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Low years of primary school English Teaching in life

Author: ZengYeJie From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 13:04:17 Read:
Abstract: according to modern Chinese social reality, China educator Tao Xingzhi put forward the theory of "life education", "life education", only the combination of education and social life is the real education, which is the basic point of life education theory."The new English curriculum standard" also stressed that the course should be "from the perspective of students' learning interest, life experience and cognitive level".Therefore, English teaching should be close to life, to life, serves life.
Keywords: life education; learning interest; life experience; cognitive level of
According to modern Chinese social reality, China educator Tao Xingzhi put forward the theory of "life education", "life education", "education should be issued by the life force can be a true education."Only the combination of education and social life is the real education, which is the basic point of life education theory.The new English curriculum standards emphasize the course should be "from the students' learning interest, life experience and cognitive level of the students", "form the positive emotion, active thinking and practice and the formation of the ability of autonomous learning process so that the language learning become".Thus, life has become represent the general trend of modern teaching.English teaching should be close to life, to life, serves life.
Psychologists study shows that, when the learning content and students familiar with the background of life more press close to, students consciously accept the higher level.Closely related to daily life, repeated life, will make the junior students to feel warm, thereby reducing the students learning English difficult, come very naturally to be used.On the other hand, students can easily forgotten, and even affect their interest in learning english.Therefore, in the teaching to the creation of living situation, the teaching contents into the everyday language, so that students can easily relate to learn.
One, the teaching content of life, to stimulate interest in learning
English teaching content to the modern student's life reality, provides the possibility for the life of the English teaching.The teaching content with life link, for junior students.
1, teaching content comes from life

In the process of teaching, teachers should pay more attention to students' daily life experience, good expansion students interested in daily life, to stimulate students' interest in learning.We can see from the students themselves and the familiar family, school and social life unfolds.
The student's own life is in their best interests, including name, age, gender, height, weight, body weight, body parts, preferences and abilities etc..For example, I 'm Bill. I' m six years old. I can read a little book. Look! This is my mouth. They are my eyes. is the student the most familiar place, family life including family members, occupation, household goods and so on.School life, including stationery, classroom, library, playground, teachers and students etc..Social life including shopping (about vegetables, fruits, meat and clothes), tourism etc..
In the teaching of fruit of this class, in addition to the study of textbooks on the original lemon, apple, pear, peach, orange and banana, I also added in the supermarket to common mango, mangosteen, longan, watermelon, durian, strawberry, pineapple, grape and lychee.I downloaded a lot of fine fruit pictures from the Internet, let the students read thoughts thronged one's mind.When you see the real fruit, they are be unable to hide one's greed.I made a table, the What do you like? What does your mother/ father/ grandma/ grandpa like? Let the students go home, back to the classroom for report.Social experience, experience, innovation, summary, evaluation, improve the return of the school, this is the basic idea of the new curriculum, deepen the life education theory of Tao Xingzhi.
2, using the experience of English Festival,
American educator Bit pointed out: "the life world is the world of education, the scope of life is the scope of the course."During the holidays, whether it is the traditional Chinese or foreign, new year's day, women's day, April Fool's day, mother's day, father's day, children's day, teacher's day, national day, Mid-Autumn Festival and Christmas, I will extend festive greetings to the students, and a brief introduction about the festival.For example, in the Christmas period, on Christmas Eve, Christmas story, sing Jingle Bell and Silent Night song, give each other Christmas cards, and students to experience significant festive atmosphere outside.On Mother's Day is coming, I let the students make cards personally, write Happy Mother 's Day, the expression of love for his mother, at the same time, students can also experience the process of learning English fun.
3 capture instant life material
Classroom contingencies is most real, the most direct teaching material, teachers can seize the opportunity, reasonable use.Once, I just leads to the "Come in, please. You 're very Don' late. t be late again." at this time, a late students appear in the front door.I waved to her a trick, "said Come in, please." and pointed to the clock on the wall, "says You 're very late." finally frowned, put a hand said, "Don' t be late again." all the students laughed, a better understanding of these three words.Einstein said: "education should provide something for students so that as a gift, and not as a hard task to him to pay."I think, students should be very happy to accept this gift.
4 teaching and real life

To the student's real life or will have real significance of new teaching idea for our teaching.When teaching the 26 letters of the alphabet, I took a few pieces of different sizes show to the students, tell them L (the code), M (medium size) and S (small) meaning.Also find some modern social common English abbreviations: ask the students to guess the meaning of USA (USA), UK (UK), UN (United Nations), H5N1 (avian influenza) etc..Teachers should always think about how to put the teaching content into real life, but also to the real life into the teaching process.Two, the classroom to create the life situation of the
Psychological research shows that: students participate in classroom teaching from the psychological point of view, is closely related to their study life, lively and interesting, and passion to understand easily the knowledge can stimulate students, encourage students to participate in actively and effectively.Therefore, in the classroom, teachers should according to the characteristics of age, combined with their life experience and knowledge background, design rich taste, visual image of the teaching situation.
1 to encourage the use of English greetings, create atmosphere for learning english.
The first day of school to meet, I told the students, "I am your English teacher, then call me Miss Zeng".In the next few days, I give every student has an English name.Whether in school or in school, every time I see the students, I will take the initiative to say hello, "Good morning," Andy. "Hello, Alice." gradually, students will use English actively loudly to me, "Good morning, Miss Zeng." I also encourage students also use English greeting each other, greetings.When the English greetings can come very naturally to escape one's lips, daily English will become reality.
2 in the teaching of the enhanced lateral connections between disciplines, cultivating students' comprehensive quality.
In the study of five words, I let the students draw their own face, and then show students' works, let them use English to introduce: Look! This is my nose. They are my ears. some students to the lips painted red, my face got pink, small eyes with pig's large ears, from the class set the whole room roaring with laughter."Never know, know as the music man."Teachers need bold and creative process materials, the lack of life teaching in the subject matter is converted to students interested in, living life material, lets the student in the appeal to
Happy atmosphere to learn English financial.
Cheerful melody, rhythm and strong sense of English children's songs are junior students love.Simple poems, such as easy to pronounce songs, rhymes, students also very willing to learn.To sing, read, with interesting action, in line with the characteristics of low grade of student learning, learning by doing.

Three, return to life, learn in order to practise
1, encourage students to find life in the English
In our life there.I often encourage students to do in life people, good English in daily life.For example, high streets and back lanes can be seen everywhere in the name of the bank, BANK OF CHINA (Bank of China), China Construction Bank (China Construction Bank), INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA (industrial and Commercial Bank of China), AGRICULTURAL BANK OF CHINA (Agricultural Bank of China), CHINA MERCHANTS BANK (CMB), BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS (Bank of Communications) etc..Go home and look for household appliance brands: Galanz (Galanz microwave oven), S^msung (Samsung), Haier (Haier), Philips (Philips), SONY (Sony) etc..Have a look the name of daily necessities: Shampoo (shampoo), toothpaste (toothpaste) etc..Remember the public slogan: No smoking! No parking! KFC (KFC), McDonald (Macdonald)......Let students understand the language moments in our life, not life.
2, the conversion of the role of, go home when the teacher
The first grade last semester of teaching is the main content of instruction, for example, Stand up, please. Sit down, please. Clap your hands.Show me your book. Touch your face. I let the students go home when the teacher, mom and dad do the action instruction.Let the students out of the classroom, to life, to experience life in English is available.
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