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Analysis of LWD measurement instrument downhole safety factor

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Abstract: This paper introduces the security problem of LWD wireless inclinometer appearing in use, measures taken, with some reference to similar instruments.
Keywords: LWD wireless inclinometer; mine safety; horizontal well
LWD wireless inclinometer, with geological parameters, orientation parameter, magnetic parameter measurement and other functions, is directional well, horizontal well measurement instrument of the present international advanced, reliable performance, high precision, strong real-time.It can in the drilling process real-time measurement while drilling geological parameters, realize geosteering drilling, is to enhance the ability of exploration and development of complex reservoir, avoid the risk of drilling, simplify the construction process, effective tools to shorten the drilling cycle and improving drilling successful rate.
In recent years, with the development of horizontal well technology and perfect, LWD measurement instrument widely used, 84 horizontal wells in Shengli oilfield construction only in 2004, more than 75% wells using the instrument, it is in the development of thin reservoir, reservoir with edge and bottom water reservoir and complex remarkable achievements, has become an important means of exploration and development oilfield.But the instrument in the drilling process, the serious damage, downhole accidents and can't avoid the instrument itself risk, how to solve the problem of the use of downhole safety problem is very important.

1, LWD instrument
Shengli drilling engineering technology company introduced the United States Halliburton Co LWD, called LWD (Formation Evaluation While Drilling) geological evaluation of wireless MWD, with geological parameters (natural gamma, resistivity, neutron porosity and rock density), engineering parameter measurement (inclination, azimuth, magnetic / high edge tool face angle and the downhole temperature), magnetic parameters measurement of downhole string function, belonging to the drill collar type combination.Since the equipment into use, in domestic oilfield construction of all kinds of horizontal wells in Shengli Oilfield 100 wells, the inner 64, Indonesia 4, brought significant economic benefits for the exploration and development of oil fields, at the same time the implementation of "for the oil industry to go out" strategy, provides the technical equipment support into the international market.
1.1 accurately identify the oil reservoir, horizontal well backfilling the apparent reduction of
The instrument uses the services of 64 horizontal wells in Shengli Oilfield, accurately identify the reservoir, did not appear to fill the well phenomenon.While no 156 horizontal wells using the instrument construction, no oil in sidetracking 18 appeared in A, accounting for 11.5% of the total.
1.2 to ensure the horizontal section at the optimum position in reservoirs effectively extends
According to the formation change LWD instrument measurement, real-time adjustment of the trajectory, maximize the well trajectory in the best position to reservoir through, 42 wells in A or horizontal section drilling for oil layer changes, adjust the trajectory to the best position of oil, occupy the LWD construction of water Hirai 65.3%, fully reflects the important role LWD play in the construction of horizontal well in horizontal wells, the success rate increased substantially.
The construction level of 1.3 horizontal wells is improved
Horizontal well trajectory control precision is up to 0.5m 5m longitudinal, transverse, has greatly improved the original longitudinal, transverse 10m 2m.Construction technology has made great progress, forming a rapid response mechanism, geology, oil reservoir, horizontal well drilling, reduce intermediate electric construction procedures, improve the drilling speed, reducing the oil contaminated time.
2, the downhole safety problems of
The LWD instrument in the horizontal well construction process, instrument using downhole accidents and serious damage and can not effectively avoid risks etc..
Downhole accidents
1.1 instruments
Instrument using repeated cards, falling accident.Since 2002, the LWD instrument in the horizontal well construction there were 4 serious downhole card falling accident.Drilling accident off two times including: H10- Ping 2 well and Z17- Ping 516 well drilling tool breaking accident; two serious sticking accidents: H90- Ping 2 well drilling accidents and sticky Kaka GD8- Ping 3 well differential pressure sticking accident.These 4 accidents, causing two sets of LWD instrument fall well, the other two severely damaged.
The 1.2 instrument is seriously damaged
Instrument parts accessories erosion damage.Since the LWD equipment into use, some parts of erosion damage.With the international market and other domestic oil usage compared to spare parts, scrap speed, consumption quantity.Frequent short repair instrument resistivity, resistivity and short LWD instrument receives very serious damage, since 2000 the United States of America were sent to repair 5 times, each time the repair costs about $60000.
1.3 the lack of risk mechanism of
The lack of a reasonable risk-sharing mechanisms, Ishita Yoshi's operational risk by all the service party a bear.3, analysis of the causes of
3.1 high
3.2 drilling fluid properties are not up to the requirements of
3.3 technical measures are not implemented;

3.4 high risk cannot bear.
4, the international market and other oil field experience in
The instrument has in Qatar, Indonesia and other international markets, as well as Daqing, Jidong, Xinjiang oil field is the external market for horizontal well technology services.Due to Party A's control on build-up and mud performance with reasonable constraints mechanism, technical measures are put in place, therefore, accidental damage occurred less instrument.For example: the project has been in operation for 4 years, in addition to the sealing ring, fixing screws and other consumable parts, without fittings; 2004 Daqing, Jidong Oilfield has completed 14 wells, not yet occurred in underground mine safety accidents, spare parts are not apparent consumption.
5, measures of
5.1 strict control of building slope
Increasing the horizontal well before the target displacement, strictly control the design build rate at 25 /100m below.Select the power drill science, reasonable, strict control of LWD construction section, the actual creation of slope control in the range of instrument.
5.2 strict technical measures for field operation,
According to the technical measures do not completely, field operation is not standard, should further improve the instrument current operating procedures, and requirements of the strict implementation of construction personnel.On the part of the young technical staff, strengthening the technical training, technical quality, from business level and sense of responsibility aspects of strict demands.Technical measures for strengthening the construction site, to be standardized, standardization, to non-standard operation, reduce the operation risk of the instrument.According to the common instrument the homework problems and accidents, emergency measures and emergency plans, the corresponding supporting tools, especially for instruments off the drill string falling accident, development of special tools, improve the efficiency and successful handling of the accident rate.Eliminate the instrument fell well abandonment accidents, avoid assets loss.
5.3, strengthen the coordination and technical exchanges, to improve the instrument construction environment
Pay attention to the use of strengthening horizontal coordination and exchange of technology and reasonable way and the construction unit.The performance index of detailed solution instrument operation and requirements on construction environment, facilitate the on-site technical measures, improve the instrument construction environment, improve equipment operation success rate and safety mine.In particular to strengthen the monitoring of the mud technology index, to improve the overall performance of the mud.
5.4 rely on technological progress, improve the instrument performance and the erosion resistance of
Strengthen the domestic technology innovation and accessories, improve and erosion resistance instrument performance, reduce equipment operating costs, is an effective way to reduce the instrument from accidental damage losses.According to the survey, completed the instrument homemade wear rings and underground parts, used to good effect.Further for gamma sub package drill collars and control sub package drill collar developing technology, to reduce the overall cost of Shii Yoshi, to reduce the risk of.
5.5 the establishment of risk mechanism of
The formation of risk-sharing mechanism, the parties to a construction accident damage to the mine safety and instruments are responsible, easy to implement technical measures.
6, the effect of
Since the second half of 2004, due to the adoption of the above measures, the construction side can be used to implement the LWD measuring instrument using the technical requirements, the use of the instrument on a scientific, standardized track, 30 horizontal wells completed with no accidents, instrument accessories damage of serious problems improved, greatly improve the instrument
The use efficiency.
The end of 7,

And bring the remarkable economic benefit promotion and application of LWD measuring instrument for exploration and development of oil field, but in the use of the downhole safety problems, as long as the implementation of strict rules, take effective measures to avoid it.Suggested that the domestic oil industry drilling engineering should follow the international practice, to promote the application of high-tech equipment.
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