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The psychological perspective, hazards and correction of negative body language of Librarian

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the papers Abstract: librarians body language on the importance of library management and services has become increasingly prominent. From the psychological and social psychological point of view, the psychological role of librarians in positioning, attitudes, psychological adjustment, personal temperament, group psychological characteristics must have the psychological quality of Analysis.
Paper Keywords: Library Psychological Quality of individual psychological characteristics
Library ethics summarized as dedicated, contributing to society, serving the readers, and stressed that the service is the basic purpose of the library. Library to readers, staff, people-oriented.
To become a good service, we must first become a good communicator. The librarians all day dealing with readers, always inseparable from communication. In the service process, to communicate with readers frequently used method is to listen, speak, write, and body language, body language body language. The librarians an action, eyes and facial expressions will affect every communication process between readers perfect.

1 body language and features
The so-called body language, the use of body posture is a way of passing information. Body language account for 55% of the amount of information in the communication process, which includes the eyes, body posture, gestures and facial expressions.
Famous psychologist Freud once said: "No one can hide secrets, his lips do not speak, he is to speak with your fingertips." Here's with fingertips to speak "refers to the silent body language. It is in the process of communication, used to pass information, express their feelings, which means that the attitude of non-specific body posture. This language is a wide range of rich vocabulary, but due to the special nature of librarians engaged in library work, many body language should not be used.
the role and impact of body language the 2 librarian
The librarians positive body language refers to the librarians who issued a favorable readers to borrow literature and learning activities, a positive effect on the trend of language information. Its impact on the readers, not only is the body model, set an example, and it directly affects the the readers individual self-improvement initiative. Librarians can amiable face and high spirits in the front-line service to readers, it is easier to accept and trust the reader, library exchanges it is easier to carry through their facial expressions, eyes, librarians, gestures and other body language often convey to the reader appreciation, encouragement, trust, readers learn not only will further the reader's mental momentum doubled great role in promoting.
the 3 librarians in perspective and hazards of negative body language
The librarians negative body language is issued by the librarians who have a negative impact on the reader's learning activities and mental health, a negative effect on the trend of language information. The library is to carry out and support the places where a variety of educational activities, information transmission mechanism, due to the special nature of the work of librarians in the literature, many body language should not be used. Negative body language will not only hurt the reader's self-esteem so that they lose interest in learning, long-term effect, but also enable readers to form a psychological disorder, affect mental health. If librarians are not aware of this point, it will deliberately or inadvertently, because of the improper use of body language, and contrary effect to the library service. From the questionnaire or readers behind the librarians talk that often following negative body language:
3.1 listless
Many people believe that the community library job is to "borrow also career, thus seriously affecting the the librarians" wise ", a considerable number of librarians that their social status is not high, lack of career confidence . In practical work, listlessness, lack of professional confidence. In actual fact, the modern means of information are widely applied to the library workflow, diverse service means a service personalized services boutique has become increasingly evident features, has undergone a major change in the nature of librarians labor. They are not only with their knowledge, ability to provide readers with service, but also with their own emotions, personality and readers, their labor is not only the individual, but also is an important part of the the Library overall management and services.
3.2 no one else
Reality library staff mostly in obscurity, with a negative impact of negative body language will enthusiasm negative impact on your work. Employees must in the long-term work to continuously improve the quality of the training of their own culture, improve the affinity of language, the eradication of nit-picking, with ridicule with ridicule, sarcastic comments. Hopefully come to refer readers, librarians, if not pay attention to cultivate their own language arts, with a straight face motionless, said coldly, "no", the reader reading passion and confidence will be thrown by the setback. A focus on body language arts staff will take immediate action, then rain breeze said: "Sorry, temporarily unable to access this publication, please change an okay?" Readers' interest all of a sudden be mobilized skilled business staff to recommend a similar publication, readers will be thrilled to satisfy his desire to read again and again thanks.
3.3 overwhelmed
Vocational knowledge and librarians do a good job on the basis of the Library and Information Service. Librarians in terms of professionalism and business skills not only one's personal academic issues, it is related to the ability to perform their duties and quality issues, related to the business can work quality, efficient, standardized and scientific issues. Do not have to match with the Library and Information vocational knowledge and librarians in response to a reader's question, are often inadequate, bite the bullet, not mistaken identity, is tongue-tied, and ultimately a loss, neither grace, and loss of dignity. In this regard, the reader will inevitably lead to contempt psychological. In this way, the inferiority complex of the librarians will follow. Over time, the sense of honor and pride of Library and Information career will lose, the professional feelings will gradually cooling; Library and Information Work social value they will not have personal experience, career awareness will become increasingly indifferent, and the loss of the heart will inevitably lead to acts of anomie.
3.4 arrogant attitude
Our reader survey found that readers are not satisfied with the work of the librarians most often not the business of technology, quality of service, but the service attitude of librarians. Library work is certainly important, but the work is monotonous, repetitive, complex, lonely, and for others to do the wedding dress, "the nature of the work, it is inevitable that librarians boredom, depression, depressed, low self-esteem and other adverse psychological Moreover, a day reception a wide variety of readers, sometimes the face of individual readers of demanding or bad words and deeds, coupled with life, health, relationships and even climate and other aspects of negative factors will engender negative emotions, physically and emotionally drained. At this time the librarian if you can not understand and control their emotions, it is possible to Wumingzhihuo vent to the reader who, hot-blooded college students the most emotional, when their attitude of librarians dissatisfaction, or librarians by the "gas", making them feel pride was hurt, there will be rebellious, radical or even revenge, in order to find objects to vent, natural Books, Newspapers, public facilities became a punching bag. Readers of this bad practice is bound to stimulate the emotions of librarians, mishandled it will lead to quarrel with the readers to deepen the conflict between librarians and readers, creating a vicious cycle. This adverse situation continues, not only cause a huge negative impact on both sides of the work and study would hinder the reader to carry out normal, and as an undergraduate second class university library in the reader's mind will be greatly reduced, "people-oriented, human services "has become an empty word.
3.5 outbursts of emotion
Librarians to improve their psychological adjustment function, in the daily work culture quiet, optimistic, cheerful state of mind and a good self-control "and" reaction resistance. Conscious will to play a role in regulating mood, can not be bad mood to work freely vent.
In our work will often encounter fine readers violation of lending rules, librarians face is not convinced readers if they can grasp the emotions, enlighten them with propriety, move them to love to explain to readers , then the problem can be resolved smoothly. Conversely, if coincides with the librarian in a bad mood, it will head-on with readers conflict. Readers due to dissatisfaction with the attitude of the individual librarians, vowed "never less than the library." Readers "helpless" protest is not just working for our readers largest negative knock, but also to us the alarm - librarians body language can not be ignored.
librarians application of the strategy of the body language
4.1 Strengthening professional ethics
Contemporary international management industry has a famous saying: intelligence more important than knowledge, more important than the quality of the intelligence, quality is more important than quality. Library of professional ethics soul is whole-heartedly serve the readers, which is the fundamental purpose of the library work. Librarians have good professional ethics, loves his job. Librarians can not for their own private interests at the expense of the interests of library users, colleagues, and a library. In dealing with readers to grasp respect, sincerity, tolerance, enthusiasm, patience principle; reader-friendly, caring readers to establish a good relationship with readers.
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