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The build quality of English teaching and improve teaching quality -- talk about some thoughts on improvement of English textbooks

Author: LianTing PeiJuanJuan From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 12:09:05 Read:
[Abstract] English textbook is the core component of the English curriculum resources.Teaching quality, restricts the quality of English Teaching in the very great degree.Evaluation of a textbook is ideal, the main rights of students and teachers in the school.In this paper, the author only on the content of textbooks compiling, talk about a few of my humble opinion.
[keyword] material teaching reform education and teaching with
teaching material, the tools necessary for both teachers and students, and is a necessary tool of learning.Junior high school English Teaching in primary school English teaching is consolidate and improve, but also is the foundation of high school English teaching, it plays an important role in nine year compulsory education stage.Implementation of the English school quality education, needs innovative teachers, needs to have the innovation of educational and teaching activities, also need innovative materials.The lack of new ideas and sense of the textbook, is not conducive to the teacher's teaching, but also not conducive to the students.Materials should be mainly positive thinking embodied in curriculum reform, should pay attention to the dual culture and knowledge, but also take into account the student common knowledge needs.Only with the above points, teaching materials may become highly popular with the students "xiangbobo".How to give full play to the advantages of teaching materials, promote English teaching work, and improve the quality of English teaching?I always think, write good materials or fine material is one of the key link to solve this problem.
a, the
with the further deepening of reform and opening up, the rapid development of science and technology.Comprehensive social demands for the quality of talents is also rising.As the college entrance examination is still the majority of the students, especially the main way, students in rural areas so, English level of a direct impact on the development of students.According to relevant statistics, every year there are at least 1/4 students because English college entrance examination scores are not ideal, but was forced to continue to review.Of course, senior high school entrance examination is no exception, every year there are always a lot of junior high school students because English is not good, but just miss the person or opportunity with the key high school.Why?
since 2003 September, our school began to use Chinese Curriculum Materials Research Institute, English curriculum materials research and development center and compulsory education curriculum standard experimental study the United States Thomsen eds. Publishing Group (New) in English teaching.In the fall of 2007, I had the privilege to see Beijing Ren'ai Education Institute, an English textbook (Project English), then, what kind of material is more ideal?Ideal teaching materials mainly reflected in what areas?The author would like to combine with years of teaching experience, and colleagues on this topic was discussed, in order to achieve the effect of mutual exchange of needed products or start.
analysis of   two, the
1 a set of teaching material content is interesting, novel, whether the layout is reasonable, the students have the right to speak and the appraisal right.2002 April to 2003 December, I have been in the local district 3 different junior high school, 17 classes of grade 1 to grade 3 of the 300 English learning good students, conducted a questionnaire survey.Results 80% of the students thought that the teaching materials need to be improved or added; students want to from the middle school teaching materials about animal, geography, history, culture, sports, science and technology and the Anglo-American countries customs, festivals and celebrity thing.Students also think, should be appropriate to add some English songs, stories, jokes, riddles, proverbs and other materials.In the illustration, should also be some English-speaking countries (Britain, the United States of America, Canada, Australia) or other national style picture.Many students, especially students in rural areas, in the first grade, when they lost interest in English and enthusiasm.In addition to the students' non-intellectual factors as well as from the aspect of teaching, there is a can not be ignored an important factor, is that students are not interested in English teaching.Interest is the best teacher, is also an inexhaustible source of student learning.Learning by rote is can make the most obedient students remember words and notes, the other students?If things go on like this, one can imagine the teaching effect.In the rapid development of society, knowledge update.In addition, the paper illustrated and exquisite arrangement of knowledge system integrity features, compiling teaching material content is more important.Whether it is pay attention to listening and reading, situational, or choose to foreign students in the same school learning environment; whether advocates task-based learning, or implementation group inquiry learning, ultimate aim of English teaching is to cultivate students' patriotism, healthy outlook on life and comprehensive language application ability, and strive to achieve the learning, absorbing foreign advanced culture, carry forward the Chinese culture efficiency.

2 British scholar Kanin Sworth (Cunning Swarthy) in his book "how to choose your textbooks" in one book, designed to evaluate a series of problem of teaching materials, content of the part of our improved, there are still certain guiding significance.Are listed as follows:
(1) whether to adapt teaching materials?
(2) teaching is student learning resources?
(3) whether students self-study textbooks?
(4) the textbook publishing is clear, eye-catching, is convenient for students to search?
(5) reading material and the language level of the students, interest, hobby?
(6) how the listening material recording effect?Is it true?Whether it provides some background knowledge, and exercises to help the students understand?
(7) whether the text material has diversity?
(8) the theme is beneficial to students' knowledge and experience?
(9) whether there is a connection of the students the knowledge and the social culture involved in the teaching material cultural background?
(10) teaching material is involved in the needs of the students?If students are sensitive to this demand?
according to the above standard, the author of the seven grade (lower) compared with two kinds of teaching the use of the content, specifically: the co-editor of textbooks for a total of 12 teaching units, including 13 essays, 7 short letters (1 letters E-mail), 1 stories, 3 dialogue, 2 tour guide word, 9 words, 2 English songs and 1 diary.Benevolence textbooks for a total of 4 teaching units (16 teaching sections), including 18 essays, 2 note, 1 stories, 34 dialogue, 1 posters, 6 English songs and 8 song singing
Ballad.It is worth mentioning that benevolence textbook has 4 articles at home and abroad to introduce the customs, and the co-editor of textbooks is not related to.From material selection, the co-editor of materials to be broader, but books are too short, not conducive to the cultivation of students' learning system and improving the ability of writing.Finally, we specifically through the two discourses selected from two kinds of teaching reading to do a careful comparison:

1) Read the magazine article about Johnny Dean. What did Johnny look like before? What does he look like now? Fill in the blanks in the chart.

Johnny Dean 's New Look.

Do you remember Johnny Dean, the top singer with funny glasses and long curly hair? Well, now he has a new look. He doesn 't have long curly hair. He has short straight hair. And he doesn' t wear glasses any more. But some people don 't like his new look. "I don' t think he 's so great," says Ruth from New York. But my mom does. Spring Festival
In China, celebrating Spring Festival is a big event. People usually start preparing for the festival one month before it happens. They prepare delicious food, clean and decorate their houses. On the eve of the festival, the whole family gets together for a big dinner. People stay up and eat dumplings at midnight for good luck. On the first day of Spring Festival, children greet parents and get lucky money as new year gifts.
Read it again and fill in the blanks with the main activities of Spring Festival.

prepare for the festival

greet their parents and get lucky money

From Section D Activity -- Topic3 
Unit 8 "Project English
please consider the following four questions:
the two reading is to transfer the positive information of students?
students familiar with the Johnny Dean (Johnny Dia) this character?Familiar with Spring Festival (Spring Festival)?They're more interested in what a book?
detection and set the following exercise reasonable?Whether it needs to be improved?
whether the first reading content can be replaced with domestic famous figures like Jackie Chan and Liu Xiang and other students familiar with?
I think, more than two kinds of materials have deficiencies, can not be said to be very good materials.Perhaps some people will say, now the network is developed, what information can not find?The teacher himself in preparation of active supplementary materials also!In fact, in addition to most of the city and town school teaching facilities and teaching staff satisfactory, most rural area school situation is not optimistic, plus China's north-south and East-West differences in the geographical position and the level of education, the more determined the importance of teaching material in the teaching.In addition, "also explicitly pointed out that new course standard", "English curriculum standard to the curriculum objectives and teaching requirements for the guidelines, teaching materials should be flexible, to meet the different needs of students."At the same time, the preparation of teaching materials should be followed: to develop and expand the principle; scientific principle; the ideological principles; the principle of interest; the flexibility and openness principle.The author believes that, in addition to these 5 principles, compiling teaching material content should also be given to: the combination of the actual teaching and students life; combination of material and cultural customs; the teaching materials and history, geography and Chinese and foreign celebrities and events such as educational resources combined with the teaching material; and domestic and international advanced scientific and technological achievements.
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