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Innovation of Ideological and political work in Enterprise

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With the deepening of enterprise reform and development, how to adapt to the new situation, and actively carry out the ideological and political work, for the enterprise construction and scientific development to create a harmonious, civilized, stable environment is an important subject in front of Ideological and political workers.The ideological and political workers should be based on the post, focus on the big picture, continuous innovation, to make the ideological and political work more close to reality, close to life, close to the heart.The enterprise ideological and political work is a systematic project, as long as the system, it must have three basic elements: one is the direction, two functions, three is the regulation.If the lack of any one of these factors, it can not be called system.In view of this, this paper combines three elements, one on the innovation in Ideological and political work of understanding as follows:
One, the enterprise ideological and political work innovation should correctly grasp the goal and direction of
The innovation of Ideological and political work must adapt to the demand of advanced productivity development, persist in taking economic construction as the center, good people-oriented and large article.The enterprise ideological and political work must permeate all aspects of production and operation, the whole process, full play to the service function, and make the ideological and political work and production and operation work get along swimmingly with each other, to achieve the best combination to promote enterprise internal person, money, material, so as to produce the greatest economic benefits and social benefits.The ideological and political work in enterprises must establish that reasoning, emotional, with new management ideas form excited people, so that enterprises in the "feeling" under the excitation of dedication, standardize the behavior of "de" in education, in the "profit" driven by innovation, in the "home" feeling called dedication, hard work in the "law" under the control of.
The innovation of Ideological and political work must reflect the orientation of advanced culture, to form the common ideal and spiritual prop for the core, to sing the main theme of the times.Ideological and political work of enterprise should take advanced culture as the guide, promote advanced, promote healthy atmosphere, criticize the mistakes, to resist unhealthy practices, do hard in focus on the fine, accurate, qualitative and quantitative.Grasp the staff awareness, emotion, will and psychological characteristics, Shun people, have public opinion.
The innovation of Ideological and political work must be through the effective ideological and political work to safeguard the fundamental interests of the masses of workers, to solve the problem of hot, the masses of workers as the most basic duty of care.With the continuous deepening of reform and the pattern of interests further adjustment, will appear and some new hot, difficult problems.The ideological and political workers think, make decisions, do things, reform, should proceed from the fundamental interests of the broad masses of workers, to solve ideological problems and practical issues, do more warm people's hearts, popular, and the cohesion of the people, safeguard interests of the masses of workers, do practical things for the staff and workers.
In a system between elements and elements mutually for the condition, target and direction of the ideological and political work is the premise to play its roles, and its function is the guarantee for the realization of the direction of the target.Ideological and political work has many functions, but according to the situation changes, the innovation in Ideological and political work should focus on strengthening the following three functions.
Two, meet the needs of the situation, strengthening the ideological and political work "three function"

Strengthening the management system change to adapt to the "education" function.Ideological and political work should take advantage of the opportunity, guide enterprises to establish a firm belief in the ideals and correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, abide by the occupation morals and social ethics; education workers cherish Posts begin from me, and consciously accept the new knowledge and improve their technical quality, based on the position of talent; training for enterprise employees in good spirits, to work hard and perseveringly, selfless dedication and business ideas win support among the people, be professional, business, industry, Jingye; guide employees law-abiding, advocating workers to master attitude, positive, calm and civilized and orderly participation in democratic management and democratic supervision, and be good at exercising the rights, obligations and maintain according to law their legitimate rights and interests.
Strengthen the guidance function in the economic interests in the adjustment of the.Through various channels and in various ways so that different interest groups have expressed interest opportunity, make their interests in the form of rational legal expression, to increase communication and understanding in each other; persuasion, through communication, propaganda, guide people to a correct view of the reform process of the various problems and contradictions, to fully understand the enormity of the, long-term, the necessity of reform, the formation of only deepening the reform, in order to better the development of consensus.Guide the staff consciously put personal interests and corporate interests, immediate interests and long-term interests combine, to master the correct way to achieve personal interests.
Strengthen the incentive function of the mobilization of workers to actively join the market.The ideological and political work must formulate incentive mechanism more perfect, hard cash in the work, in order to stimulate the staff unremitting self-improvement, hard work and enterprising spirit, stimulate the initiative of workers, enterprises use their own advantages to enter the market and benefit, to promote the production and operation of enterprises to expand the scale and increase market share, formed in the market the competition and enhance the strength of enterprises.
System view also told us, a optimal system, its structure should be able to do self adaptation and self adjustment, adjust to the environment.That is to say, a system of internal function, it plays again in the role of the external environment, how to exert the function of the system, can be understand by receiving feedback information.According to the feedback information, can be found within the structure is what imperfections or defects, then the system should be by adjusting to meet the environmental requirements.Ideological and political work of enterprise should according to the situation changes from focus to approach can be self - regulation, focus.Three, the enterprise ideological and political work should be constantly adjusted according to the needs of the situation, do something but not for
One is the main task of the ideological and political work should arouse worker enthusiasm to resolve contradictions, manage emotions, promote unity, maintaining stability.Enterprises usually adopt the job-benefit wage system, but the income gap between different position in the internal enterprise pull big, some low-income workers and the emergence of psychological imbalance.But in the same position among the workers, appeared to make more money and get work, and therefore the trouble phenomenon.This kind of phenomenon, requirement of Ideological and political work should also be the main task to resolve various conflicts often arise among employees, smooth and soothe their psychological mood, make the worker in the basic interest consistent basis, strengthen unity, cooperation, maintain the harmony and stability.
The two is the object of Ideological and political work should be shifted to assume leadership and management functions of the personnel as the key.Leading cadres and managers responsible for organization decision-making, planning and management of production and operation of enterprises, their own quality directly affects the efficiency and the development of enterprises.In real life, because a few bad management, management is not strict, and even the emergence of corruption problems, make the enterprise caused huge economic losses, or lead to the decline in business efficiency examples it is often seen.Therefore, to maintain sustained and steady development of enterprises, the current serious problem is not the education of staff and workers of the enterprise, but the enterprise leadership and management of cadre education.Only improving the leadership of enterprises and middle-level management cadre team quality, improve the enterprise work to lay a solid foundation.
Three is the way of Ideological and political work should open the report to the organization of meaningful activities.In the past, a mention of the ideological and political work, workers will naturally take the same meeting to hear reports together, such as enterprise workers congress, cadre congress, there are reports on the situation, guidance report etc..The traditional ideological and political work, we also need to adhere to, but should gradually shift to the use of spare time to organize and carry out the meaningful activities better, it is easier to be accepted by the majority of workers.Often organized meaningful activities, the ideological and political work into activities, recreation, does not affect the work, but also meet the workers' interests, meet the staff spiritual needs and desires, but also enable enterprises to enhance the cohesion.
Four is the use of computer network technology, enhance the technology content of the ideological and political work.The application of the computer network technology, achieve worker through the network can be directly and leadership dialogue, communication of thought, establish rapport, feelings, enhance friendship; leadership through the network can always listen to the voice, opinions and demands of staff.At the same time to the ideological and political work is the quantitative and qualitative assessment through the computer network, timely to relevant data for effective analysis, to improve office efficiency, make the political work cadre to be able to have more time and energy on the depth of the production line, to better serve the grassroots.
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