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The overall quality of military health technicians develop quantitative management system developed

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Author: Gu Lihui Zhang Libo WANG Xiao-chen Zhang Shuang Zhang Jia sister tomorrow Joseph Lee
purpose of [Abstract] to achieve the overall quality of the military health technician training management information, digitization and intelligent, improve management quality and efficiency of the overall quality of training. The method developed by the overall quality of training management system and put into application. The results of the system of information technology management quality training data, and fast and accurate query for data, statistics and analysis. Conclusion The system is powerful, easy to operate, versatile, suitable for quantitative management of the overall quality of the technical staff of the military health training.
the [keywords] the overall quality of training; quantitative management; Information Management
[Abstract] Objective To realize information, digitalization and intelligentization of comprehensive qualities cultivation management in military medical personnel so as to improve management quality and efficiency of comprehensive qualities cultivation.Methods Management system of comprehensive qualities cultivation was developed and used.Results ; All the data on comprehensive qualities cultivation can be enquired and statistically analysed with high accuracy and speed using the information management system.Conclusion The system is suited to quantitative management of comprehensive qualities cultivationin in military medical personnel due to its powerful function, convenient procedure and goood versatility.
[Key words] Comprehensive qualities cultivation; Quantitative management; Information management
In recent years, the overall quality of the work of training in the health care industry occupies an increasingly important position, and overall quality of culture has become one of the important basis for the appointment of the annual assessment of the health professional and technical personnel, and technical positions, technical title appraisal [1]. Comprehensive quality training of health workers in the army Credit System Management, Division training department to establish a comprehensive quality training files. Due to the level of quality training activities, complex category, the huge amount of information, by way of the hand-record queries, statistical efficiency is low, difficult to quickly and accurately mastered each of the unit's personnel quality training, but can not rapid and timely, accurate quantitative analysis and assessment of the overall situation of the quality training of the units. In order to overcome the above drawbacks, to improve the military health technical personnel comprehensive quality of culture management of quality and efficiency, the Shenyang Military Region, the total hospital since 2005 self-developed set of information input, management, query, statistical functions as one of the comprehensive quality of culture management system, now the function of the system software, implementation methods, the application of the results of the report are as follows.
1 six functions
1.1 basis of data management
The basic data consists mainly of two parts of the department of management and personnel management, department management, including the departments name, department level; personnel management contains the names of their respective departments, gender, date of birth, ID (military officer) number, degree, graduate institutions, technology level technical positions, promotion time, professional.
1.2 credits standard management
Credit standards management function is based on the overall quality of the state and military training category (such as articles, writings textbooks, achievement awards, academic activities, training and learning, etc.), nature (such as core journals, provincial journals, municipal journals, monographs, Summary default credit rating, reports, etc.), roles (as of ranking undertake the task, etc.) in the computer (such as credits, two types of credits) and credits numerical computer in order to be able to achieve in the process of registration credits automatically determine the credit grade school scores, improve input efficiency, reduce human error.
1.3 Integrated Quality Training Project Settings
Comprehensive quality cultivation project in 12 categories (Table 1). 1.4 Personal data summary
Automatic analysis of the overall quality of training of a personal computer based on the raw data of the entry credits summary, also discriminant credits the standards. A physician for the intermediate grade, the system automatically accumulate calculated years Class 1, 2, 3 credits summary values, and automatically determine whether the requirements of intermediate grade credits.
1.5 department statistics
The computer can automatically departments units to statistical quality training in a department over the years, and to chart the way to reflect the dynamic changes of indicators can timely reflect the overall quality of training of the various sections of the dynamic information. Also able to automatically identify departmental rotation indoor credits substandard staff, and prompted the warning.
1.6 Auxiliary Decision Analysis
Computer to generate a variety of global statements based on raw data, the Division Training Section can visually analyze the comprehensive quality training credits data trend, a better grasp of the overall quality of culture of the hospital staff. Also contribute to a more reasonable overall planning of the overall quality of the hospital-wide training project, to ensure the smooth completion of the the annual overall quality of the work of training.
2 implementations
Functional architecture of the system using a client / server network architecture (Client / Server), and can be run on the Ethernet LAN using TCP / IP protocol. Front desk client program using Sybase's PowerBuilder 9.0 language development, and development tools to support object-oriented development, good compatibility and high efficiency, stability [2], the client runs on the Windows XP operating system. Background using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Network database, running on the Windows 2003 operating system on top. SQL Server 2005 as one of the large database of industry-wide adoption, and easy to manage, good stability, access and high efficiency [3].
3 application effects
The practical application of the system in our hospital has achieved very good results, mainly: Data input is convenient statistical report is comprehensive, abandoned the traditional tedious manual registration, inspection, inquiries, statistical work, and improve the overall quality of training management work efficiency. standardize and improve the overall quality of the medical staff training file management. significantly reduce the risk of errors caused by manual entry. able to quickly check the overall quality of the individual, department and hospital-wide culture situation, grasp the overall quality of the medical staff training information, help reasonable overall planning of the overall quality of the hospital-wide culture project, to ensure the successful completion of the overall quality of the work of training.
4 Conclusion
The use of computer systems management military hospital quality training, a combination of the overall quality of training management and modern electronic information technology, to meet the needs of the new era, and broad application prospects. The system for the realization of all sizes, the overall quality of the standardization of culture management work, information and intelligent, has a certain reference significance.
[1] Shao Jingjing, Wei Yongxiang, PAN Zhi-qiang of Hospital Technology Education Personnel Information Management in the modern hospital, 2005,18 (4) :236-238.

[2] Ke Jianxun, Zhang Tao, Shao Liang PowerBuilder 9.0 progress development articles [M] Beijing: Tsinghua University Press ,2003:5-9.

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