of college students. Counselors should lead the students to actively participate in social practice, and ongoing activities in the process of self-education, so students to deepen the understanding of the nature of things and its laws, dialectical thinking ability to develop good to cultivate a better emotional health mentality.
College counselors to strengthen college students develop the basic quality of education should have
College counselors as educators of the college students' ideological work, to develop a model of the words and deeds of Education as an undergraduate, demeanor undoubtedly have a great impact on students, the education level of the counselor's own qualities and abilities of the students to develop have a far-reaching impact.
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