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On Mental health education in junior high school history teaching

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Paper Keywords: History Teaching Mental Health Education Strategy
Abstract: primary and secondary mental health education is the foundation of quality education and an important part. Mental health education in junior high school history teaching, students can develop health psychology, teaching the implementation of individualized education. -
World Health Organization definition of health: not only the defects and diseases of the body, but also a perfect state of physical, psychological and social adaptability. "This indicates that, in modern society, the mere absence of defects and diseases of the body can not be considered for health in modern society requires not only the health of people, but also requires mental health, and have a strong social adaptability. Ministry of Education in 1999 in a number of opinions "on the strengthening of mental health education in primary and secondary schools" clearly states: mental health education in primary and secondary schools, the use of the psycho-educational methods and means to cultivate good psychological quality of students, promote students' physical and mental comprehensive and harmonious development and comprehensively improve the quality of educational activities. It is the foundation of quality education and an important part. Thus, the mental health education in schools is the body of the primary and secondary school students, the healthy growth of psychological, moral, intellectual and physical development needs of the urgent need for quality education. Thus, the integration of disciplinary education and mental health education, penetration has become one of the inevitable trend of today's educational development.
the , the penetration of Mental Health Education Middle School History Teaching responsibility
Mental health education in junior high school history teaching High School History Education One of the goals in the new situation, it also reflects the comprehensiveness of history teaching in secondary schools educational function, deep humanity, development. The old saying: "Histories make men wise" and "wisdom" here refers not only to knowledge and ability, but also refers to the criteria for life, the experience of doing things. For a long time, the most basic functions of the teaching of history is the ideological and moral education of students, teach students to do things, man has made certain achievements, but the face of fierce competition in the twenty-first century, the talent of the future should have a sound personality, psychological health. Young people shoulder the next century the task, not only to participate in the contest of knowledge, intelligence, but also to participate in the contest of the psychological. Therefore, we should further explore the development of history education, Mental health education in the classroom teaching, training to adapt to the development of the situation with the successor of the healthy personality. Moreover, Mental health education in history teaching, but also has a unique advantage. Teaching content in the discipline of history is rich and deep, cultivate students' sentiment, the development of students' mental potential to improve the students' personality, to help students to establish a positive attitude towards life, a strong will and the spirit of unity and cooperation, enhance students withstand setbacks, adapt to social life and ability of learning and living environment, prevention and correction of abnormal psychology and behavior, to eliminate the psychological and behavioral disorders have enormous advantages: persuasive. Appeal, other disciplines can not be compared. Rich history textbook ethical value content, many celebrities words and deeds formed to promote the psychological quality of student health, has a very important significance.
Second, the ways and means in the Teaching of Mental Health Education
1, teachers have a healthy mind. Develop students' health psychology in the teaching of history, of history teachers must have a healthy mental, is a teacher with a sound personality: cheerful, optimistic, energetic, perseverance, perseverance, courage to face the challenges to face difficulties and setbacks, strong life, there must be conservation, emotional stability, not impetuous, not self-willed, good self-control and self-regulation, can to consciously prevent and overcome bad habits. Student "teacher", the students admire, the only way to educate students form a good psychological quality to adapt to the needs of modern social life, to achieve better teaching purposes.
2, for all students to focus on individual differences, be individualized, the implementation of individualized education. Design classroom instruction based on students' cognitive ability and psychological characteristics as well as specific learning content to face up to the students of the differences in intelligence, psychological differences, personality differences; emphasis on the use of various methods, taking into account the different levels of students in the classroom teaching, all students to participate in teaching activities, reflecting their dominant position, play to their initiative, the various levels of consultation have been successful, so as to stimulate their interest in learning, and enhance their self-confidence, so as to form a healthy psychological qualities.
Respect the student's personality, to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in the classroom, the implementation of individualized education. Naughty, do not attach importance to the students of the history lesson to learn, not to hurt their self-esteem and personality to punish its fault management needs can not be deprived of their right to education, but to pay tribute to cultivate their interest in learning and stimulate their enthusiasm for learning. To advocate them to actively participate in the teaching process, the creation of between teachers and students in the classroom teaching, students between equal and harmonious learning atmosphere, so that students' mental relaxation, in order to stimulate their interest in learning history. To give full play to their ability and expertise, for its initiative to adapt to the future to lay the foundation so that it does not harm self - respect, self-confidence, to meet the shortfall to success.
4, to fully tap the potential of the discipline of history, with a wealth of historical facts, outstanding historical figures to develop students' health mental quality. The teaching of history's ultimate aim is to let the students through learning, so that individual personality, the quality of human nature and culture to perfect, sublimation and improve, develop a healthy psychological quality. Multitude of historical knowledge, historical content is comprehensive, well-mining history material, with a wealth of historical facts, outstanding historical figures, to develop students' mental health, the utility is huge. Historic tasks such as the great democratic revolution of Sun Yat-sen, is life, fight forever, and keep on fighting, and finally the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, the completion of the revolutionary long-cherished wish; inventor Thomas Edison experienced hundreds of failure, and finally developed into a carbon filament light bulbs; Pierre and Marie Curie in poorly equipped, and the difficult conditions. After 45 months of work, finally succeeded in the system from one ton of pitchblende residue tenth of a gram of radium. These are training the students' strong-willed, material. Another example: Marx, Engels great friendship, for students broad-minded, dealing with interpersonal relationships set a good example; Sima Qian "inherent in a death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather" values; Wen Tianxiang "Everyone must who die, to retain loyalty according to annals outlook on life; Lin Opium sense of responsibility; the local materials Ziyang History Ziyang celebrity Lin Fang matte patriotic wing of an army of God, and so on. History Mental health education teachers in the classroom teaching material.
In addition, you can set the number of activities in the classroom, such as answer, tell stories, and evaluation of historical figures, DIY small production.
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