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Rational thinking and approach to the study of the development of contemporary college students' Education

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Keywords ] [the nurturance education connotation of
The main objectives and responsibilities of the [Abstract] modern school education is to teach students how to learn, learn to be, learn to do, learn to get along with people, and develop education is fundamental to teach students how to behave, this paper develop education connotation, significance and education are discussed.

"The CPC Central Committee and State Council" several opinions on Further Strengthening and improving the ideological and moral construction of minors clearly pointed out: the current and future a period, to strengthen and improve the ideological and moral construction of minors to adhere to the people-oriented, education and guide the minor ideal faith of socialism with Chinese characteristics and to establish the correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, to develop a noble ideological quality and moral sentiment.Close attention should be paid to the classroom education, more attention should be paid to the practice of education, experience education, develop education, pay attention to practice, active participation in learning, guide minors moral knowledge at the same time, abide by the code of ethics.
Good daily behavior habits is an important prerequisite for students to engage in learning and other activities in the process of university education, to pay special attention to the cultivation of good habits.

, nurturance education connotation and significance of

1 to develop the educational connotation of
The famous educator Ye Shengtao once said: what is education? To simply said, is to form a habit.In the state of nature will think little of, not to control formation is used, this is a power lies! He also pointed out: from primary school teachers to university professor, whose task is to help students to develop good habits.
On the education connotation is different views.A point of view the author agreed with is: to develop education is through purposeful, planned, organized education and training activities, the education process and specification of educated, standardized, can make the students take the school disciplines into behavior norms, is an important part of the construction of spiritual civilization.From the content point of view, education is the least moral consciousness and life habit is formed, it is a long-term training and training process, through personal experience is to be educated and repeated practice to achieve.Education should be acquired through education, enlightenment and guidance, to cultivate one's morality, to form the habit of civilization, thus internalized as their own moral emotion and moral belief.
2 to strengthen the cultivation education of college students the significance of
(1) education is an important content of moral education.A person's thought morals level determines the degree of civilization in his words and deeds, the civilization degree of a society reflects the social moral construction level.Ideological and moral situation of college students is related to the degree of civilization of China's future, but also related to the fate of socialism, thus strengthening moral education has become an important part of modern education, and education is the important content of the construction of moral education.
(2) education college students to meet the need of modern society.Modern society fast pace of life, life stress, people must have the good psychological ability, be good at thinking, good at innovation, relationship to be good at handling your own and others, and society; to develop awareness, but also the spirit of solidarity.All this requires us in youth through education formed a certain learning, thinking, fitness, good manners and habits.
(3) develop education enables students to achieve the unity of knowing and doing.History educators focus on transformation between knowledge and action, the unity of knowing and doing.To develop education is based on the student's existing cognitive, be repeated practice of certain behavior, which is fixed in the student body, form a habit.So that the students not only in accepting the same stimuli can react in the same way, is under different stimulus effect, also can make automatic responses.
two, fosters the education the way to study

Habit formation depends on training and training methods.Lu Jun said: the real education lies not in the mouth but in practice training.How through effective education and training, to overcome the bad habits, to develop good habits, is to develop an important content of education, the main task is the current school moral education and family education.
1 set up to develop education, theoretical study and practice learning unity.
Open education courses, from improving moral perspective, the facts and truth, be good at giving systematic guidance persuade through reasoning.Especially for the students of the shortcomings and mistakes, we should lead to clear, positive note, shocking heart.The theory of learning and the traditional teaching mode, the process of learning is not a passive acceptance of knowledge, but the active construction of knowledge of the process.The formation process of College Students' ideology and morality is the knowledge, feeling, consciousness and behavior, the internalization process integration.Educators should use Marx's position and point of view to guide students to establish correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, to teach them with the truth in life, moved by the sincere emotion, exercise their strong will, guide the correct behavior of College students.
2 practice teaching is a necessary means of education
Practice is the basis and source of student understanding, is a important way to education, through the moral behavior of the practice and training, so that students can raise the level of awareness, enhance their emotional experience, moral will, moral behavior habit training, develop education.Education should start from culture, to unremittingly practice training for the students.Through repeated training and training, so that students gradually strengthen the self-control strength, form good habits, so as to make it a virtue eventually become part of his character.
A lot of practical courses in our university, such as etiquette training courses, lectures and students etiquette knowledge, the training of students focus, so that students in learning and training in the etiquette of internalized into the personality and living habits, to form the educational objective.Good moral character and students' gratitude to cultivate students' filial consciousness, can carry out "I write a letter to my parents" education activities.So they start from their own, bit by bit from the start, to strengthen the practice of moral education, and enhance the cultivation of the relevance and effectiveness of education.
3 pay attention to cultivate good study habits, students
Daily habits of students and good learning habits, good habits can be cultured in the University, once the form will benefit from life.
Chuang-tzu said: "my life is limited, while knowledge is limitless", can students develop self education and learning habits, the future society is a society of lifelong learning, only learn self education, self education develop habits, to ensure they can constantly absorb new knowledge in the future society, culture excellent quality needed to participate in social life, in this sense, education is the foundation to develop self habit of lifelong education, and also develop the power and headspring for education.
To develop the habits of civilized manners.The school is the spread of civilization position, students should form the habit of civilized manners in school life, this habit will make them in the future life more easy to get along with others, cooperation, more easily integrated into social life, is more likely to be successful.
Form the habit of physical exercise.The body is the material basis of human survival, students should assume the responsibility of building the future of society, it is necessary to develop a set time to exercise daily habits in school.It can cultivate good habits of students work hard and perseveringly, thrift, hard work, ready to help others.
Each kind of virtue or good habits is not a short duration of time to develop, but the long-term training results.Education is a systematic and detailed shaping the soul, cultivating people's social engineering.Throughout the whole process of the education, training, cultivation.It will arouse students' enthusiasm and initiative participation, strengthening the pertinence and effectiveness of moral education, so as to achieve the full education, the whole education, all-round education objective.
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