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Quality control measures of municipal road drainage pipeline interface

Author: LiWenCheng ZuoYaYong From: www.yourpaper.net Posted: 2010-06-24 08:40:40 Read:
Abstract: in this paper, through a variety of quality common interface of drain pipe narrative, were analyzed from three aspects, harm, reason, and for different diseases, provide prevention and measures after treatment.For colleagues reference.
Keywords: municipal road; pipeline interfaces; quality control;
In the municipal road construction, drainage system is one of the important facilities in normal use to other engineering facilities, ensure the quality of its construction is essential.According to the author for many years engaged in construction work experience, problems of municipal drainage piping interface quality are analyzed.And put forward the prevention measures, consult for colleagues.
A drainage pipe, flexible interface quality control measures of
(a) flexible interface is not strict, flexible interface sewage pipes, in closed water, interface leakage.The reason is, the socket pipe bearing working surface is not smooth, the rubber ring and the pipe socket is not complete, the gap is too large or bearing, socket, socket for roundness is inconsistent, or hit the port, as the rubber ring uneven stress, distorted, local appear too loose or too tight situation.Flexible interface may be caused by lax.Harm is flexible interface pipeline water leakage, such as interface, such as weight removed, will cause a lot of waste.If not removed, can only be bearing packing sealing waterproofing materials faucet clearance, can also cause the labor and time, materials, economic loss.In view of the above situation prevention measures: (1) the pipe socket sealing surface should be smooth, annular gap interface should be uniform.Ring diameter should be matched with the interface of the annular gap.Rubber ring by the supply pipe manufacturers supply matching, inspection approval should do well the work of pipes and apron.
(2) interface, should be internal and external socket socket cleaning clean, the rubber ring is sheathed on the socket end, rubber ring should be smooth, without distortions.
(3) close to the interface, should be in the building when the well, breath test according to the gas standards, such as the gas is not qualified, easy rework refurbishment.If the gas is qualified, then built well, then with the well water, should be no problem.
Two, based on rigid interface problems, put forward the construction quality control measures of
(a) interface with
with crack
Phenomenon: rain sewage conduit interface place of cement mortar and cement mortar with steel mesh belt, the transverse and longitudinal cracking and hollowing, or even fall off.After analyzing the causes: (1) were less accurate than wiping with mortar, workability, the uniformity of poor; (2) the interface and with cement mortar not and tube skin bonded firmly; (3) interface to wipe with mortar after, no insulation covering, or thin covering layer, by frost, wipe with tube skin apart.Or wipe belt of pipe ends of pipe is not closed, the pipe body is not covered, forming the tubular body bare tube pipe section, drafts, overall cold contraction, resulting in the interface will mortar with crack; (4) tubes with full thickness, only by a layer of mortar survival, too thick.Or the water cement ratio is too large, resulting in shrinkage, crack; (5) tubes gap larger, wipe with mortar to the pipe leakage, then the use of stone, brick, wood, paper and other debris filling, also easy to cause the hollowing and cracks.
This caused the harm is: (1) pipe with a crack will not be closed water, must be completely rework, cause manpower, material waste; (2) the rainwater pipe wipe belt hollowing and cracks, also need to rework.Otherwise, when the full flow of rainwater during heavy rain pipe, through the tube seam flush pipe outer earth into the pipe, the ground subsidence, endanger the ground structures and road safety; (3) practice has proved, tube upper soil roots, easily through the destruction of the pipe into the pipe, and breeds many fibrous roots, blocking pipe, small diameter pipeline is difficult to dredge, sometimes will be blocked.
Construction quality control measures: (1) cement paste interface wipe belt and ferrocement interface wipe belt for the pipeline is greater than or equal to 700mm, pipe joints than 10mm, wipe Belt should be interface in the tube with thin bamboo sheet support pad, the mortar joints within the full tamping, and then layered application do.
(2) wipe belt is completed, should immediately with a soft material covered, 3 ~ 4h after watering.
(3) cement mortar construction in winter wipe belt, not only to do with sufficient heat preservation, but also the pipe body, pipe ends of pipe, has been well built inspection well cover, closed heat preservation, to prevent the pipe and tube body and the tube cold serious shrinkage, cracking caused by pipe band in the interface.Construction in winter white cement mortar, the application is less than 80 water, less than 40 sand.
(4) in the hidden works acceptance overburden before, must be checked one by one.
(two) interface with mortar tube with prominent (
gray teeth)
Phenomenon: from a nozzle pipe section with a flashlight or mirror inspection of small diameter pipeline (? below 600mm), there are prominent in mortar tumor wall pipe interface.General high between the tube wall 1 ~ 3cm.The biggest is above 5cm.After analyzing the causes: (1) less than or equal to the pipe diameter 600mm tubular, wipe belt at the same time in pouring concrete socket and the interface of the cement mortar, mortar and concrete in its socket interface wipe belt mortar into pipe through the pipe joints, and highlight the inner wall of the tube.(2) in the pouring tube and wipe belt at the same time, not according to the specification to remove ash tumor measures.
Harm caused so is: to highlight any obstacle of inner tube are water, sediment, sundries, reduce blocking drainage section, reduce the flow rate, serious when can accumulate debris blocked pipeline.
Construction management and control measures: (1) the diameter is less than or equal to 600mm pipeline, in the pouring tube concrete and wipe belt at the same time, with the sack ball or other tool to drag back and forth in the pipe, the pipe into the mortar leveling.
(2) diameter greater than or equal to 700mm pipeline, in pouring concrete socket and wipe belt, in concrete and mortar before the final setting, should cooperate with the hook and inner pipe joint.
(three) wire and tube seam misalignment, insert the socket depth insufficiency, wire length is not enough
Cause analysis: (1) steel wire inserted into the concrete pipe position, would put partial, depth on shallow, or compaction will wire extrusion partial, squeezed or floating, not timely adjustment.
(2) the wire mesh lapped condition is not enough, is generally the calculation errors, length is not inserted into the socket, or too deep, affected the lap length.
This caused the harm is: (1) the wire network center from the tube seam too much, so that the pipe joint premises on pipe band edge, structure of thin, weak, under reduced pressure intensity, easy to cause the rupture and water leakage.
(2) lack of depth or length of lap steel wire into the socket is not enough, easy to cause the pipe and socket joints or the steel wire in the top of the pipe joints, insufficient tensile strength, crack, water leakage due to internal pressure arch.
Construction quality control measures: (1) steel mesh cement mortar interface and with the program construction, steel wire to the socket is inserted and tamping to check at any time, the relative position and the insertion depth of wire net, pay attention to adjust.
(2) the steel tube length should be calculated according to the base type, the.(four) large diameter rain water pipe interface is not strict
Features: large gaps in large diameter of rain water pipe interface, the tube body in the underground water level, or rise above the tube bottom elevation in the level of underground water during the rainy season, from the interface take water to the inside of the tube holes.
After analyzing the causes: (1) rigid interface flat pipe backfill, the omission of hollowing and cracks of the outer tube with the weak link, groundwater zone through the outer tube to take into the tube; (2) the outer tube and the inner tube seam not synchronous belt hook with mortar joints, pipe within the dense, as has been solidification, the inner tube joint mortar is not easy to hook with smooth, dense; (3) the rigid interface tongue-and-groove tube, not according to the design requirements, the outer tube joint with 1 : 2 cement mortar filling full, not compacted pointing; inner seam not to twist joints, and hook caulking after curing not enough, dry shrinkage crack, constitute the groundwater inflow pipe channel; (4) the inner pipe seam not hook wipe, will cancel the precipitation measures, because of the pressure of underground water level is high, has been sewed to pipe water leakage from the outer tube, the inner tube joints can not be normal construction.
This caused the harm is: through the slit pore groundwater flow into the pipe, with the extension of time, the pore will scour the greater will be outside the tube, mud and sand entrainment into the tube, especially encountered quicksand, a channel pipe, two will be the tube outer layer tunneling, the ground subsidence, endanger the ground construction or road safety.
Construction quality control measures: (1) according to the "cement mortar interface wipe belt" requirement, cogent each pipe band with good, tube with center with pipe joint relative, and should be covered with wet reaches certain strength non, then backfill.Also the soil before, to bring to check one by one pipe
, cannot make the hollowing and cracks are missing.
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