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Moxibustion health science

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The first wealth is health, life, is the eternal pursuit of mankind.People in need of health, the need for a more natural simplicity, green non-invasive, effective conditioning care method.From the health point of view, we should protect the body's Yang Qi, i.e..The two Qi of yin and Yang, Yin from Yang, to.Moxibustion is a fire moxibustion treatment, which is the core of Fu yang.

Moxibustion, is a traditional Chinese medicine traditional Chinese cultural treasures, is the oldest method of health care.Has always been loved by the people, still have "have three years of AI, doctor not to" folk proverbs.
Along with the extension of moxibustion, and should also demand derived from many kinds of.On the development stages, the original direct moxibustion (also called epispastic moxibustion or purulent moxibustion), i.e. directly in the body use fire to ignite the moxa burning, this is the real moxibustion; subsequently evolved into the moxibustion, no direct contact with the skin, use fire to smoke; later the use of equipment, such as jars; the last to the development of electricity modern "moxibustion".All kinds of Moxibustion in the use and effectiveness of each has its own merits., but is widely used in the current is still the moxa stick moxibustion and moxibustion moxa tank two.
Often moxibustion can live
The secret of longevity is pursued by each person.Moxibustion has enhanced physique, delaying senility.The Tang Dynasty moxibustion health-care law became more popular, Sun Simiao is the Tang Dynasty renowned longevity of the doctor, recorded his daughter "prescription" official: "Wu Shu, the body often cited three two moxibustion sore, is not a human malaria plague."Moxibustion therapy can adjust the internal organs function, promote the new supersedes the old. The body, increase the number of red, white blood cells and the function of phagocyte, adjust and improve immunity, enhance the body resistance to disease.
Often, moxibustion at Zusanli point Shenque, Guanyuan, Qihai, Shenshu, gaohuang Yu, damper, the body column, Dazhui, Sanyinjiao, Yongquan can rise to warm the meridians, Qi and blood, rousing, preventing and curing diseases, physical fitness, prolong life.
Children are also very suitable for the moxibustion, moxibustion help body.The past ancient human life has four moxibustion, born 60 days moxibustion Shenzhu point.To 15, at the age of 6, to moxibustion Sanyinjiao, enhancement of urinary system.30 years of moxibustion at Zusanli point, to 40 years of age need moxibustion on guanyuan.From the different period of conditioning the body Yang, healthy life.
Four point moxibustion health talk
Moxibustion can not only cure common diseases, it is a good method of health aging.You don't need to be complicated by acupoint puzzles, as long as remember the four health points -- Guan yuan, Mingmen, Zusanli, zhongwan.Through the moxibustion can tonifying the spleen and kidney, invigorating kidney qi, promoting the spleen and stomach, so that the upright and so on, spleen extract and fertile, kidney water Petrina filling.Fertile soil, moisture, air feet can grow everything, nourishing the viscera, all the limbs and bones, people will naturally healthy longevity.Improve human immunity, promote health, prevent premature senility.
Four points of health moxibustion, can enhance the body's immune function, beneficial to the promotion of and adjustment to the circulation, digestive, reproductive, endocrine, nervous system.Four point moxibustion is simple, safe and comfortable, suitable for family operation.Take note of the Tip: family of Moxibustion:
? not moxibustion in hunger, satiety, drunk, fear, anger, and thirst when.
? moxibustion while the wide scope of application, but for some fever, Yo Yo (five upset hot, flush with shame) and pathogenic heat of inner product of the people should not moxibustion.
? moxa moxa stick moxibustion flammable, in the end, we must put out the fire, avoid the occurrence of fire.AI ash overstock too much, need to leave the body to avoid blowing, and burn the skin or clothing for fire and ash fall.
? moxibustion in general without any discomfort, but a few people will be tired, dry mouth, the whole body is unwell feeling, generally do not need treatment, continue to moxibustion can disappear.Pay attention to keep a happy mood, to after moxibustion carefully nursed back to health, not excessive fatigue.

Common disease treatment method of
The human body has many points, according to the different causes of different acupoints with symptomatic.Treatment of respiratory diseases, moxibustion can be used throttle, the body column, Feishu, zusanli.The treatment of cardiovascular system diseases: hypertension, moxibustion on Zusanli, Yanglingquan, throttle, Quchi; coronary heart disease, moxibustion Shenzhu, Ximen, Sanyinjiao adjustable, can moxibustion acupoint shanzhong.Moxibustion spleen Yu, stomach Yu, Zhongwan, Zusanli, Yanglingquan point can cure the symptoms of digestive system.Moxibustion of Dazhui and Shenzhu point is a good modulation function of the nervous system.
Moxibustion kidney
In Chinese medicine theory, kidney and moxibustion is the strongest, not an injection not to take medicine, the direct effect of kidney in human, very effective.
Kidney deficiency of the people, have the following kinds of representation: likes to eat the flavor of food; love sweating during sleep (medically known as "sweating"); spring cold hands and feet; sitting will unconsciously shake a leg.
And moxibustion Shenshu and Guanyuan can tonify kidney.Shenshu at the back of the second lumbar spinous process, opening 1.5 inch.Guan yuan located three inches under the navel (his four fingers), in the kidney and Guanyuan moxibustion for 15 to 20 minutes, can play to warm yang, Qi and blood circulation effect.
Expert weapon:
? women's dysmenorrhea can be boiled eggs and wormwood clothing.
? the elderly gas shortage, Nishida fire weak.Morning stomach pain or pain in the stomach, can use moxa on apron can produce effect.
? when a man is tired, with moxa feet can ease.
&61548 method; summer best summer, with Moxa Moxibustion on Baihui point.
? the prevention of colds, can moxibustion at Zusanli point, in the winter can moxibustion of Dazhui; for it has been cold, need to cooperate with pulmonary point or tan point to treat.Not good for scapulohumeral periarthritis and cervical spine patients, also have the effect of moxibustion Dazhui point.
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