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University Students' Thanksgiving Education and building a harmonious society

Author: LiHaiZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 14:02:51 Read:
Abstract: Thanksgiving education to deepen the feelings of the students of his alma mater, the teachers, students, and benefit students to establish a correct career, employment, entrepreneurship concept smoothly transition from "student" to "social" role. Thanksgiving strengthen students education is the inevitable requirement of college educators in the ideological and political education, but also an inevitable path to cultivate students' psychological health and healthy personality, harmonious society also has a unique and irreplaceable role in building a harmonious campus.
Keywords: college students; Thanksgiving education; harmonious society; construction
"A drop when Yongquan" spread the thousands of years of traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, however, today has become increasingly forgotten contemporary college students. Some college students self-centered disregard valuable family, friends, teachers and students love, which showed the spirit of a certain degree of "vacuum". This phenomenon is a reflection of the lack of education has long been our Thanksgiving. Therefore, in building a socialist harmonious society, to enhance the education of the students of Thanksgiving without delay.
Strengthen Thanksgiving Education is one of the important guarantee for building a socialist harmonious society
General Secretary Hu Jintao pointed out: "whether a social harmony, a country is able to achieve long-term stability depends largely on all members of society in a major leading cadres of the provincial and ministerial level to improve building a socialist harmonious society Seminar of speech" ideological and moral qualities. shared ideals and beliefs, there is no good ethics, is unable to achieve social harmony. "building a socialist harmonious society, need tens of millions of specialized personnel and a large number of top creative talent, need people The all-round development. College students is undoubtedly the main force in building a socialist harmonious society, and in the establishment of a socialist market economy, however, on how to find a good treatment, how to enjoy life becomes a hot topic of many college students care about, and how to take responsibility for contributing to society they are rarely involved. Some people are always complaining about others and society "owe", but do not want to give others and society. For vanity, they do not want to talk about highly subsidized countries and others. Each university students only have lofty ideals and beliefs, good ideological and moral qualities, strong sense of responsibility and selfless dedication, only gratitude, family, others and society, and often leave the meaning of Thanksgiving abideth gratitude in order to promote the harmonious development of society as a whole.
Second, the current lack of education Thanksgiving
Education as an important part of college students' moral education Thanksgiving is very weak and needs to vigorously strengthen.
The family education Deviation. National economic development, people's living off, and now basically have only one child, the parents not only for the children to create living conditions pampered more, they provide a living atmosphere Zhongxingpengyue. As long as the children gone well, the parents Zaikuzailei also willingly, and did not ask anything in return, so that should have been emotional for the two-way interaction between parents and children, to become only the parents of sons and daughters of selfless bhakti "unilateral action" . Hopeful, hope the strong desire of the woman into a phoenix need to go to the game to realize the backdrop, the greatest hope of the parents of the child is academic excellence. As long as the child good grades seem to be able to "Chun cover a hundred ugly". Care of the parents of the child to stay on a physical level, few involved in the spiritual realm, especially the lack of culture and education of their children's sense of gratitude. Excessive doting parents, many children love numb from the elders, became not understand thank unwilling to appreciate, not passion "indifferent generation; children overly dependent on their parents, and cause them to lose the ability to live independently. Now, there are many children do not know how to appreciate their parents toil profligate parents' hard-earned money, to develop the overweening, arrogant and headstrong bad habits. In building a socialist harmonious society, parents should educate their children not only receive love and should know how to love the feedback and rewards. Are young children have a "Thanksgiving" heart, which is the family education must. Not only is it a ritual, it is a healthy state of mind, is also a kind of social progress, the embodiment of modern civilization.
School education. Over the years, our education more concerned about further education and employment rates, and achievements in teaching became the only school to pursue even dominate the survival and development of the school. Under the influence of the value orientation, educating people become more trivial Thanksgiving education is difficult to substantially into human secondary education teaching range. Students in the university test people, again focus on the mastery of professional skills, concerned about employment issues. Some colleges and universities focus too much on the utilitarian education, while ignoring the educational function of educating people. Students selfishness, lack of training, emotional indifference and Moral Education in the implementation of, this is not enough, especially neglected Thanksgiving education-related. Thanksgiving education should have become an important element of moral education in schools, but the general situation is Thanksgiving education in secondary schools, university campuses ignored or even forgotten, this is extremely detrimental to the healthy growth and all-round development of students. Since Thanksgiving education in secondary schools is not practicable, the College Moral Thanksgiving education supposed to make up on this lesson. Higher education must be the student "adult" as a starting point, so that students "taught first adult" efforts to cultivate virtuous and only "successor, which is the the College Moral focus is Thanksgiving education must be strengthened.
Environmental negative impact on society. Increase in adverse effects on the social atmosphere of the corruption and contributing to society are not given due respect and repay to the inexperienced college students at the beginning of a lot of negative effects. Thanksgiving is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation, is also an important part of the socialist moral education. The whole society should set off a craze one Thanksgiving education, advocacy, promote the Thanksgiving culture, and jointly create a good atmosphere Gratitude gratitude, so people together toward a harmonious atmosphere of thanksgiving. Only everyone cherish a grateful heart, everywhere in the heart of gratitude, the distance between people will be closer to the world will be a little more sun, a little less cold, the education of our young generation will more effective.
Short, Thanksgiving strengthen students education is a system engineering school, family, society, the three most important aspects of the students' Thanksgiving Education, only family education, school education, social education combine the three, so that the "trinity" dovetail with each other interconnected, mutual penetration, complement each other in order to form a joint force. Strengthen Thanksgiving Education to enhance college students the basic moral qualities
Harmonious society and not just the people in harmony with nature, is the harmony between people. College students who live in the community of nations, by many bounties, national culture, the teachings of parenting, teachers, friends and relatives of the care and service of others, good-hearted people in the troubled rescue, etc.. College students learn to be grateful to be less complain, hatred and confrontation, more generous, friendly and happy; until life Send to hope, kindness to others, respect for the work reported to be return to society; to in society in harmony. Grateful hearts Standing gratitude move, every college student should be the code of conduct. Thanksgiving education we should establish a the Gratitude social demeanor, to make this world full of friendliness to people with self, man and society, man and nature Three Harmonies.
Students parenting should cherish a grateful heart. Each of us whining that day, all the time enjoying the love of parents. Our birth mother, a sweet milk every day we raised, raising our father with generous shoulders hold up high, let's see the outside world, the father as a mountain motherly love like the sea. We were growing up, given we love the most is the parents. Therefore, we must first Thanksgiving parents. Parenting, we should feel the feelings of gratitude and repay endless. If the grace of parenting indifference, how can feel from others care, compassionate society, from the motherland's culture?

Students on the teachings of their teachers should have the meaning of Thanksgiving. Respect for teachers has become in today's society to respect knowledge, respect talent and respect the important scientific performance reflects the level of spiritual civilization of the whole society. However, in the university campus between classes do not clean the blackboard, the school does not comply with classroom discipline is not an individual phenomenon; Some students met with teachers to pass without warning, like a stranger; answering the teacher's guidance, the sentence "Thank you, teacher "would not say that students are not uncommon; worse nicknames returned to the teacher. The teachers are disseminators of human culture plays a role as a link in the development of human cultural inheritance. Student growth, all the condensation of the hard work of the teachers. Today's college students should be more like Mao Zedong respect grateful Xu Teli, to respect, to appreciate their own teachers, to learn to respect the personality of the teacher, labor and respect for the teacher to create respect for the teacher.
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