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Discussion on secondary school teacher working methods

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Abstract: the main task of the work of the teacher is to guide students to self-discipline.The first is to grasp the ideological education of students, the moral education in class management.Secondly, enrich student life, increase the humanities students.Can also through the cultivation of student cadres to exercise the student organization ability and social ability, strengthen the improvement of students comprehensive quality.
Keywords: the moral guidance comprehensive quality education education self discipline
The famous educator Sue Home Linsky said: the real education is self-education.This is a realm of education.The teacher should consciously with rich working heuristic method to create a positive atmosphere, create good environment, strengthen students' self-education.Technical secondary school is the main skill education schools, college entrance examination students mainly laggards, in personality, on one hand, self-respect, on the other hand, is easy to sink into the inferiority in the face of setbacks.According to the psychological status of the college students, the education class must have more patience and persevere attitude.I combined with the teaching practice, and puts forward some suggestions and effective measures.
1 and strict management system, forming the good style of class
Secondary school students in learning, living environment is the main class, and the class interpersonal environment, psychological environment, learning environment is conducive to the healthy growth of teenagers, the key is the class rules, class and class appearance construction is good.Good class in class is a good suggestion, will urge the student to strengthen self-discipline, establish the correct concept and attitude.While bad class will enable students to confuse right and wrong, the formation of the wrong concept.
1.1 to formulate the corresponding learning program
The majority of secondary school students though failed to enter a university, but also can be said to be learning leader, according to this situation, should make a suitable for their characteristics of learning, improve their learning enthusiasm, tap their potential.
1.2 making the system of
class management
Set strict class management system, requires all students to abide by; each student has action in Germany, intelligence, body, beauty, labor aspects; the class together, through the efforts of three years, to be a qualified college graduates.Including the regular class system: regular attendance system, receiving and sending system, health take turns to be on duty system, property preservation system of job responsibility system, extracurricular activities, class cadre institution and politeness system etc..Making simple, the system is simple, and reward method matched, so that the system can implement.In addition, can also according to supplement the actual problems of new content.In the course of implementation of the system, be strict in class management system, execution must have a beginning and an end, this is called "rules, Cheng Fangyuan".
1.3 making the class evaluation system
The management system, must have the corresponding appraisal, carefully formulate appraisal regulations may require students under the same standard to strengthen self-discipline, quantitative assessment of the student's performance.
2 the establishment of a multi-level cadres classes within the
The 2.1 class management "core" - League branch secretary and monitor
They are the chief assistant teacher, is the class leader, they can work boldly in the foreground, encounter difficulties in class, so they can rest assured that boldly class management, and do not have scruples.
The 2.2 class "middle-level cadres" - League branch and all class
They carry out their duties, responsibilities, is to implement the class system implementation.They follow the group secretary and monitor the arrangement of leading, guiding the students to implement the task.
The 2.3 "cadres" - small group leader and representative
They are the thing, a responsibility, routine business period falls on their body, and they work like "flow", interlocking.
2.4 spontaneous temporary cadres
Such as outdoor activities or extracurricular activities, some students offer oneself as "commander"; the Games began, some students volunteered to be the "waiter" etc..
3 carrying out class activity, make the class full of vigor
Secondary school students is a long body, long period of knowledge, their hobbies, be full of go, different personality, can not use a model to dozens of people to act according to a standard, not only by administrative orders, with simple discipline, but also cannot indulge self flow.So, all kinds of class activities should start from the characteristics of secondary school students, pay attention to the plan, the arrangement of the interest and science.According to the time and situation to organize relevant activities, but also in peacetime some theme class meeting, education and activities, education in the students laugh.Only to engage in meaningful activities, to every one of the students to create a good environment for the development of the nature, let between teachers, students communicate in remain free, the mind contact.
4. took care to the point
Teachers like the students excellent in character and learning, this is it's only human; but to love students, especially the students are worrying, emotionally really difficult for educators, especially the class teacher, should not discriminate against, abandon the backward students, but need more love and passion to do meticulous work, transformation the backward students.This requires teachers to learn more about the condition of students' learning, the flash point, often, repeatedly done, the backward students to establish confidence, enhance the sense of honor and disgrace, and thus in the study life can increase the number of self-discipline, in order to achieve the purpose of education.
5 let the students manage themselves, improve their consciousness of
Learn to self management, is the highest level of education.The purpose of education lies in this.In the establishment of rewards to their self-discipline at the same time, also need to develop detailed assessment rules, with punishment to force students to observe, to develop discipline habits, so as to enhance the consciousness of.
6 focus on the multi-directional contact, forming a network of Education Management
With the
In the school administrative leadership, strengthen and the Communist Youth League, and at the office of academic affairs, contact, the superior work arrangement, overall planning school of understanding and execution as the target class construction.

6.2 and with the
All learning, life in a class to do a good job through to all aspects of the.To deep into all aspects of student life, learning and understanding of the students, and hope to get the common education and other departments.
Interaction with the
Teachers need to be matched with various teachers.To take the initiative to report regularly to the teachers to understand the learning situation of students, to grasp the main trends, students at the same time, also facilitate the teachers know the details.Do communicate often, together, together, make the class each progress.
6.4 internal and external
The relation with students and their parents.Thus, a understanding of the domestic situation of the student, in order to "an antidote against the disease"; more important is get parents understanding of child and teacher, through consultation on the education of their children, some parents do not change the one-sided view and not correct education ideas.In this way, the teacher in charge work from all departments, cooperate with each other in all aspects and the families of students, not the teacher to sing "one-man show".
7. teach by precept and example, to love the passion
Teacher's job object is students, teachers thought, behavior, style, appearance, temperament, always affects the student.Therefore, the teacher must "the de, Shen Qihang", not a little oversight.All students are required to accomplish, the class teacher to resolutely.Students are required to do not throw confetti, class teacher to see litter on the ground there should pick up; students are not allowed to bring food into the classroom, the teacher first, be strict with oneself; ask them to polite head teacher should make oneself an example.Students in education, the method is adopted to cultivate emotional, emotional education of students, cause emotional resonance, so that it can lead students to progress together.
The class teacher's work has a long way to go, but we should continue to explore new methods, new measures.In practice, management methods and theories to study science, deep into the students, care, care for students, to achieve the education and management of a full range of continuous exploration.
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