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On the campus of "verbal violence" Psychological Perspectives

Author: LiMiao LinGuoYao From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 11:02:01 Read:
[Paper Keywords] campus Language violence psychological analysis of mental health
Summary of [papers] Campus "verbal violence" has become a campus and social problems can not be ignored. In this paper, the specific instance and psychological knowledge. From the psychological level analysis of the dangers of "verbal violence" on campus, causes and countermeasures.
People hate campus life peer violence, corporal punishment and other acts of violence, however, the invisible violence has not yet aroused widespread attention. In March 2004, the Chinese children safe action "Organizing Committee" Do you think that the most urgent need to address the campus injury "special investigation carried out in a nationwide primary school students," verbal abuse "of up to 81.45% the proportion top the list, peer violence, and sports injuries in the second and third. This has aroused the attention of the campus "verbal violence". What is a "verbal violence"? It refers to resort to verbal or written language of violence. For example, in the education and teaching activities, teachers, directly or indirectly, for students to use verbal abuse, ridicule and insult discriminatory language, to enable students to human dignity, personal reputation and mental health violations and damage. Oral language violence is more prevalent, such as "idiot", "fool", "sterile" language. Recently. This reporter two primary schools in Xiamen City, more than 120 sixth-grade students and stakeholders survey interviews, found that "verbal violence" has really hurt many children. Teacher's sarcastic, parents snapped snapped companion gossip, as inserted in the young minds a ruthless knife, silent brought incurable wound. This paper attempts to Campus "verbal violence" psychological perspective, to make some suggestions to reduce or eliminate the Campus "verbal violence".
a "verbal violence" victims' psychological analysis
Case 1:2004 April, the Yuzhong District junior girls Dingmou because late for school, the teacher called the office criticism and education, during which the teacher in front of other students naked to derogatory Dingmou: "You learn good long was not pretty, even qualified the 'Zuotai'. "Ding Mou befell the insult, spur of the moment, committed suicide after jumping write a suicide note.
Case 2: a fourth-grade one outstanding students obviously (a pseudonym), a class officer elections was elected as team leader. However, due to his good friend Lili (a pseudonym) became the squad leader, he was a mother "not as good as the woman!" Reprimanded, students also take this thing a joke. The results have been very good partners no longer speak, he started to despair, and ultimately lead to insomnia, the school can not concentrate, academic performance plummeted. Case 3: the Xiaotao tall, looks pretty. But the three days of the start. His face is covered with acne, the students call him "Muggle", just started just a few colleagues joke, then all students began to shout, even the female students so called. Each shout "Muggle", Xiaotao not say anything, but I feel good. One morning, he suddenly told mother that I'm ugly, body hair is very long, and want my mother to bring hair removal. Said his nose and a scar, his mother took him to go to Beijing to plastic surgery. After Xiaotao often head down over her nose, Man did not look up, do not play basketball, and later do not want to go to school, and finally even the house are not willing to. The above living case enough for us to see from teachers, parents and students "verbal violence" huge destruction of the child's mind. "Verbal violence" is not only an insult to their dignity and damage the child's self-esteem and self-confidence, destroy the students 'psychological health, but also lead to students' mental disorders, loss of courage, causing weariness, truancy, suicide and other serious consequences. It can be said that the "verbal violence" mutilation "murderer" in the minds of students.
According to the summary of many clinical psychologists, parents, teachers or peers abusive language is the most deadly soft violence to the child's mind. Students hurt by "verbal violence", the first prone performance results, insomnia, rapid heartbeat, mood swings, depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological symptoms may occur immediately, and then the next prone to psychological disorders and mental illness. Compared to adults, young people's mental capacity. Children in the formative years, thinking of a simple, sensitive psychological and emotional vulnerability. Moreover, most of today's children are only children, accustomed to self-centered, living in comfort not undergone much frustration and bitterness. Therefore, often adults feel trivial, it is possible for young people to cause significant harm. Serious and even endanger their mental health. When a child in the process of gradually growing, have a conscious awareness, with a sense of self will slowly build a psychological line of defense to protect his fragile mind; Once this fragile The heart has been intentionally or unintentionally intrusive and offensive, it is likely to become distress, embarrassment and self-isolation, helplessness and suffering until disheartened. Finally. I was totally disheartened "no longer could not get the confidence and courage of learning and living, a long time may lead to mental illness, affect the healthy growth.
Psychological research indicates that everyone eager to get others to self-love and affirmation. Was an important figure in their lives (usually including parents, teachers, leaders, friends, lovers and other characters) love and affirmation. This is the humanity. Personality need to grow. Young people in the character formation, gradually increase self-awareness and sense of independence need to self-understanding, self realization. Interaction with peers and teachers, have a major impact on their growth. If the young people in the group have been recognized, respect, can help them to affirm self-worth. To meet the needs of self-affirmation; shortcomings and mistakes, they need teachers pertinent criticism and patience, rather than brute acrimony.
Second, the psychological analysis of the perpetrators of the "verbal violence"
Case 1: According to a Ms. Wang reflects her children are naughty and type of self-esteem, not the teacher in the eyes of the boy. Once the child class to do little tricks, the teacher severely reprimanded on the spot: children like you do not deserve to come to class! "Since then, Ms. Wang's son, full of frustration on school reading teacher full of fear. Ms. Wang in order to mobilize the learning of his son's enthusiasm, he had to go to another school.
To this case actually reflect such a phenomenon: In recent years, with the continuous deepening of the moral construction, the phenomenon of corporal punishment by teachers of students greatly reduced. But the use of irony, sarcasm, isolated, cold, Jieduan means of making fools of themselves and other students. Psychological punishment "but growing phenomenon.
First of all, the reason for the above phenomenon is part of the professional ethics of teachers is low quality, poor mental health. Cause. "Verbal violence" internal teachers prevalence of psychological problems. Teachers' mental health problems should arouse sufficient attention.
Second, some teachers say that the harm to the child, in the final analysis, their concept of education is too old. In their eyes, the children are minors. Not yet formed a mature personality, you do not have to treat them as equal subjects look.
In addition, this also shows that the pressure of the examination-oriented education, academic performance became the schools, teachers, parents and the community to measure student learning assessment criteria promising. Under this pressure, the teacher's psychological impatient. When the. Hope to generate Dragon "hope to naught, when student achievement to become an important indicator of the teachers appraised promotion, the so-called" poor health "," naughty students "will become a minority teachers. Flesh. Thorn in the side. "Once these students make mistakes, in the case of the punishment" No can not, "Heart punishment became teachers of violence against students. Preferred. "We should further promote quality education, to bid farewell to the adverse effects of the examination-oriented education.
Case 2: A parents engaged in psychological work a child, he used to joke in public over a classmate grow too large ears, when his students out of the classroom crying, he realized his behavior caused to others injury. Later. When parents tell their children very early and do not make fun of others. Case II tells us: many teachers and children. A switchblade "simply are not aware of these languages ??will give others bring much harm to many teachers lack the knowledge of psychology, do not understand the psychological characteristics of students, I do not know You're a fool" these words children psychological harm. Perhaps these. Offhand words to the simple-minded, no fortification ability of children brought psychic damage, we should as soon as possible so that children around people, especially teachers have learned. Language "will wounding.
Case 3: A friend of the author, a middle school teacher, far as I know his temper very good, but also be passionate about the teaching profession, due diligence is a very very patient very diligent teacher of the people. However, in a conversation. He told me that he often made some very not listen to the pupils taught a headache, they not only lectures and disruptive in the classroom, intolerable, he had to throw them one thing:. Roll! "
Case three inspired us: for delinquent children, moderate. Discipline is necessary, but the question is how the "discipline" of the past, today there is still a phenomenon, some parents specifically explain the teacher: "You can criticize the child. My children more responsible! "This is a traditional Chinese parents awareness of habits. Particularly naughty unruly students, by some irony to stimulate students' self-esteem and self-motivated to make it to win their hearts, to study hard, have a certain effect criticized the punishment but how? we think it is important to goad the teacher can really stand on the position of the love of the students, rather than angrily to vent their anger, but not to give up the students. example of the author's friends scold their students, just angrily to vent their anger, and did not pay attention to the criticism Art moderate criticism will certainly to some extent the student's mind hurt. undeniable that some teachers often turn iron into steel, the starting point is to stimulate the child's self-esteem, promote their upward mobility as an excuse, but underneath is exposed contempt for the dignity of the child's personality.
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