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Physical education students in personality analysis and training

Author: ZhangLinBao SunZuoZuo ChenYan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 13:44:04 Read:
Abstract: The use of literature analysis, questionnaire, mathematical statistics, logical reasoning, and other methods of Shangrao Normal College Department of Physical Education (hereinafter referred to as I am) Personality Characteristics of Students. The results show that the Department of Physical Education students in terms of needs, motivations, temperament, character and personality with good plasticity. Department of Physical Education curriculum system construction and planning, according to their own professional features and flexible teaching measures to promote physical education students in healthy personality develop, cultivate more excellent social adaptive sports professionals.

Paper Keywords: sound physical education students in the cultivation of character education

"Harmonious society" in the context of the development of the times. In the environment of intense competition for talent, "harmonious talent is the social development needs of today and tomorrow. "Harmonious talent" is the perfect combination between the sound of Personality and skilled professional skills. University education shoulder the heavy responsibility of the personnel training, looking for different ways to cultivate a sound personality of the Department of Physical Education Students, shaping Sports harmonious talent ", is the pursuit of education departments and sports educators.

a personality and sound personality meanings

The Personality term, the many scientist be explained. Combined with the author to understand, can be defined as: personality and innate factors associated relatively stable dynamic psychological and behavioral development model. It is the "personality" and "plastic personality" can be divided into two broad categories. The "personality" is the inherent nature of personality, it consistently, immutable. "Plastic personality" also known as "flexible personality" With the changes in the environment, social change and educational practice, it changes accordingly. Therefore, the improvement of the acquired environmental education will ensure the sound development of the personality has played a significant role.
Healthy personality is an ideal personality, is to foster the social talents pursuit standards. The so-called healthy personality, the harmony and unity of the human psychology and behavior. The sound personality who can better adapt to the environment, to meet their own needs, positive to improve the environment, strong-willed, independent and self-esteem, well-motivated and dare to struggle, dare to innovate, not to escape, not afraid of difficulties, there is a strong 's ability to withstand setbacks can play to their potential, can regulate their emotions appropriately humble in victory, defeat, and harmonious interpersonal relationships, self-pleasing, pleasing others.

, sports Majors Personality Analysis

With the high-speed development of China's social and university education system continues to reform, college students bear the pressure is more intense and complex, resulting in its current psychological problems have become increasingly prominent. Meanwhile, the culture of the Students' Sound Personality has always lagging behind, resulting in the psychological quality of college students to keep up with the requirements of the times. Personality of College Students develop their physical and mental health related to their future development, and contribute value to society. If there is no sound personality, their talent, development and the future of the nation and hope to be out of the question. The American sociologist Ingalls said: "regardless of a country introduces how many modern management methods of the economic system, ...... if implementation of these systems and the implementation of those individuals, not from psychological, ideological and behavior to the modern shift from the traditional people ...... Well, modern knowledge in this country worthy of the name. "analysis of indicators of personality characteristics and laws of the physical education students in to develop educational benefit for the implementation of their personalities.

1. Physical education students in the needs analysis. The need simply craving for something, reflecting a lack of a sense of the occurrence of any kind of psychological behavior and the need to have a close relationship. Meet people dedicated to the pursuit of need, you need to be deprived of will cause people sick, weak or affect development. The need to meet human rehabilitation, the treatment of diseases caused by the need to be deprived of. To meet the needs can prevent disease, and the environment must be the people's need to get a good meet, otherwise, there will be physical and mental disorders. Maslow believes that "selfish" often feel insecure and emotionally related "selfless" may mean emotionally feel safe means of self-realization and psychological health. Maslow's another explanation that selfless rich because of the psychological, selfish because of poor psychological. Based on Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, conducted a survey of the needs of my students, results show that self-worth need to be ranked first, followed by the order of respect for the needs, communication needs, cognitive needs, physiological needs, security needs . The investigation reflected Sports demobilized college students as the highest pursuit, reflecting the common pursuit of a modern society, people self-worth. Way through a good education, and guide them right and proper to achieve self-worth, education managers to explore and research topics; esteem needs, includes both self-respect, also contains the respect of the others on the "I". In order to be respected by others, we must first learn to respect their own behavior to try to protect their dignity, morality and ability to improve; exchanges are one of a person may be an important factor in the success of students in the process of survival, must learn exchanges can really adapt to society, at the same time in their favor the healthy growth; self-awareness is a comprehensive grasp of their own. An old saying: Knowing your enemy to confidant, know yourself. Department of Physical Education College students should have a clear understanding of their own, it will not become blind, will have a regular life, the pursuit of it will be more reasonable. The study found that sports majors sophomore stage is the most obscure period of self-awareness, and should be properly guided.

2. Sports Majors temperament analysis. Temperament typical of human mental activity, stable power characteristics. To understand and grasp the students temperament type characteristics has important significance for the implementation of education, cultivate their personalities. The temperament of a long-standing history, Confucius once divided into "mad", "Bank of China", "Chuan" class temperament. He believes that the mad by a class of people held the aggressive attitude of objective things, Zhida words big and fierce words and deeds, revealed on the outside; Chuan who acts restrained dare as; Bank of China, the People's Bank about moderation. Sports is a "culture" explicit, perfect performance, to enable it to play a good impact and effect, need to engage in the thinking and behavior of a high degree of harmony. Temperament thought of Confucius has a reference to the Physical Education Department personnel training and social adaptation.
In order to understand the sports majors' Temperament research on their blood type, results show that the maximum number of 0 blood type, accounting for the total number of 47%; proportion of the number of B-type blood, followed by about 35 of the total number of %; followed by the A-type blood, accounting for about 14%; the AB type accounts for about 4%. The survey showed that the majority of sports demobilized Students blood type O-and B-type. According to of Japanese scholars Furukawa Takeji temperament types doctrine that there is a certain relationship between blood type and temperament, type A blood temperament characteristics moderate, honest, secure, paranoid, shy, submissive, dependent on others, impulsive feelings; temperament of the person temperament characteristics type B blood, a keen sense of calm, not shy, hi social busybodies; who are type AB blood, their temperament has type A and type B; while in the case of type O blood by strong ambition, aggressive, overbearing, and do not listen to the command, like command others, courageous, and do not want to lose characterized. Some countries even based on the temperament characteristics of the different blood types, as the basis for selection of different athletes. Of course, the temperament and the blood type of relationship problem needs to be further investigated. But to master this law, in the teaching process targeted to the strengths of the different type of temperament characteristics of students to play an important role, and more effective to develop different types of social sports talent.

3. The Sports Majors motivation analysis. The motive is to promote the power of the people engaged in activities, is one of the manifestations of personality tendentious. Understand the motives of the students in the teaching process, and have a greater role in improving the quality of education and teaching students good character. Research shows that sports professional student motivation: their motivation to indirect motivation. In several motives survey found that most of the students during the learning efforts in order to be able to find a good job after graduation, followed by standards for grades, ranked only fifth bit of the motivation survey project into learning and love sports. Makarenko said: "If a person's behavior is determined by the nearest future, then this person is weak, if he only meet personal future, as long as this future is ambitious, he can be regarded as strong the real value of the powerful man, but he did not make us feel the personality of the United States as well as personality. "visible, it is necessary to cultivate the students' good learning attitude. Only to the students' personal goals and the public I combine love sports motives, the real interest of sports itself, in order to cultivate a good compound talents. As Darwin wrote in his autobiography: Only with a strong and diverse interest, to indulge in the things that interest and understanding of complex issues and things, to the promotion of this interest, for decades on end. gritty to delve into such scientific issues and made great achievements.
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