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Knowledge management: a new perspective on Educational Technology Management

Author: LuoMingDong LiLi From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 10:04:18 Read:
[key] education technology   knowledge management; management of educational technology and
Abstract: with the development of information technology and knowledge economy, information management has risen to the knowledge management stage in recent years, the concept of knowledge management has been developed and utilized well in enterprises, and achieved very good results.In this paper, the latest research results from the field of management science, knowledge management into the theory and practice of educational technology management, the initial construction of the view of knowledge management of the management of educational technology theory, the key factors on educational technology to organize the implementation of knowledge management in may encounter difficulties and success.
Knowledge is knowledge management.The state, enterprises, organizations, individuals in this world.The era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become the resources, knowledge management is everywhere, do not have.Therefore, knowledge management by various organizations and individuals around the world the universal attention and height.The knowledge management not only caused a great impact on the enterprise management, and it has penetrated into all aspects of social life.The rise of knowledge management, has a profound impact on the education and management of educational technology.
In the current information environment and management system under the background of the reform, the latest theoretical achievements in the field of management science, knowledge management technology into the management of educational technology, combined with the information management technology, computer network technology, can the related resources of education technology and related process control and effective coordination, promote the management organization and technical education innovation and efficiency.
One, the concept of knowledge management and the connotation of
The term "knowledge management", some people say that originally comes from the words of Peter Drucker, there is someone that is the United States of America at Lexington famous Si toovey star international consulting company is proposed for the first time.The concrete which is more authoritative, we have no evidence.Knowledge management is a developing concept, knowledge management activities not only relates to managing the knowledge itself, but also includes the extension is more and more widely.So far, the definition of knowledge management is still in a "public opinions are divergent., the stage of contention of a hundred schools of thought".
People on the level of knowledge based on application, there exist two kinds of understanding: one that knowledge management is based on information management, build the object of knowledge management and content with the information management mode, as the development of the information management.Another view, knowledge management and knowledge innovation process based on the organization of people, pay attention to the development of innovative thinking and ability of human and culture, pay attention to the establishment of sustainable development from the system and organization innovation environment, optimize the management of talent structure and use.The author thinks, both belong to the category of knowledge management and knowledge management system, mainly consists of two basic elements: one is through the accumulation of knowledge, innovation, promotion to achieve organizational intelligence; two is the organization through the application of knowledge, to realize the improvement of working efficiency.
Two, the knowledge management and the management of educational technology and
Educational technology management and knowledge management has a natural close relationship, the two have a lot in common, can be permeated each other, learn from each other.Educational technology is a kind of typical activities of knowledge management, knowledge management technology in epistemology and methodology to provide help and guidance for educational technology, they are mainly processing and the whole organization and activities of related tasks, have similar theory source of ideas, have shown the characteristics of cross and osmosis vivid.
1 the success of corporate knowledge management with knowledge management for educational technology provides the theory and method of
After many years of successful application in the enterprise, knowledge management methods, techniques and tools, product constantly bring forth the new through the old, its connotation and extension also continue to deepen and expand.From the horizontal perspective, the scope of application of knowledge management from the enterprise for the initial gradually extended to include the library for government, educational institutions, including many different organizations.From the vertical perspective, knowledge management from the initial "knowledge management" is extended to "by national / social knowledge management" -- "organization knowledge management" -- "personal knowledge management" constitute multilevel applications.In addition, the application of knowledge management in the field and began: hospital, intelligence agencies, media, military, agriculture etc..As the knowledge management has been run successfully in enterprises, and the related theories and practical experience, can provide a series of management concept, mechanism and method for the transformation of educational technology management mode, promote the creation, use and update the knowledge ability, so as to improve the efficiency of management, improve their own competitiveness and creativity.

2 educational technology organizations have implemented knowledge management of the natural advantages of
Knowledge management is "seeking the ability of information processing technology to provide the data and information as well as the invention of these two aspects organically", and the ability of information technology, information and knowledge, the three core elements.The three, the management of educational technology have a natural advantage.With the development of the coming of knowledge era and the information technology, the scope of application of knowledge management from the enterprise for the initial gradually extended to include the library for government, educational institutions, including many different organizations.Information technology provides technical support for the knowledge management of organization, educational technology focuses on how to use a variety of techniques (including information technology) to provide service for education, improve the quality of education and efficiency, information technology is the important foundation of educational technology.Compared with other knowledge management organization, educational technology organization has a natural information technology and network advantage.Education Technology Group is a knowledge-intensive organization, the distribution of knowledge, knowledge communication center.Information and knowledge is the most precious resource is the core of educational technology, educational technology management.Expert management of educational technology and related persons is information and knowledge query, selection, acquisition, organization, storage, dissemination.
In the management of educational technology in the past also exist in the knowledge management, but are constantly, unconscious of the execution, and the process of overall shows the characteristics of the unconscious and rough and simple.Under the current circumstances, educational technology should break the traditional ideas, with an open mind, absorption and integration of new concept and technology, seize the opportunity, strategic adjustment and transformation.This is the root cause of this thesis will introduce modern educational technology management knowledge management.
Three, educational technology, organizational knowledge management framework
Theoretical framework of knowledge management includes "organization" and "information technology" two dimensions.In the "activities", emphasizing the organization members must share their knowledge, together with others to complete the task, and have the motivation to learn; and in the "information technology", it emphasized the importance of information technology as the basis of knowledge management, it can assist the contact between people, communication, and storage of knowledge for the members of the organization to be used when.
Education technology knowledge management should be understood broadly as "knowledge management", it includes two aspects, one is the management of knowledge resources, it belongs to the "knowledge management science category", through the scientific management of knowledge, promote the transformation of knowledge and innovation, the human is the subject of knowledge management, educational technology human resource is the principal resource management education technology knowledge; two is the knowledge management organizations, it belongs to the category of "knowledge management", similar to the knowledge management is the current practice of enterprises, the main purpose is to improve the efficiency of management in educational technology, knowledge management theory provide theoretical and practical guidance for the reform and innovation of educational technology organization and management.Educational technology and knowledge management is the organic combination of scientific knowledge management and organizational knowledge management, to improve the educational technology management level, promote the optimization of educational technology management.Information technology is the foundation and support of knowledge management can be realized, the information technology and network knowledge sharing environment is an important part of educational technology based on knowledge management.
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