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Education of technical school students' consciousness of Thanksgiving

Author: LiuLiZuo From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 13:18:06 Read:
Keywords:   the sense of gratitude education of moral education;
Abstract: Thanksgiving is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, is an important way of building a harmonious society.However, lack of the sense of gratitude has become a universal phenomenon, should cause high attention.Gratitude education is an important part of school moral education, is of great significance for the healthy personality and education of the students.
the current school development in order to guide the students to learn to appreciate for the Thanksgiving education purpose, has become an important part of school moral education.Thanksgiving education to enhance the student's moral accomplishment, has the great significance of personality, it is the inevitable requirement of the times, but also an important way of constructing harmonious society.
1 Thanksgiving Thanksgiving Consciousness perception, cognition
so-called "thanksgiving", can be understood as "thanks to the help of others."It is a broad concept, embodied in every detail of life.Thank parents have grace, thanks to teach teachers cultivate gratitude, thanks to colleagues and friends help of grace, thanks to our opponent competition power of grace, thanks to our suffering will grace.I would also like to thank this beautiful world.Gratitude is the basic moral code of social individual should have, is the basic accomplishment in life.Thanksgiving is a kind of civilization, is a virtue, but also a responsibility."Thanksgiving" is a kind of attitude to life, a good at discovering the beauty and beauty appreciation moral sentiment.
some scholars believe that "gratitude consciousness refers to people appreciate the goodness of others and try to psychological demands repayment, is a behavioral norm exists in the human society, but also any culture generally acknowledged basic moral law."Gratitude consciousness is the need of training.
Thanksgiving education is education to follow the law of moral education, through effective methods and means to guide the educated to develop a sense of gratitude, system activity in the individual and the society within the scope of gratitude on the line.Educators should guide the students to gradually develop an attitude of gratitude and habits, make Thanksgiving a habit of consciousness and conscious behavior, and internalized into the basic moral code of personal life, become the basic accomplishment.
2 reasons of lack of gratitude consciousness of students
2.1 doting parents
some parents spoil their children, stared at the only children's learning, but ignored the most basic moral and gratitude education, forget how to educate their children do a dignified and imposing man.
2.2 social weak
the current social environment is lack of gratitude consciousness of the soil to produce.With the society in the transformation period, some basic it's only human encounter challenges in moral deficiency by.Dedicate a precious life Sichuan migrant youth Chen Xiangyuan in Xiamen to rescue the drowning person, can be saved so far no appearance.From the Chen Xiangyuan rescued but mysterious "evaporation" is to save people, we once again feel the lack of gratitude consciousness has a cold and cruel.In the growing of children often come into contact with the cartoon, network, the news media and other public media, only paying attention to economic interests, ignoring the basic education for children.People pay much attention to self, even the most basic ones are very weak.These bad social phenomena are more or less for the children had a negative impact.
blank 2.3 school education
lack of gratitude consciousness hidden behind is the weakening of moral education.Schools now lack of gratitude education content, education way is single, still remain in the conceptual, Formal Theory Inculcation level.Students lack the sense of life and the things around, do not experience to "thanksgiving" mood.Students are not true, goodness, beauty experience, not the spirit of fighting the process of deep self-examination, self-blame, self-discipline and time, so there is no inner conscious behavior.
the importance of the 3 sense of gratitude education
The 3.1 sense of gratitude education is a part of the sense of gratitude education moral education is the basic requirement of the adolescent moral education.The school is a specific learning places a culture of communication, is guiding students to gain knowledge and skills, the formation and training of emotion important place values, build character and develop behavior.Special technical school, 95% of the students are boarders, influence of campus culture on their influence character by environment is obviously.Therefore, in the school moral education must be injected into the consciousness of gratitude education, training students' gratitude consciousness, develop students participate in Thanksgiving behavior.This is of significance with the heart of Thanksgiving and social responsibility for students in the future become.
3.2 the sense of gratitude education is an important guarantee for the construction of Harmonious Society
to build a harmonious society should be harmonious interpersonal relationship.Between the person and the person should do the courtesy and honesty, caring, loving, helpful, like one's own brother, love and happiness."Thanksgiving" is a kind of attitude to life.If the lack of gratitude between person and person, will inevitably lead to interpersonal indifference.So, each individual in the society, should be grateful.Thanksgiving is the basic moral value of harmonious society, is the source of moral value, the foundation of family, social harmony.
methods 4 sense of gratitude education
4.1 to play the educational function of family
parents should make oneself an example, cultivate young children's gratitude.Love for children to let the children know how to experience the equality of rights and obligations.Parents should be aware of gratitude education is important, should change the idea to nurture the child, to develop the child's "psychological Thanksgiving" from the details, in the hearts of children sow the seed of love.
4.2 play the social function of Education
Thanksgiving education society is the essential.First, give the Thanksgiving Education in children's early education in the content, such as children love cartoons.Second, resulting in positive publicity in public opinion, carry forward the essence of traditional ideas of education, to burn the bridge after crossing it to maltreat an injured person in society, from the heart of Thanksgiving behavior severely criticizes and blow.Third, in the network game, website promotion in the aspects of the content of education.
4.3 to play the function of school education
because of the psychological age characteristics of vocational school students decide that they have great plasticity, therefore, we must pay special attention to exert the function of school education.
4.3.1 to improve teachers' quality of Thanksgiving
no doubt, Thanksgiving quality has become the essential basic qualities of teachers in the new century.Only with this quality, teachers can be calm and wise mind, broad mind, kind and generous love, look far ahead from a high plane of the eye; to cultivate broad-minded, ambitious, aggressive, concerned about the country, the world and the human future students.As teachers, we not only itself to participate actively in the sense of gratitude education, should set an example by personally taking part, give students a behavioral cues, let them from the conscious, there are so much for them to thank the people that life, virtually cultivate their sense of gratitude.
4.3.2 to advocate a new way of Education
Thanksgiving education should obtain actual effect, must take the infiltration, heuristic education, strengthen the sense of gratitude, pay attention to the interaction between teachers and students, arouse students' enthusiasm of participation.Application of multi-media teaching, making excellent courseware, carefully selected typical cases and is closely related to the sense of gratitude for teaching, students can freely enjoy freedom, free talk, sigh, stirred the hearts of students, give students a strong visual stimulation and spiritual impact, so as to achieve the ideal educational effect.
4.3.3 active discipline penetration
teachers should make full use of the characteristics of the teaching materials, strengthening the Thanksgiving education factors, mining, development of subject integration.As the awareness of Thanksgiving Education in "political" discipline.Through the "political" teaching of Science
Students Thanksgiving education, to help students to understand the survival of their own social environment, to cultivate students' patriotic love of the collective consciousness and the sense of social responsibility; promote their gratitude consciousness into action to give thanks, and let this behavior of radiation to the family, society, school, class, and gradually become the conscious action of individual students.As in "Chinese", "physical", "electronic technology" and other disciplines.Through the research of learning organization of teaching, students are in the main part of the learning, enhance the students awareness of thanksgiving.
4.3.4 actively participate in practical activities
through a variety of social practice, cultivate students' awareness of thanksgiving.Such as: A. research study and investigation activities, guide the students to actively participate in community public welfare activities, compulsory labor, experience workers hard; in agricultural labor, to set up the lofty ideological quality service for the people put one's heart and soul into the.B. guide the students to actively participate in the psychological transposition of Thanksgiving, do some teachers and parents have for their own doing, feeling had been kindness, so "thanksgiving" into the emotional depths of the soul.C. in the "three eight" day, teacher's day, mother's day, father's day and other important days held Thanksgiving activities "".The class of "thanksgiving" theme class meeting; a good "thanksgiving" thematic blackboard newspaper; organize the students making Thanksgiving card, write your Thanksgiving language; sing a song of Thanksgiving song; a Thanksgiving party; at the same time as the outstanding performance in the Thanksgiving activities students praise or certificate, certificate of merit, not only play the enthusiasm and creativity of students, and to inspire them to consciously establish a sense of gratitude.
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