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Research on knowledge management in Agile Supply Chain

Author: WangJiuHe JinWeiNing From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 09:29:26 Read:

Abstract: along with the arrival of the era of knowledge economy, knowledge has become an important resource for supply chain management, how the chain of knowledge management has become the focus of attention in the industry and academia agile supply.In the analysis of knowledge management and agile supply chain based on the relationship, construct the knowledge management in the agile supply chain model, and put forward the corresponding implementation strategy.
Keywords: in agile supply chain; knowledge management; knowledge management; strategy
The late nineteen ninties, agile manufacturing concept from manufacturing and supply chain management theory combined, produce a new management mode -- agile supply chain, the optimal model which represents the enterprise competition.Agile supply chain management emphasizes the ability of rapid response to customer personalized, diversified needs, is a comprehensive reflection of the competitiveness of enterprises.In the economic globalization today, the agile competition has gradually from the industrial era to the information era of knowledge economy, knowledge management determines the level of the agile supply chain management of agile supply chain, cultivating core competence will rely on knowledge management support.Therefore, the research on agile supply chain knowledge management, it is of great theoretical value and practical significance.
1 agile supply chain and knowledge management
1.1 agile supply chain
Agile manufacturing is a new type of strategic thought put forward the United States Lehigh University in nineteen ninties beginning to strain capacity, improve manufacturing system to external environment change, and the rise of national competitive strategy for 2l century the United States of America.With the dramatic changes in the competitive environment, people will manufacturing and agile manufacturing and supply chain management thoughts of combination, put forward the concept of agile supply chain.Compared with the traditional supply chain, the characteristic of agile supply chain, according to the change of market demand, to restructure and adjust fast, seamless connection, between the enterprises knowledge sharing to build a dynamic alliance of supply network, the fast response market demand based on full utilization of the resources inside the enterprises, make it more agile and flexible.
1.2 knowledge management
Knowledge management (KnowledgeManagement, KM) is the important content of modern enterprise management.The existing literature at home and abroad the definition of knowledge management, this paper thinks, knowledge management is to achieve business goals, effective management of knowledge in the implementation of basic management functions in the process of.This includes the information, knowledge collection, sorting, storage, production of new knowledge, explicit knowledge and tacit knowledge conversion, knowledge mining, knowledge assets formation and operation and a series of process management.
2 knowledge management based on the value chain analysis of agile supply
2.1 agile supply chain management and knowledge management of the relationship between
In agile supply chain, the relationship between core enterprise and member enterprises has become a kind of each other to maintain a long-term strategic partnership of mutual benefit.Knowledge is the foundation of information sharing in the supply chain partners, through the knowledge management of the supply chain enterprise, can provide an efficient knowledge exchange platform for agile supply chain management, the core enterprise can fully planning and integration of internal resources and external resources, improve the management of supply chain agility.Knowledge management and agile supply chain management, see L.

From figure L, platform KM system core enterprises, through the establishment of knowledge base, causes the enterprise to each node of the supply chain effective knowledge exchange and integration, not only can make the distributors, retailers can quickly meet customer needs, and make supplier, manufacturer of the products and services timely adjustment, better meet market demand.
2.2 agile supply chain knowledge management analysis the value of
(1) improved the ability of agile knowledge management in the supply chain, is fast, the node enterprises of supply chain effectively promote knowledge transferring and sharing, so that the supply chain members asked knowledge level to achieve the coordination and optimization.In agile supply chain, the implementation of knowledge management science can not only effectively reduce the member enterprise transaction cost, save time, but also can improve the supply chain members practice ability and the overall decision-making, so as to improve the whole supply chain operation ability.
(2) quickly meet customer needs in the agile supply chain, through knowledge management, retailers can fast, seamless to transfer real-time sales data reception to manufacturers, manufacturers according to these information quickly and organization of production, to carry out targeted research and development, and will deliver information to their upstream suppliers, so that the effective for the supply of raw materials, will also be information sharing to wholesalers or retailers downstream product placement, so that timely.Such knowledge is formed, the rapid flow in the supply chain, can quickly meet customer requirements, improve customer satisfaction.
(3) is conducive to innovation management for the enterprise to each node of the supply chain, by making full use of knowledge management on the process, can effectively play to the staff's knowledge and ability, mining supply chain end customer knowledge, application of the product and overall service knowledge to innovate, create new value.Joint innovation and management innovation as the theme in the supply chain more attention, enterprises in the supply chain using each other each other's knowledge combined with their own knowledge, more conducive to achieve common purpose of innovation.
(4) enhanced the stability of the supply chain as the chain enterprise with agile supply is my own professional knowledge in the field, so they possess the knowledge has great complementarity.Make full use of all the advantages of the enterprises themselves, for effective knowledge management on the whole supply chain, the total cost can not only reduce the supply chain, more important is to promote the cooperation between the members of supply chain.Thus, through knowledge management can improve the stability of the supply chain.
3 construction chain model of knowledge management based on the agile supply

Agile supply chain knowledge management, from the aspects of knowledge creation, collection, mining, finishing, aggregation, identification, knowledge creation and knowledge application two big functions, so as to realize the effective management of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and customers of each node enterprise of knowledge.Based on this, this paper constructs the agile supply chain knowledge management model, see figure 2.

As we can see from Figure 2, the model mainly includes four main aspects of knowledge management system in agile supply chain:
(1) the knowledge generated from gathering information, enterprise environment analysis and research data, knowledge creation; access to research data, customer information, competitor information explicit knowledge, collect and create electronic documents as input to the knowledge base; mining internal supply chain alliance to create and gain experience in the development process, innovation the recessive knowledge.
(2) application of knowledge in the application of knowledge links with specialized agencies to measure knowledge and explicit knowledge is summarized and urges people to quickly find the information they needed in the work process, on the other hand, knowledge application is improving the capacity of employees, employee learning through the corporate knowledge base, and from the supply chain knowledge database for learning, make these knowledge play an important role in the work of enterprise.
(3) knowledge base based on the stage of the knowledge, form their own knowledge base of the node enterprises in supply chain.Supply chain through the establishment of a wide range of knowledge exchange platform, make the suppliers, manufacturers to distributors, retailers and customers through effective communication and integration of knowledge, the knowledge of supply chain EJ, library, the knowledge learning and innovation between the node enterprises, and improve agility in supply chain and rapid response ability.
(4) the construction of organizational culture culture is the collaboration between enterprises and organizations of lubricant.Each node in the supply chain enterprise's organization culture are similar, the process of knowledge management in the agile supply chain, are inseparable from the construction of organizational culture.Through the construction of the organization culture can not only enhance the enthusiasm of the staff learning, can also promote the process of knowledge management of enterprises.
4 based on the implementation strategy of knowledge management in agile supply chain.
Agile supply chain in a dynamic environment, which requires the rapid response to market.In the dynamic and complex environment effectively access, sharing, communication and set
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