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The United States Constitution causes the stability of the

Author: RunYuanQing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 15:09:34 Read:
Keywords: the constitution of the United States stability and mechanism of
Abstract: the constitution of the United States of America is known as the "living constitution Peng, it has long life, and is a citizen of the United States as the heart of the bible.This paper starts from the review of the United States Constitution growth trajectory, has carried on the analysis from inside and outside two factors of the constitution of the United States is long and stable.
The United States Constitution has experienced 200 years of groundless talk, but the United States Constitution did not significantly change the basic legal concepts, its representation and basic legal system is still the same, and the United States before the constitutional seems to have the constitution set and run according to the designated orbit.Which have caused people to think deeply, is competing research scholars.In the author's opinion, the constitution of the United States is so stability, due to its unique national character, historical, social, and at the same time, the constitution of the United States in accordance with the necessity of constitutional principle should, so the following from the internal and external factors to analyze the.
a, the inner mechanism of

(a) the text of the Constitution
unique quality of American constitutional text is the stripped down to the content and structure of the extreme stability, the constitution of the United States and the features will undoubtedly have a strong correlation, simple is not simple, the constitution of the United States from all inclusive rules in the text, not only in the formulation, meet the needs of history and society, even today, is still a necessary.Despite the reduced, inclusive, the provisions of the constitution of the United States flexibility also can not be ignored, it left a very big space for judicial interpretation of repeated.More importantly, the mechanism of different groups can be obtained from the constitution provided to seek to satisfy their interests, the judge also use their skillful coordination of the various interests and the principles, update mechanism for this preset so that the American people not revolutionary road on the overthrow of the constitution.So, "the United States constitutional norm not dapodali stable, but the doctrine of the mean".
mature political philosophy papers" class="content_key">political philosophy
to the rational political pursuit, is the United States Constitution embodies the purpose, it is not only a legal document a government to develop the system, it represents a kind of political philosophy, and establish a regime specific based on this _L, and this set of political philosophy is in fact a "it has universality and Transcendence of the ideology".The constitution of the United States to set up principles and mechanism of a series of matching, we can be as: human rights, people's sovereignty, national welfare, the fundamental rights of citizens can't be deprived.At the same time, the United States Constitution and set up a mechanism to ensure the smooth realization of the principle, such as federalism, separation of powers and checks and balances, bill of rights system.These principles and mechanism together constitute the "core content has the characteristics of constitutionalism".
two, the external mechanism of
(a) the interpretation of the constitution of

the Supreme Court's interpretation of the constitution has its unique role in the entire legal system in the United States, it balances the power and citizen rights between the government, social life and the provisions of the Constitution and the dynamic static coordinate, a very important factor in this is the United States of America the constitution is the long-term stability of the.As everyone knows, the United States Constitution belongs to rigid written constitution, the constitution, which determines if the amendment to the constitution of words, will have a very strict procedural constraints, which makes the United States the text of the constitution is not easily to be modified.Of course, the people of the United States for the constitution founders with how to revere feelings, as well as their talent to pursue human rights of constitution, freedom and equality, the American people to accept the amendments to the constitution will not easily.On the other hand, the constitution is the fundamental law of freedom and the security of rights, its importance is self-evident.The Supreme Court will according to the needs of society at that time as well as domestic and international political and economic situation and the interests of all parties in different times to different interpretations of the constitution, in order to reflect the constitutional spirit of the times, the continuous development. (two) the diversified interests balance
in a pluralistic society, a variety of interests must be, and can co-exist.In different history, different countries, there will be some special interests are the default, special interest groups will be through various means such as control, merger or deprive other stakeholders rights to own power, resources so as to achieve monopoly.Of course, this phenomenon is very serious social problems, the social atmosphere is not correct, contrary to justice, the cost is expensive, because the exclusion of competition in such a way is to a certain extent, can also cause self-injury, vitality, and waste of social resources.Will end up in a vicious spiral, remain stagnant and backward decay cycle.There is a different interest groups through "negotiations" to compromise, to achieve shared interests and win-win.The advantage of this method is to avoid the social resource consumption in the extreme confrontation, the results are relatively close to the human common ideal of social justice.The interests of the diverse force in American society among different interest groups, interest groups and public interests, all interest groups and the public interest is always on their respective interests between the definition and positioning is a multi-level, multi-faceted and continuous' negotiations ", in the" negotiation "in the process, various groups are able to reach a compromise, to realize the social overall benefit improvement.At the same time, through negotiations, to get the principles of the constitution redefined, and constantly revised and updated constantly, and derived a new mechanism to implement these principles, so that the constitution of the United States to face the challenges one after another, continue to get new vitality, and become part of the "living constitution".
(three) the constitution belief
Aristotle of ancient Greece is not only fully on the rule of law is superior to the rule of man, and clearly pointed out: "the rule of law should include two meanings: has established laws generally obeyed, and we have to obey the law and should be the wooden body is well formulated law.This truth is the best validated in the constitution of the United States in operation.The United States citizens from scientists to the jurist, from the civilians to the Supreme Court judge, all sorts of color of the American people as a symbol of the spirit of the constitution, represent the image of the country, both of them with religious faith and devotion to the constitution, and from action to practice their faith.
in American constitutional history, exercise to Negro citizenship, speech, publication, the right to strike, small to the school attended, disability assistance grants to receive, car seats and abortion and so on, are likely to become or the final form of constitutional litigation.Can be guaranteed by the constitution.The major significance of the constitutional stability, its relationship with a country's political stability, hiking, social order, live in peace, and national economic construction can smoothly progress: at the same time, as the fundamental law of a country, its stability is a country's legal system and legal order and stability, but also the precondition of the rule of law, as well as the basis for the formation of legal system and perfect the order.The United States Constitution stability that has the beneficial effects: the United States corresponding public leading position in the world economy, government officials of the constitutional thinking, beliefs of the Constitution and dependency and American political and social life is basically in accordance with the constitution of the operation of the constitutional state and so on, all with long-term stability of constitution there is a direct relation between the.
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