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Analysis of the efficacy of Taiji Jian Xin negative impact on the mental health of young early

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Abstract: Tai Chi is one of our traditional sports project has extremely superb boxing Arts and profound philosophy.
Taijiquan of Jianxin effect on youth early not only has a positive side and a negative side. Taijiquan effectiveness of heart health and youth early psychological characteristics of brief explores the the Taijiquan Jianxin effects negative impact on the mental health of young early.
Keywords: tai chi; the youth early; psychological
Taijiquan is a long history, with the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese sports, with a extremely superb boxing Arts and profound philosophy. Tai chi, both for the elderly and frail patients, also suitable for athletes the contests and young people exercise, is also one of the youngsters good sports. Youth early learning tai chi, not only physical health, but also can enhance memory, improve the ability of the hands and brains. Tai chi has of Jianxin effect on diseases of civilization of modern society, sub-health has a positive prevention and treatment of health effects. However, tai chi did not cause the favor of early youth. Which not only youth early inert, no perseverance own characteristics, and combined with various temptations too impetuous temperament. Most important or Tai Chi Jianxin efficacy curb youth early psychological nature, resulting in the youth early away from tai chi.
1, tai chi Jianxin efficacy
Is mainly reflected in the following aspects: First, ranking as the indisputable inaction to focus on emotional control and attitude adjustment. TCM theory impassioned pathogenic "said the records, that joy, anger, worry, anxiety, grief, fear and fright. The impassioned trend pole and disease specifically: anger liver damage, and sad, and thinking injured spleen, fear of renal injury, lung distress. Good mood; Second, the ascetic Taijiquan not only pay attention to cotton continuously soft but not loose shape, move, and the pursuit of a more emotional stability, peace of mind, contentment, focus the mind focused, to keep within the spirit, in addition to evil thoughts and distractions. Taijiquan peace of mind not demanding self equanimity self-sufficient state of mind, not only for the gas Shen Dan Tian, ??Italian collar gas pranayama, and open and close freely "to regulate the body provides a psychological basis, are also very conducive to the elimination of people troubles and relieve inner conflicts, psychological balance; Third, indifferent Ming, quiet, pay attention not for the fame trapped and not as sensual as worries. Practicing tai chi is not a simple action of gestures, but the pursuit of accurate skilled and evolution of skills or skills. Have sought every drill is a life of self-perception, self-purification of the human nature and personality of self-improvement, inner self-renewal, to achieve the effect of psychological adjustment.
2 young early psychological characteristics
The youth early days refers to this period of 14 or 15 years old to 17, 18 years old, the equivalent of high school and school-age late, it said. Youth initial characteristics mainly as follows: First: self-awareness rapid development. A sense of independence, a sense of freedom, self-confidence, self-esteem development; the Second: cognitive exuberant. Intuitive thinking in images, observation, general power, imagination, memory constantly enhanced with a good memory, strong thirst for knowledge and a sharp mind to accept new things, imaginative; Third: emotional instability. Adolescent immaturity, excited, and the strength of the depression process imbalance of higher nervous activity. Is often manifested in young people are passionate, emotional, strong, failing to emotional susceptibility. And because they self-control is not strong, there will be impulsive, bipolar performance. These characteristics are as they would on the one hand because of a momentary success, ecstatic, excited, will for a little frustrated, dejected, depressed forever, and thus significant change in the emotional poles. On the other hand, they often appear gibberish mood swings, alternately, giving the vagaries of feeling;: sexual function began to mature. Adolescent physical, psychological development, rapidly began to appear hazy sexual desire and associated with a series of inner experience. Appear heterosexual longing while the performance of the psychological characteristics of the opposite sex is both sensitive and horror, curiosity and shyness, psychological development is not synchronized with the physiological development. Youth early a psychological resistance period, mainly against the period: social status desires satisfied; "collision" concept; uncontrollable mood swings; puberty, irritability and other. 3, tai chi
a negative impact on youth early psychological
Young people full of life and activities with enthusiasm and passion, strong emotions, feelings, experience, pleased when cheering jump outraged dissatisfaction, the future is full of life with confidence, imagination. Events and behavior in line with their own beliefs, ideas and ideals will happen quickly enthusiastic, positive emotional reaction; events and behavior not in line with their own beliefs ideas and ideals, negative emotional reaction occurs quickly. Youth can often exhibit dedicated enthusiasm for truth and justice, to make amazing heroic actions, may also be out of blind fanaticism, reckless impulses. The shadowboxing Home indisputable characteristics of inaction is so young things are moving, impassioned trend, maintaining a good mood for the peace of mind. The development and progress of society can not do without the enthusiasm and devotion of the youth, the youth did not enthusiasm, society will not progress power source. Taijiquan Jian cardiac function in a certain extent, is not conducive to the growth of youth early psychological, is not conducive to the development of society and the progress of civilization.
As the youth accumulated a certain amount of knowledge and experience, willing to think independently, theoretical thinking, they are less conservative, imaginative, so often put forward new ideas, new insights, or try to use a new method to solve the problem. They like to explore things root of views on other people's opinions and habits do not believe in blind obedience, like doubt and controversy. This is very good for their future independent work or creative problem. Tai Chi Kin heart efficacy young ascetic, contented, focusing the mind focused and keep within the spirit. Therefore lack of awareness of innovative thinking youth, lack of independence and critical thinking, is not conducive to the growth and development of future youth.
Youth interest, hobby very widely, showed keen on their favorite activities, revealed the admiration of their convincing people, who care about their gratitude; experience the joy of success and the agony of defeat in the contest; They will not a good solution, distress, and anxiety due to training results stagnant due to problems, they can be tempted natural beauty, died uneven indignation. Visible, the young people's emotions and emotional content is very rich. Taiji Jian Xin efficacy so that young people seek fame and wealth, not for the fame trapped and not sensual worry, not the impassioned driven, ascetic. Not conducive to youth emotional richness, a negative impact on their mental health.
The Tai Chi Jianxin favor the development of people's mental health, is one of the excellent way to exercise in the elderly. Taijiquan Home indisputable inaction, ascetic, contented, indifferent Ming, quiet attitude, focusing not for the fame trapped and not sensual worry about heart health efficacy healthy mental growth of young early negative impact, such as the lively, restless, feisty mentality becomes not make progress, the status quo, curb to some extent on the nature of the youth, Practicing is not conducive to a certain extent, the youth early psychological health development.

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