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Innovation to promote college party building new enhanced

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Abstract: In this paper, through careful research, summed up the new experience of the colleges and universities in recent years in the work of party building, an objective analysis of the new situation facing college party building work, looking for new issues of Party building in universities, to explore new strategies to strengthen Party building in universities, thus creating Party Building of the college, to build a harmonious new atmosphere of the campus, the promotion of higher education a new sound and rapid development.
Keywords: university; party building; innovation; development
General Secretary Hu Jintao highlighted in the report to the party's congress pointed out, "the spirit of reform and innovation, and comprehensively promote the new great project of Party building," embodies the spirit of reform and innovation of the new requirements and new initiatives. Vice President Xi Jinping met with representatives of the 18th National Party Building in Colleges in 2009 stressed that strengthening and improving the College Party building under the new situation, cultivate talents fundamental political guarantee for the college. CPC Central Committee and the State Council, has always attached great importance to the work of party building of the college, a national college party building work conference held annually since 1990, to study new problems, exchange new experiences, make new deployment. Colleges and universities is to attract talents Heights personnel training base, occupies an important position in the national economic and social development. University Party Building Work is an important part of building the Party, the college party building should be sure to vigorously promote the spirit of reform and innovation. I nearly 1000 undergraduate colleges through online random sampling, college party organizations setting cadres with the work of a query, nearly 2,000 questionnaires issued in 18 institutions, convened the form of minority college staff seminars now combined investigation initial comprehensive analysis.
First, an objective analysis of the new situation, universities face new expectations for the work of party building, reform and innovation College Party building is the era of the new requirements
In recent years, with the development of the situation, the demands of the times, the cause of higher education has encountered unprecedented opportunities for development, also encountered new challenges, new situations and problems bound to the college party building proposed new requirements .
(A) innovation to promote college party building is to fully implement the Party's education policy necessary
Universities shoulder to cultivate and foster qualified builders and reliable successors to the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the cradle of the culture of all kinds of high-level personnel. However, it should really make the party's education policy has been fully implemented in colleges and universities to ensure that the socialist direction of running, the working mechanism of the Party Construction in College, working ideas, working methods needed innovation and improvement, especially college students Maitain work is needed to effectively strengthen and improve some students lack ideals and beliefs, ideological and political quality is not high, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong is not strong; sometimes be less aggressive, and progressive; hard enough and some learning scientific and cultural knowledge, lack of willpower; there 's not been able to firmly grasp the scientific knowledge, scientific method and scientific thinking, is difficult to take a leading role after graduation.
(B) innovation to promote college party building is to improve the ability of the leadership team running the schools must
According to the central regulations, colleges and universities to implement the president responsibility system under the leadership of the party committee in the colleges and universities in their own development, it is necessary to rely on the party's political and organizational leadership. This leadership system and working mechanism, colleges and universities under the unified leadership of the party committee, party committee should give full play to the role of the political core, and the core of leadership support for principals to work independently according to law, and effectively improve the ability of the university leadership team run and administer schools; should give full play to the Party Branch, of CCP Branch and communist vanguard and exemplary role, in particular, to adapt to the rapid development of the new situation in the College's leadership. 64% think that to enhance the level of leadership, especially uncoordinated, leading groups engaged in internal friction; some high level of political theory and a lack of sense of learning from the National University leading cadres should be a politician, educator requirements disparity and so far. This necessarily requires universities to continuously improve the level of leadership of the Party organizations at all levels and leading bodies and leading cadres and the ability to administer schools.
(3) Innovation Promoting college party building is necessary to promote the scientific development of the Higher Education
The cause of higher education in our country since the founding of the development and changes are memorable, especially the reopening of the reform and opening up three decades of development and changes are encouraging, especially in recent years, the development of higher education changes really Superman imagine turns out leaps and bounds. According to statistics, in 2006, the national university standards 1867, 2001 and 1125, the five-year increase of 39.7%, universities sponsoring scale, the average size of full-time students increased from 5870 million in 2001 to 2006 8148 million, an increase of 38%. There are colleges and universities across the country in 2007 was 1908, an increase of 41 over the previous year, 2008, the total of colleges and universities across the country 2263 355 increase over the previous year. School level significantly increased post-graduate studies in 2001, 16.52 million people, the enrollment of 39.79 million people in 2006, a 58.5% increase. Post-graduate studies in 2008 44.64 million, an increase of 2.78 million over the previous year, an increase of 6.64%. School conditions improved, the campus area alone in 2006 amounted to 2.2 times in 2001. Increasing school effectiveness and school opening up gradually expanded, the spirit of staff and students. However, there are 61 percent of that decision-making is not democratic enough, colleges and universities in the process of reform and development, the existence of the implementation of the scientific concept of development is not enough, there is not enough scientific proof, blind decision-making, the basic building too far ahead, loans exceed the carrying capacity of no deal scale, quality and efficiency of the relationship.
(D) innovative propulsion college party building is to create the necessary
College Party political ecology
Overall, the college's political ecology is good, healthy and positive. College party organizations and party members and cadres cohesion and combat effectiveness, make a contribution to vigorously promote the construction of the various aspects of the college party. But should also be seen, Some party organizations are not strong cohesion dilute the ties between the party and the masses, even the weak and lax; Some party organizations not normal life, a sense of organization, organization lax discipline, interest in learning is not strong. Party members and leading cadres' ideological and theoretical and policy level is not high, the scientific concept of development and the correct view of achievements establish not firmly, therefore, not correct ideological style, work style is not solid, In fact, the body at the grassroots level, is seriously out of the masses themselves lax, the ICAC is not strong sense, even a handful of abuse of power, corruption and degeneration, toward the abyss of crime.
(E) innovation to promote the college party building is the building of safe campus, and to promote the construction of harmonious campus necessary
Colleges and universities is the population density, high-level personnel a higher concentration of young people in more places, and a higher proportion of university Communists general college faculty members accounted for about 50% of the teaching staff, student Party members accounted for 10% of the students in the school or so. Moreover, the university is the relative concentration of various democratic parties and non-party intellectuals and returned overseas students, is an important source of all sorts of people in our country united front. Various ideological reaction is quite keen, is also more active, convenient communication networks and information exchange is relatively fast. Implementation of social, college logistical dining, property, security and other industries combined with the University Logistic Services has become the largest market of social competition, around the campus environment is worrying, all kinds of Internet cafes, hairdressing house, time room everywhere, despite remediation , cut and then issued. Facing these new contradictions and new, on-campus and off-campus, within the party and outside the party, serving faculty and retired personnel, poor students, and school, and indeed there are some problems need urgent coordination Otherwise, the construction of peace, harmony campus is really difficult.
Accurately grasp the new requirements, and comprehensively promote the new upgrade of the Party building in universities to promote higher education sound and rapid new development
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