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Learning the medical literature to improve the level of rehabilitation care management

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With the changing of the care management model, many nursing managers constantly sum up management experience, and wrote a large number of excellent management papers published in various medical journals. Read the papers, you can understand the nursing management of new ideas, new methods, develop a vision, learning management experience, drawing on the lessons learned. I served the clinical department nurse for 10 years since carefully read the relevant articles in medical journals, and try to management experience, methods and theories used in rehabilitation nursing management, and achieved satisfactory results, are presented below.
Since 2001, the core and the National Journal of Nursing Management, "Journal of Nursing, Convalescent Medicine do the reading of each period, on other magazines selective reading, and do a good job reading notes . That attempt to apply for their own department management and amended as appropriate, to supplement and improve results.
2.1 improve the theoretical level and the ability to work
Departments the level of quality of care depends largely on the matron theoretical level and the ability to work, learn nursing management theory and empirical methods in the literature, is to grasp new ideas, new knowledge and new methods of shortcuts. Such as [1-4] papers read Convoying, etc., can be more comprehensive grasp of the textbook not go to school for nursing managers should have practical experience in theory, these theories to strengthen their character, personality, working methods and skills, and leadership art culture. The use of the contingency theory make full use of nursing human resources, each individual's ability to arrange a suitable job, do Zhirenshanren, properly utilized, can make the best use. Reading Feng-flower [5-7] article, focus on training of professional quality care personnel, such as nurses to learn from cases regularly organize, analyze, discuss, to summarize for care reasons a direct factor leading to misdiagnosis or indirectly, as a learn to avoid errors occur in the work; train nurses for the rehabilitation patient characteristics, the ability of health education, rehabilitation care capacity, ECG clinical diagnostic capabilities, the management capacity of the stroke care unit, nurses, the backbone of the organization and management capacity. Read the paper of Liu et al. [8-10], improved technical training: Technically to increase sharply rate, adaptability the psychological training nurses to participate in technical competition, the training program in accordance with the seasons and the patient's condition Features. Theoretical level and the ability to work, has enabled the author to the scientific arrangements work in practice, grasp the key rehabilitation care management work smoothly.
2.2 mobilize the enthusiasm of the nurses work
Head nurse to work smoothly, clinical all work in an orderly manner, can not do without the strong support of the nurses how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the nurses described in the literature a lot of valuable experience. Read Li Feng [11-12] papers, I realized that to carry out the support of colleagues in the nurse group, to create a good working atmosphere, to ease the work pressure of nurses is the task of the head nurse and management focus on the concept of people-oriented, democratic management exclusion of paternalism, to solve the nurse practical difficulties. For example, the young nurse especially child nurses often their talk, the ideological status; encountered small children, nurses, sick children, family life problems, scheduling, hours of work, give care; nurse birthday sent "Happy Birthday" festival to send SMS a blessing. Also pay attention to the tolerance of others, listen carefully to the views of colleagues, spiritual encouragement, reward and punishment excitation method, to mobilize the enthusiasm for the work of nurses, increase initiative, mutual assistance between the nurse, unity, cooperation, complement each other to form a kinds of righteousness, talk about dedication to a good situation.
2.3 Strengthening nursing risk management
, Risk management is a hot issue of care management workers, ginger fluttering Philippines [13-14] of risk management from a different perspective elaborated. After reading these documents, I stepped up efforts to managed care instruments, specifically the establishment of error care instruments registration of the substandard care record collection, collation, binding as the nurses learning materials; established care Guestbook "; month quality analysis meeting of insecurity; establishment of warning signs, posted warnings; a stringent toxic hemp drugs-hand system responsible for managing; carried out to strengthen the awareness of the risks of nurses, rehabilitation nursing practice risk survey and research, "research topics, together with all nurses in the research culture of risk awareness, strengthen risk awareness in learning.
2.4 to carry out the characteristics of the care
Modern nursing concepts, theories and methods abound. Learn the concepts and methods in the nursing literature, clinical care measures considered in a more scientific, meticulous and thoughtful. Have been inspired from the XI Shuhua [15-17] management model: nurse-grooming, etiquette training, care work as a systems engineering task. In the nursing service, attention to detail, to carry out the care of demand for services, application caring behavior, to create a harmonious environment. To provide patients with a needle and thread, to send birthday cards birthday patients during hospitalization and a blessing for new patients admitted to send the first pot of boiling water. Clinical nursing path is only a theoretical understanding, do not know how to use, read Shenghua Li [18-20] papers, according to the characteristics of rehabilitation work, the development of stroke rehabilitation patient care path, nurse active service awareness, achieved good results in stroke care unit. 2.5 improve the writing level of care management papers
To learn to write the nursing management articles, you must first read about the care management literature. By reading the author has been a great inspiration, knowing the format and requirements of all kinds of magazine writing, writing has improved continuously. Over the years, I learned knowledge management applications to work, conscientiously sum up experiences, the completion of five nursing management papers have been published in core medical journals.
In short, the nursing management requires a combination of theory and practice. "Chinese Journal of Nursing", "Nursing Management Magazine" and so is the army and the country's highest level of medical journals, a novel point of view, the actual close contact, clinical practicality and guidance of strong. I It is through the study of nursing management in the new ideas, new theories, new methods, to be applied to work in order to improve management methods, improve the management level and ability to lead the high standards of general nurses, high-quality care, provide more scientific, more systematic and high-quality care for rehabilitation patients to avoid all types of nursing errors, accidents.
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