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Logistics and Economic Development of Linyi Expressway

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Abstract: The trend of rapid development of the logistics industry in Linyi, the use of regression analysis demonstrated that the relationship between the local economic development and play a positive role in promoting regional economic development and development Linyi highway Logistics promote local economic development is proposed recommendations.
Keywords: regional highway; logistics; economic development
Abstract: According to the rapid development trends of Linyi logistics, we demonstrate that the relationship among the local economic with regression analysis, and demonstrate that it can promote regional economic development, then, put forward proposals to develop Linyi highway.

Key words: regional highway; logistics; economic development


Trend of accelerated development of global economic integration, highway logistics as an important part of the modern logistics system, the development of local industries and regional economic development role in promoting more and more shows its superiority. In this paper, the relationship between highway logistics and economic development, mainly to the the Shandong Linyi highway freight logistics as the research object, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the highway logistics and economic development and promote each other, coordinated.

A literature review

For the development of the logistics industry in highway, domestic and foreign scholars from different angles. Savitskie Katrina through empirical research in his doctoral thesis on "The Impact of Transportation and Logistics transport logistics development in an important position, as well as logistics strategy on firm performance. Liu Gang, Shandong University, Shandong Expressway logistics system planning an article, a systematic analysis of the development of China's highway and logistics. Thus, the current study does not really detailed research of highway logistics and economic development and promote each other, mutual development, This article focuses on this aspect through empirical analysis shows that the qualitative analysis to solve the above problem.

Of highway logistics and economic development

Highway logistics and economic development and promote each other, mainly reflected in: (1) the development of highway logistics can contribute positively to economic development. First, the development of highway logistics to promote the improvement of the road network and transport development; followed by the development of highway logistics to promote regional economic development along the output value changes, the rise of the export-oriented economy, industrial structure adjustment. (2) economic development has led to the development of highway transportation, and continuously improve the quantity and quality of economic growth on the demand for highway transportation, and industrial restructuring to enhance the quality of highway logistics.

Linyi City Expressway logistics and economic development

3.1 Linyi City Expressway Logistics Development Overview. Expressway vested in Linyi City, Linyi City Bureau of Management, under the jurisdiction of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Linyi Management Office Management Office of Beijing-Shanghai Expressway Pro North, the East Freeway Linyi Management Office deputy county institutions, the area of ??high-speed full-length 330.4 km highway. In recent years, the city of Linyi Expressway evolved over 1 in Linyi since the 2000 city highway mileage. Linyi Expressway logistics recent years was also significantly faster, 2003-2008 logistics in Figure 2.
3.2 Linyi highway logistics and economic relations. Assuming that the local GDP Linyi x Linyi Highway goods traffic y, the Linyi GDP Linyi highway freight volume there is a linear relationship, according to SPSS16.0 analysis. Table 1, Table 2, Linyi Expressway and logistics analysis parameter table, data sources: Linyi Statistics.
Therefore, based on the analysis of data Linyi highway freight volume and the Linyi GDP development: y = -0.487 0.001 x
Analysis of R is 0.941, R2 = 0.885, above the goodness of fit is good, and having a higher correlation. Linyi Economic growth by 1 percentage point, there will be growth in the amount of 0.001 million tons of goods in the local high-speed logistics, which will further promote local economic development, creating a virtuous circle of mutually reinforcing.

4 development of the regional highway logistics industry recommendations

From the above analysis we can see the highway logistics plays an important role in promoting economic development: (1) Linyi City should increase investment in the entire logistics industry and support especially highway logistics. (2) to do the development of the economic zone of the highway related industries, promote the economy along the highway. (3) do a variety of logistics coordinated development; do of highway logistics and otherwise logistics coordination and complement each other, making the whole logistics industry and common development. (4) The highway management should be in line with local logistics and transport, given the support from the policy, convenience. (5) logistics and transport companies to improve efficiency at the same time should grasp the policy direction of the highway for the use of local resources to build your own shortcuts transport network.

5 Conclusion

The rise of the highway logistics, promote regional industrial structure optimization, has become a new bright spot of economic growth. Make full use of the existing highways resources, and combined with the advanced logistics concepts important direction of development of the regional highway transportation system. The growth of the local economy to promote highway logistics, highway logistics developed, in turn, promote local economic development, the two there is a mutually reinforcing relationship, if mishandled, the two may appear the phenomenon of mutual restraint.
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