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Knowledge management: the core competition of enterprise future

Author: PangJuan SunJinLing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 13:10:36 Read:
[key] knowledge economy   knowledge management; content management and
Abstract: knowledge management is very important for the competition and development of enterprise, so the study on enterprise knowledge management has important significance in theory and practice.Knowledge management has the characteristics of comprehensive, innovative, not easy to imitate.In the era of knowledge economy, knowledge management becomes more and more importance for enterprises.In this paper, from the perspective of the enterprise on the intension of knowledge management and the importance of, and in the context of knowledge management, how to deal with the enterprise.
Peter Dulac in the "era of management" refers to: "in today's ceremony, the knowledge is the main resource person and the economy as a whole.The traditional factors of production - land, labor and capital that economists believe, although did not decline, but into the second priority.As long as there is knowledge, these elements can be an easy job to get."In short, the world's future economic development will depend on the accumulation of knowledge and application.Knowledge has become a key resource for economic development, and human society steps have been entering the era of knowledge economy.So, future economic activity is a knowledge economy dominated by professional and service.Knowledge is the main economic resource of the enterprise, and the knowledge workers is the main asset. Enterprises should create new from existing knowledge resources, it must be the management of knowledge.DCG (2002) survey, there are nine% of the American companies with positive evaluation on them, that it can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.According to a survey of relevant institutions.The United States has about more than 1 / 3 of the major high-tech companies, have been established or plan to set up knowledge management system.(TheKnowNetwork) > 2000 issue of the Journal survey, knowledge-intensive global appreciated as a result of the implementation of knowledge management. Most of the performance can be sustained growth, characteristics of m high profitability, high growth.The era of knowledge economy, the enterprise wants to obtain the competitive advantage, should first consider how to find an effective way of knowledge management, in order to accumulate, application of enterprise knowledge, enhance the strength of enterprises.In the face of increasingly complex competitive environment, how to manage the internal knowledge of contemporary enterprise, has become a very important topic.
One, the definition of knowledge management and
Knowledge management (KnowledgeManagement, KM) was gradually on the rise to the knowledge economy, the rapid development of information technology.Commercial competition environment.The knowledge management and information technology, work together to build business intelligence, and become the source of the core competitiveness of enterprises.Knowledge management is a further development of information management.The first generation of information management is the second generation of information management of data; information; information and knowledge management will advance to the third stage, the third generation of information management is the object of knowledge.Knowledge management is to provide a new way for the enterprise to realize the explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge sharing, it is to improve the enterprise's ability and innovation ability with the collective wisdom.Knowledge management includes several aspects of the work: the establishment of knowledge base; to promote staff knowledge exchange; to establish respect for knowledge of the internal environment; the knowledge management as an asset.
Knowledge management is deepening and breakthrough in knowledge management, learning organization, human resource management and information technology 4 aspects.Knowledge management is the enterprise in the face of great change of discontinuous changes caused by the occasion, information, information technology and the whole process, the spirit of enterprise, process and results of integration, which contains all the staff of the innovation and creativity.
The implementation of knowledge management, enterprise
Knowledge is the core resources of enterprise innovation ability. The importance of knowledge to promote innovation will help the enterprises to make effective use of knowledge resources.Resource 7~ (ResourceBasedView). Accumulation and transformation of different resources organization, provides a unique resource and competitive advantage for the organization.In a related study, the knowledge has been widely recognized as a core resource extraction, Tang (1999) proposed knowledge is a very important factor in nine factors affecting the innovation capability of enterprises.When knowledge can flow freely.The potential value will be specific; if the proper use of existing knowledge, or new ideas, not only can make the productivity gains, more can stimulate innovation.Success grows twenty-first Century enterprise is dependent on the quality of enterprise knowledge, use the knowledge of the enterprise for the enterprise to create competitive advantage and sustainable competitive advantage is always a challenge to the enterprise.

Enterprise knowledge management implementation reason lies in: (1) the competition: increasingly fierce market competition. Innovation accelerates, so enterprises must constantly acquire new knowledge, and use the knowledge to create value for the enterprise and the society.(2) the customer orientation: enterprises to create value for customers.(3) work to enhance mobility: mobility of employees to accelerate, employees tend to retire ahead of schedule, if the business is not very good management of their acquired knowledge, enterprise has lost its knowledge basis risk.(4) increased the uncertainty of the environment: environmental uncertainty in uncertainty due to vagueness and uncertainty due to competition, in the uncertain environment dynamic, technology updates faster, learning has become the enterprise to survive the fundamental guarantee, organization members the ability to obtain knowledge and use knowledge become the core skills of organization, knowledge has become the basis for enterprises to gain competitive advantage, become the important scarce assets.(5) the impact of Globalization: globalization management for enterprises with and knowledge communication skills ability to acquire, knowledge creation and knowledge conversion.Knowledge creation, knowledge acquisition and knowledge conversion enterprises rely on the ability of learning, learning is the key to strengthen enterprise competitive advantage and core competitiveness.
The implementation of knowledge management, enterprise
three steps
Davenpo~ and Prusak believe that knowledge creation is a company in order to increase the stock of knowledge, and the specific action plan adopted; the aim is to increase the knowledge of inventory.Nonaka put forward 5 kinds of organizational knowledge creation for the conditions, respectively is the intention (Intention), autonomy (Autonomy), wave / bin II of chaos (Fluctuation / Chaos), repeat (Redundan.cy), diversity can be necessary (RequisiteVariety).Knowledge creation methods mainly include Davenport mentioned acquisition, fusion, adaptation and knowledge network.The acquisition provides a method of obtaining an organizational knowledge. This method has the advantage of not only the acquisition of knowledge, if the organization is to expand the production line, the diversification that is most convenient, fast; but acquisitions may still cause the loss of knowledge, or to create effects.Fusion organization specially build complex and conflict environment, make the organization to create a new work mode under the chaos, collision situation, and under this model to generate new knowledge.Adaptation refers to the organization in order to adapt to changes in the environment, and efforts to adapt to the environment and the pursuit of progress, making the environment changing threats become knowledge creation media.Knowledge network organization of informal groups, namely the common interests of staff group, and create new knowledge in frequent conversations.
For enterprises, creating new knowledge means the whole industry.Mainly depends on the fusion, adaptation and established within the industry knowledge network to realize the acquisition, but often because of the special nature of the industry, the lower the possibility of.In order to achieve the promotion of enterprise competition advantage, the effective way is to realize the effective knowledge management within the industry.To enhance its ability to create new knowledge.Knowledge management can be implemented through the following steps.
The first step: cognitive
Awareness is the first step of knowledge management in enterprises, the main task is to unify the cognition of enterprise knowledge management, meaning to comb the knowledge management of enterprise management, knowledge management status assessment of enterprise.To help enterprises understand the need for knowledge management, and to determine the correct direction of knowledge management implementation.The main work includes: a comprehensive understanding of knowledge management, knowledge management of enterprises in the high-level cognitive training, especially for senior business knowledge management; knowledge management maturity model based evaluation tools such as comprehensive assessment of the status of knowledge management of enterprises and through investigation and analysis, the main problem of management; long, short-term effect evaluation of knowledge management company, so as to promote the practice of knowledge management is to provide decision support: the development of knowledge management strategy and advance direction.
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