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Famous brand strategy of Business Psychology

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[key] brand strategy; CI corporate image recognition; CS customer satisfaction management; psychological perspective
[Abstract] famous brand strategy has become a major strategy in China's economic development.Many enterprises have recognized the importance of brand in the enterprise business activities.Recognize the brand is the market, brand is wealth.
This century is the brand competition, brand to make the world, to sit in the world competition pattern already saw clue.Relevant data shows that, the market share of products are brand-name products, about 20% brand-name enterprises control 80% of the market share.Visible, famous brand is the market, brand is wealth.In the world market appeared to rise, international brand-name enterprises such as: Coca Cola, IBM, Sony, Benz, Panasonic, Philips, Boeing and other world famous large enterprises, with annual sales of less about $10000000000 higher, reaching over $70000000000.Famous brand products sell well not to decline.
In China, the market economy system gradually perfect, the accession to WTO, to participate in international competition, has become a new economic pattern.Many enterprises realize the importance of brand in the enterprise business activities.After ten years of hard to create, China has emerged a number of well-known brands, such as: "Haier", "Jianlibao", "Wuliangye", "Youngor", "Wahaha" etc..In the fierce competition in the market, their brand strategy as the weapon, take the lead, become the market trend of the king.So what is the brand? Why have such charm brand? How to build brand? Let us have a look the psychological perspective of enterprise brand, brand of the true face of Mount Lu.
One, brand meaning
Economic circles generally consensus: the brand is famous brand products, famous brand, the sum of the three levels of brand-name enterprises.Famous brand products with high quality, high characteristic, high visibility, high credibility, high market share characteristics; trademark is famous brand product trademark, is a huge intangible assets of modern enterprise chipin stores; brand enterprises is unity of brand-name products and excellent quality of enterprise, it has a high quality staff, high management and labor productivity, excellent enterprise culture and enterprise unique image.
From the definition we found famous brand, famous brand to consumers from first to last.The brand is the essence of consumer brand, it is budding, cultivation, growth and expansion in consumption, if the brand is a tree, then the consumer is famous for the survival of the soil and water, the enterprise is the people.
Two, the psychological effect of famous brand
An important feature of famous brand is to be consistent from beginning to end the brand concept, function and the psychological needs of consumers together, timely transfer the information of the brand to consumers, so that consumers have the understanding and emotional preference, the psychological effect of specific, resulting in the formation of brand loyalty.

1 famous brand halo effect.Because the experience set of consumers, the brand quality has very high recognition and trust.High quality of famous brand products, unique features, the perfect style, loud, and easy to remember, new brand and name, logo appearance, concise, exquisite packaging and buy brand-name products when the additional services and benefits, such as: credit, free delivery, installation, Baohuan, warranty, no doubt to brand-name goods load on a beautiful aura, to shine, to create consumer confidence to consumers, the formation of consumer brand preference and brand loyalty, beautiful halo effect form famous brand high-quality psychologically.
2 famous brand charm effect.The brand name to the people to the magic charm, make people scramble for, essentially reflects the strategies and design enterprise brand positioning prominent personality characteristics.Where the brand has personality accurate positioning, the positioning or psychological, mental, or emotional.Coca Cola president once said, "Coca Cola" are 99% of the sugar and water, only 1% is the real "Coca Cola" something, the point is the positioning of the clever.Through advertising, "Coca Cola" is not just a drink to quench their thirst, but also become a part of young people remain free, passion and life style, the advertisement has made the "each drink a cup of Coca Cola, will increase your passion" win support among the people.Prominent personality of brand is the product of charm.
3 brand effect of emotion.This is the famous brand of the deeper psychology.The consumer from the identity name to trusted brand, sublimation to favorite brand, achieve brand name of the empathy, emotional effect is good.Famous for fashion, famous for glory, brand tracking, catch the famous brand.Now the famous brand commodity abnormal popular, all kinds of brand stores, customers door.Brand provide recreation, joy to the consumers, so that consumers excited pleasure, make it become a spiritual feast.People need brand to show their superiority or conceal defects, show your identity, personality, culture, aesthetic, taste, arousing Association, memory and feeling good.So people like the brand, the pursuit of brand, has a special liking for the brand.
Three, the construction of enterprise brand strategy, psychological strategy of
Localization of
1 enterprise brand strategy
In view of the existing product positioning is the creative thinking activity.Positioning is not what action to take on the product, but to take action against the potential consumer psychology.Brand positioning is to outline the brand image and provide the values, interests, so that consumers understand and correct understanding of personality and characteristics of a certain brand, established a unique image in the minds of consumers, to make the product different products and competitors from the.Positioning is the core of the enterprise brand brand psychological effect, it is like a wheel shaft, and enterprise management, marketing, public relations activities such as auxiliary wheel, should be around this core.

Important factors for the enterprise brand positioning is the brand of cultural tradition and value orientation of the breakthrough.A brand of cultural tradition and value orientation is the focus of corporate brand building.Traditional culture part of the brand, is to arouse people's psychological identity of the most important core, sometimes even as a symbol, a kind of idea, deep into the hearts of consumers.Future brand competition ability, embodied integration of cultural tradition in the brand.Mainly manifested as: brand and culture value, such as true, goodness, beauty of fusion, and fusion of the brand and the consumer culture after the fusion of cultural psychology and value orientation.Haier market in the United States, Highhair, highlights the lovely Haier brothers modeling in the French market, to the only wear underpants of Haier brothers in Africa market hidden, only to the Hair logo appears, reflects the culture brand.But in China, the "sincere to forever" business philosophy, has been the consumer identity.Culture is the soul of brand positioning, brand positioning is the concrete manifestation of the brand culture, marketing is the soul.Product positioning directly led to consumer's psychological effect, accurate positioning, clear, with strong penetrating force, radiation force, attraction.Can the depths to the consumer's memory, the most attract sb.'s attention cleverly conveyed this enterprise and brand benefit, and leave an indelible memory.
The basic method for enterprise brand positioning is to study consumer psychology, to find a strong position for the brand from the aspects of consumer culture, consumption habits and consumer demand, the direct benefits to consumers of the then outstanding, comprehensive use of marketing elements of brand to occupy this position, obtain a lasting market share.
2.CI visual recognition into
CI is the English " Corporate identity '' abbreviation.Can be translated as " corporate identity" or "corporate identity", "enterprise characteristics".Expression characteristics and differences between an enterprise and other enterprises to, so as to enable consumers to a single enterprise's product or the overall image to identify a clear, accurate.China CI design experts Jia Maohua think, CI is the modern enterprise to the enterprise's own MI (Management), BI (activity recognition) and VI (visual identification) for system design, unified communication, in order to create personalized corporate image, to obtain the identity, so as to improve their competitive ability business strategy.
CI design is the basis of enterprise development and create famous brand of psychological effect.CI MI should be specific for the enterprise brand marketing idea in practice, is the core of brand image strategy, it can BI and VI two aspects.BI is mainly reflected by two aspects of internal and external activities to.Enterprises through the organization of internal activities such as service specification, service level, occupation moral education and training, to create a good working environment.
To establish a set of norms for employees, in marketing or public relations and other external activities in order to clear, consistent with the standardized behavior, establish a comprehensive, unified enterprise image.To identify BI, VI is a static identification form.It conveys the enterprise information through visual identification scheme organized, systematic.According to the psychology research, people in the accept outside information, information visually acceptable total information amount of 83%.Therefore, in the process of shaping the brand image, visual recognition plays an important role.Company name, brand, logo, standard color, standard words, symbols, slogans, banners to visual image design unified, consciously create a personalized, manifests the enterprise has the originality of the enterprise brand image.Through the introduction of CI to enable consumers to identify more image of enterprise, product brand, resulting in psychological effect.
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