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The exploration Thinking about reform \ Improvement of personnel training system, speeding up China's scientific and technological innovation

Author: PengQingTai From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 13:35:56 Read:
Abstract: In this paper, in the analysis of our economy, science and technology, personnel training status quo and historical causes; summary of the world powers rise, scientific and technological innovation lead role, international brand-name University cultivate talent, the results of numerous of successful experience, explore nature to propose a The whole idea of ??reform, improve personnel training system in China to speed up scientific and technological innovation ". The creation of "innovative talent" schools; founder of "Special University", and the successful experience of international first-class University of build our country's colleges and universities; 3, reform and improve the current college entrance examination-oriented system, education and training should focus on "innovation awareness and innovation capacity ", etc. 4, to ensure minimum living security researchers. 5, increase the proportion of science, education taxes; creation science, education "lottery. And institutional guarantees "accelerate scientific and technological innovation and personnel training.
Keywords: innovative talents schools; special University; science and education lottery; guaranteed minimum
One, the status quo of China's economic and technological gap with the advanced countries of the world
China after 30 years of reform and opening up, the national economy has made leaps and bounds. In 2008, China's gross national product 30 trillion fiscal revenue 6.13 trillion. Gross national product in the United States, Japan, the world's third door, entered the ranks of the world's largest economy.
2008, College Admissions 6,070,000 20,210,000 students, graduates 5,590,000, granted more than 50,000 doctorate. Higher education gross enrollment rate of 23.3%, marking the Chinese higher education has entered the popular education.
Bombs and one satellite, manned space flight, the theory of continental hydrocarbon hybrid rice, marks the fruitful results of China's scientific and technological fields.
However, at the same time to obtain these tremendous achievements, we should soberly, "Made in China" overall level is still at the low end of the international industrial chain, is still heavily dependent on imports of high-performance materials, core components and major equipment, key technologies still controlled by others.
With rigorous, authoritative British "Times" of the vote in 2009, the best in the world university rankings, the top 15 was occupied by the United States, Britain, Harvard University, for six consecutive years ranked first. The top 30 in Asia: Tokyo University 22 24 University of Hong Kong, the National University of Singapore, 30. In addition, 35 of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Chinese University of Hong Kong 46. National University of Seoul, South Korea 47. Tsinghua University, Peking University, known as the nation's highest universities was only 49 and 52.
Nobel Prize, is the highest technology award in the world, but China has no one affected by this winning. The award since its inception in 1901, 816 people have award. Americans up, a total of 309 people. There are eight Chinese scientists won this award, but unfortunately, not a person of Chinese nationality.
Why the United States was the most Nobel prizes: the promotion of basic innovation, the United States to take effective measures, for example, has always attached great importance to basic research, and create the appropriate environment for innovation atmosphere, ample research funds excellent research conditions to attract and The cohesion of the world's outstanding creative talents.
The birth of the first industrial revolution, the UK, the second technological revolution originated in Germany, the United States, Europe and the United States, as well as produced in the United States Atomic Energy, networks, and information technology-based third technological revolution ... to obtain all these technological innovations, each country has taken a series of protection, incentives, and institutionalize innovation and enthusiasm to motivate all staff, to encourage people to advocate science, love science and innovation.
In today's world, the United States, the R & D investment to 3% of the gross national product, the highest level in history; European Union announced that, by 2013, to invest 105 billion euros for research; Japan in recent years investment in research, and has remained at more than 3% of the gross national product, and declared that in the first 50 years of the 21st century, by 30 Nobel Prize.
Second, on the reform, improve personnel training system in China, to accelerate the exploration of China's scientific and technological innovation thinking
(A) A brief review of the history
Opened a chapter of modern Chinese history, history tells us that, after the Opium War in 1840, the Western powers gunboats opened the door to China "closed-door policy". After the door is opened, the decay, the Manchu dynasty, is still not sober, deeply aware of the root cause of the huge gap between the advanced countries of the world and produce gaps still arrogant, complacent. The same period, the same in both internal and external, national conditions, with the Manchu dynasty "is very similar to opening its doors in 1854 in Japan, the top-down, from the inside to the outside, a series of thorough reform, namely" Meiji Restoration, the rapid rise, and launched a war of aggression against the war in the Pacific. Aggression, occupation up to 8 years old in China, resulting in extremely grave disaster to the Chinese people. Backward will be beaten this is history give us warning.
30 years after the founding of New China, the first in 1957 "to fight the right-wing"; Subsequently, began in 1966, and up to 10 years of the "Cultural Revolution", which also to the Chinese people caused unprecedented havoc disaster, the result is: the national economy almost at the brink of collapse, our long-term in a state of poverty and backwardness. The world over the same period, the scientific and technological innovation, another fruitful period of great development.
(B) the establishment of the school of creative talents explore thinking
After 30 years of reform and opening up, China's economy made leaps and bounds, there is an urgent need to shift to high value-added, low value-added from extensive to science and technology, and to achieve this strategic shift, it can not be separated from the scientific and technological innovation , and the scientific and technological innovation, there must be innovative talent.
However, of how talented people there are errors, talent-round development. China's college entrance examination system, also can not ask our children to the side branches, otherwise, you will not get into the ideal college. This age is a person interested in the training stage, so, under the pressure of your parents, school, society and future employment, you can only go to "comprehensive development", and certain aspects of talents are likely to be buried .
Toshihide Maskawa of Japan, the extent of their English is poor, but he was the winners of the 2008 Nobel Prize in physics, he did not affect his outstanding contribution in this regard because of limited English proficiency. Jackie Chan is a world-renowned film star, but if you force him to be successful in mathematics, physics, technology, not only his lack of development of mathematics, physics and chemistry, I am afraid that the film star's head-Moore will miss him ......
China is the world sports power, the many sports athlete won the Olympic gold medal, won the honor for the country. They are able to achieve such impressive huge achievements, is because our country has a relatively complete set, from small to large selection, training, and incentives. Sports training network, covering the vast land of China all the cities, towns, elementary, high school, university; municipal, provincial, national, and gradually selection, escalation, different levels of selection and training system. Some athletes from the old were you when you began to be trained, and their goal is to accomplish something in this regard, to accomplish something. With the standard of all-round development "to cultivate fear that they will be a nothing. Conversely, when the excellent talent into full play, and will promote the improvement of the overall quality of the individual.
Personnel training, to start with children. Implementation of quality education, the vast majority of all-round development of certain aspects of talents, professionals, should be established as a selection like the Sports School training system and culture, make them an excellent talent able to play and to accomplish something.
2 such schools can be called the "creative talents" school (or called "special talent", "professionals" School). Can be played by a grade school, and can also be slightly larger set onwards, until high school, and thereafter enter university or research stage.
The number of such schools is set: First, can the provincial units or several provinces that area as a unit. The number of students enrolled, determined to set a few or more. Second, if the number of students by too little, you can learn different specialties, configure full-time outstanding teachers, and a separate placement, professional lectures, to a certain degree of independence, the subsidiary in early high school culture.
The university should set this professional disciplines.
In short, is to learn to support outstanding talent practices, can also draw on the successful experience of the selection and training, sports talent, cultivate innovative talent system and mechanism.
(C) the founder of the "special University and to build a world-class university explore thinking
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